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A Fantasy Fulfilled


As he started to wake up from the effects of being drugged, he became aware of being restrained in some way, and the gag in his mouth He was able to move a little, but his arms and legs seemed to be held in some sort of restraints, and a strap across his chest held him securely to what appeared to be a medical examination table. As he became more aware of his surroundings he could see that he was in some sort of medical room. As he looked around he could make out medical lights, and some rubber bags, and tubes with nozzles hanging from a stand. A covered trolley stood next to the stand, as well as two large gas bottles with a black rubber anesthesia mask dangling at the end of a thick rubber hose. On a stand by the door, hung what looked to be surgeon’s gowns, caps, masks, and a rubber aprons. Over against the wall was a stainless steel bowl sitting on a stand with wheels. The room looked like an operating theatre, but seemed a little empty of equipment. He became aware of a faint smell of new paint, and as he paid closer attention to the white walls he could see that they were freshly painted. The windows were covered by white curtains, and did not allow any view of the outside. As he became fully aware, sudden apprehension overcame him. What was happening, and how did he get here.

He had been in contact with someone over the internet, about his interest in medical games, and role-play, and had made a time, to meet at a local café, to discuss their mutual interest. The place had been quiet, except for a few people at scattered tables eating. After a while a plain looking woman with heavily framed glasses asked him for the time, after which he decided no one was coming, and decided to leave. As he approached the door, the same woman bumped into him, and he remembered feeling a slight prick, like something had stung him. He remembered starting to feel a little faint, and the woman supporting him, and taking him outside, and laying him on a stretcher in the back of what may have been an ambulance. That was the last thing he could remember before waking up here.


Her husband and children had gone away for week to visit family interstate, and she decided that if she was going to ever to do what she had dream’s about , this was the time.

She had been fantasizing about how to fulfill her lifetime fetish for a long time, and had at last put all her planning to use, and had done something, she hoped, she would not come to regret. She had always played doctors, and nurses as a child, and as she grew up the desire to dress up, as a nurse, and wear a surgical mask, and other medical clothing, such as a surgical gown, cap, and rubber gloves, never stopped.

The opportunity to role-play with someone else had never been an ongoing thing, as other’s did not share her passion for adult medical games. What she wanted to do, if only once, was to give someone a complete examination, in a medical, surgical setting.

To fulfill her fantasy, she was not going to be able to use an examination room or operating theatre in a hospital or clinic, so the next best thing was to make up her own.

The house in which she and her family lived had a spare room which was in need of painting, and so no suspicion would be aroused, if she painted it. The surgical examination table and other equipment was purchased over the Internet from second hand medical suppliers, and had been in storage waiting to be put to use. Things such as drapes and covers she had made up herself, as well as some old time surgical gowns, surgical caps, and cloth face masks, which she had copied from old photos of a surgical nurse in full dress

The only problems, she could see were that as she was a woman, she may not have the physical strength to manage an unconscious patient, and also a patient had to be found. An old ambulance complete with a stretcher that lowered its wheels as it was taken from the back was found at a novelty car hire, which would mean no difficult lifting was needed. An assistant was considered, but the idea was abandoned to minimize outside involvement. The patient was found after careful looking through medical fetish websites, for a potential patient who had posted a message, asking about a full fetish examination.

After contacting her patient over the internet and arranging a meeting, she decided that to remain an ominous by not introducing herself and being masked at all times, at least at the beginning, and to also not allow him to learn were she lived. The other effect of not showing her face, would, she hoped for her patient make the examination more real. The drug she had given him was only a mild sedative, to make patients drowsy, and would have no after effects.

As she drove the ambulance to her home, she looked in the driver’s mirror and was reassured, that her dowdy looks, and heavy glasses were enough to change her appearance, so as not to be recognizable.

Arriving at her house she drove the ambulance up the short driveway, and into the garage, and shut the door, away from any curious neighbors.

It was easy to remove the trolley with the still sedated patient from the ambulance, and then wheel him through the deserted house, to the medical room she had created. The process of rolling him onto the examination table was the hardest part, but eventually was achieved. After removing his clothing, and securing him with restraints, she placed a ball gag in his mouth, and decided was time to go and get herself ready.


Leaving the examination room, she went to her bedroom, and from the top of the wardrobe, pulled down a suitcase, and after opening it, placed the contents consisting, of two complete Nurse’s uniforms, shoes, white stocking’s , cap, and a small plastic bag, onto the bed. The uniforms were different, as one was a traditional white uniform, consisting of a white button up to the neck style. The other was a pink modern scrub suit, identical to the kind worn by Nurse’s in today’s hospitals

Quickly removing her dress, she went over to the dressing table and wiped off the excessive makeup from her face, and went into the ensuite, and had a shower to freshen herself up.

Returning to the bedroom a short time later, she brushed her hair, and pinned it up, and tied it with a white ribbon, and then picked up the stockings from the bed, and put them on. Reaching down, she picked up the white Nurse’s uniform, and slipped into it, and fastened the buttons at the back of her neck. Taking the cap from the bed, she went over to the mirror, and looked at herself as she pinned it in place, on her head.

Walking over to the bed she picked up the shoes and put them on and finally selected the only item left on the bed, which was the small plastic bag. After opening the bag, she tipped the contents on to the dressing table, to reveal a small number of cloth surgical masks, in different colors, and styles. With obvious anticipation, she selected a white cotton one, and grasping the bottom ties, placed the mask under her chin, and pulled them behind her neck, and tied them in place. As her inner excitement mounted, she looked at herself in the mirror as she grasped the two remaining ties hanging down the front of her uniform, and slowly raised the surgical mask up in place, to cover the lower part of her face, concealing her nose, and mouth.

After a check in the mirror, that she was happy with how she looked, she walked out of the bedroom, and down to the examination room, and opened the door a little, to look in, and then opened it fully, and walked into the room.


Suddenly he became aware of the door opening slightly, and a figure standing outside, watching him. The door opened a little more and he could see a woman in white nurse’s uniform, and nurse’s cap, with a white surgical mask covering the lower part of her face

The door opened further and the nurse entered the room, and came over to her restrained patient. As she approached him, his eyes took in the scene of the nurse in her white stockings, and nurse’s uniform of the same color. The clinical white uniform, which reached right up to her neck, had buttons down the back, and a matching belt across the waist. Her brown hair had been tightly pulled up and was held in place securely with pins, and a white ribbon. On her head was a nurse’s cap, held in place by hair pins. She was about 5ft 7ins in height, and he guessed she was in her early thirties. The most arousing part of her appearance was her masked face, which highlighted the look of excitement in her blue eyes. Although he should have been afraid of what was going to happen to him, he was fascinated by the nurse, and her appearance. As she stood by the side of the table, she leaned over and removed the gag from his mouth, filling his nostrils with the smell of her uniform.

At last she spoke in a nervous voice, made slightly muffled by the mask. “I have brought you here for a full medical examination, as you requested over the internet, and at the same time I will fulfill a fantasy of my own. With your permission, I will start the procedures, and assure you that no harm will come to you, and I will stop at any time you wish.” He attempted to speak, but his own excitement only allowed him to nod his head in agreement. “I will now get ready, and we shall begin, you may call me Nurse Julia.


He watched her go over to the surgical clothing he had noticed earlier, and put on the rubber apron, and do up the ties behind her back.

As she wheeled over the trolley which held the bowl and put on a pair of close fitting surgical gloves, she said “I am going to give you a sponge bath on the table, so you are clean, and then I can proceed with the examinations.

I will need to put a rubber sheet under you, so I will need to release your legs; I hope you don’t start to struggle.”

As he raised his body he suddenly realized, he was completely naked, and only his genitals were covered by a surgical drape. Once the sheet was in place his feet were placed into stirrups at the bottom of the bed, which mean’s that his legs were now in a spread position.

At last she positioned herself at the top of the table, and started to gently wipe him over with the sponge, and warm water, starting with his face, and then worked her way down his body.

As she was wiping around his nipples he started to become aroused, and felt an expected reaction between his legs and became embarrassed, As he looked at her to see if she had noticed the effect her attentions were having, she seemed to be smiling, behind the surgical mask, which he found to be arousing, but hoped that she would eventually remove, to show her face. A last she arrived at the area between his legs, and moved to the end of the table, and slowly removed the drape. Taking his already erect penis into her gloved hand she gently wiped it, finishing with the comment “We will come back here later.” which indicated that this area was going to get closer attention, and moved on to his bottom, and anal area.

Lastly she washed his legs, and feet, and then pushed the trolley, back against the wall. Again his legs were freed from the restraints, and the rubber sheet was removed.

Once again she went over the surgical clothing hanging on the wall, and removed the rubber apron. She then unpinned the nurse’s cap from her hair, and with her back to him untied the surgical mask and removed it.

As he watched in anticipation of seeing her face, she picked up the cotton surgical cap, and tucked her hair inside, and fastened the ties at the back of her neck. The surgical mask was then retrieved, and retied securely in place.

As much as he tried to see her face unmasked she did not allow him an opportunity to get a glimpse of her. As she turned to face him, her appearance caused him to become aroused. Her hair was now completely hidden inside the cotton cap, and although her face was still covered by the white surgical mask, she had now tied it a little lower to reveal more of her features.

He could see she was really enjoying herself. and judging by the way the cotton mask moved slightly as she breathed, she seemed to be becoming aroused herself.

A stool was pulled out from under the table, and placed at the head of the table; next she pulled over the covered trolley and placed it just behind his head, out of his range of vision, and removed the cover.

Unexpectedly she leaned over so her masked face, which now only revealed her blue eyes below the surgical cap, which she had pulled low on her forehead was almost touching his, and in almost a whisper said, “I think you are going to enjoy this”, and quickly secured his head to the table, with a strap. Momentarily she moved out of view, and when she came to his side she was wearing a pair of surgical safety glasses, and in her freshly gloved hand was what appeared to be a dental instrument used for cleaning teeth.

To his surprise she tilted the table so his head was slightly lowered, and then sat on the stool, directly behind him, so his head was almost in her lap, which allowed him to study her more closely. As she began to carefully clean between his teeth he noticed the concentration in her eyes, and was now sure she meant him no harm.

After she had finished his teeth, she returned the instruments to the trolley, and moved the stool to the bottom end of the table, and then to his surprise she returned the gag to his mouth and secured it in place, and removed the strap restraining his head.

She was finding the experience of fulfilling her fantasy very exciting, and hoped she could maintain the professional attitude, she was trying to show.

Again she came to his side, and said,’ I have to leave the room for a moment, and won’t be long”. As she walked towards the door he watched her, and decided to relax, and see what else Nurse Julia had planned for him.

Once outside the door, she pulled the mask down so it hung around her neck, and walked down to the bathroom. As entered the bathroom, she saw herself in the mirror, in her uniform, with the surgical cap covering her hair, and retied the surgical mask over her face, and was pleased with how she looked. Reaching into the cabinet, she took out her husbands spare shaving razor, soap and brush, and went on down to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. Untying her mask, she sat down for a moment to think about the other things, she had planned.


Unexpectedly the front door bell rang. Her first instinct was to ignore it, but it rang again, so she moved silently to a side window to have a look that it was. Looking out, she could see it was Monica a close friend, who used to share her fantasy, but never mentioned it anymore, as she never expected to have it fulfilled. A decision had to be made, weather to let her in, and allow her to join her, or let her leave. It was a risk, but Monica was a good friend who she had grown up with, and was the person she had considered asking to help in the beginning. When they had been young, they had played at doctors, and nurses, examining each other, and she was the one person who she felt could be trusted, to keep her secret.

Moving to the front door she retied her mask in place, and undid the lock, and called out to Monica to come to the kitchen, after relocking the door.

She heard the front door open, and the door being relocked, and Monica’s footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

She held her breath as her friend came through the door way, and saw her standing in front of her. After Monica had recovered from the surprise of her close friend in a nurse’s uniform, wearing a surgical mask over her face, and a surgical cap covering her hair, she nervously asked what was going on.

After explaining what was happening in the spare room, Monica asked if she would be able to be her assistant. The idea of another person to share the experience was appealing, but there was one problem, which she put to Monica, “What are you going to wear, I have only a scrub suit that will not fit you.” Monica to her surprise answered,” I have never told anyone, because I thought I was the only one who had not gotten over our childhood games, but I have an outfit of my own at home. If you give me a few minutes, I’ll go home and get it. “I only live around the corner, I could be back before you know it .It would mean so much to me.”

Julia answered, “Come straight back, I have extra surgical mask’s, and cap you can wear, you go, and I will wait until you return. Take the key and let yourself back in, and I will leave the mask, and cap, here on the table. Immediately Monica picked up the door key, and quickly returned home.

With the shaving equipment and a small bowl of warm water, Nurse Julia walked back to the spare room where her patient was waiting for her.

In the treatment room the patient was beginning to wonder where his nurse had gone, when the door opened, and she entered the room with a small bowl, and what appeared to be a razor. which she placed onto the trolley.

When she moved the trolley down to the bottom of table, he was in no doubt, about what she intended to shave, and hoped it would be as good as he imagined. Moving between his still spread out legs ,she gently stroked his pubic area for a brief moment , causing him to have an erection, then moved to his side , and ran her gloved hand across his chest, and then as she had done earlier leaned over so her masked face was so close to his , that he could hear her breathing , and said, “before we I give your pubic hair a shave, I have to get a surprise ready for you, one I know you are going to like.”

He watched as she went over to the wall, and took down the remaining surgical cap and mask, then after giving him a wink above her mask, disappeared through the door, and quickly returned. He had no idea what to expect, but hoped what he was thinking was correct.

After her return she took her place on the stool, between his legs, and proceeded to apply soap to his pubic area. Looking up, she said, “If you feel you are becoming too close to ejaculating, please tell me and I will stop, I don’t want to spoil what I have planned later."

As he lay back and allowed her to apply the soap he thought he heard a door close, which would indicate, someone else was in the house, and as the masked nurse, busy removing all the hair between his leg’s, was not alarmed, it seemed as though, they were expected, and after the removal of the cap, and mask from the room, it seemed as though, they were going to have company.


His imaginings were interrupted by the feeling of a razor being applied to his groin area. Just as he was about to voice his concern about her taking extra care, the door opened, and another woman dressed in a powder blue nurse’s uniform appeared in the doorway. She was deftly tying a surgical mask in place across her mouth and nose, and on her head was a nurse’s cap, which was pinned in place onto her blonde hair, which had been pulled back into a small pony tail secured by a white ribbon. As she stood in the doorway, he could see by the look in her eyes, that she had a huge smile, hidden behind her mask.

The new arrival was around the same height, and builds as Nurse Julia, but may have been slightly younger.

She had obviously taken a lot of care with her appearance, from the black stockings which covered her legs, to the uniform itself, which had short puff sleeves, and was made complete by a white apron which was held up by being pinned to her chest. Around her waist was a broad sort of belt, which secured the apron around her waist. The way she was dressed reminded him of pictures he had seen of nurses in England.

Looking up Julia herself was amazed at the transformation of her friend, and was sure she had made the correct decision, “you didn’t waste any time, “ she said, “you make me wish it was me you were examining.”

Moving her attention to their patient, Julia said, “let me introduce my assistant, Nurse Monica, who has come to assist me. Some of the procedures I have in mind for you will be easier to perform, with help”.

As his new Nurse came to his side , he looked at her face, concealed by the close fitting surgical mask, he could only guess at her facial features, and hoped once more, that his nurses would reveal their faces, before the examination was over.

“What would you like me to do?“ Monica asked. “Come over and put on a pair of clean examination gloves, then come to the foot of the table, and carefully keep his penis, and scrotum away from the razor,” Julia said. Moving to the examination trolley, Monica picked up a pair of gloves and as she walked to the bottom of the table, slipped them on, and gently grasped his erect penis.

Picking up the razor, Julia continued to remove the pubic hair from around his pubic area.

The effect of now having two nurses attending to him, as well as both of them touching such a sensitive area was causing him to feel close to ejaculating. As Nurse Julia saw that the tip of her patient’s penis was becoming moist, she realized what was going to happen if they did not stop. Immediately she stopped shaving, and turned to Monica, and said,

“Why didn’t you show me your uniform before, it really suits you. We could have got together before now, had I known.” Monica finally moved her focus from the erect penis of the naked and restrained patient before her, and in a voice which sounded quite breathless answered,”As I told you in the kitchen, I have always thought no one else shared my passion anymore, or would understand.

As Monica was speaking Julia could see that her friend was quite flushed, if not for the surgical mask covering her face, her embarrassment would have been even easier to see.

Returning her attention to the patient she could see that it was safe to finish removing the remaining hair, which would allow them to move on to the next part of the examination,

Which she was sure would be as satisfying for her patient as it would be for her, but first she had to make some preparations.

As the patient watched Julia move over to the stand with bags hanging from it, and remove one of them, he again became concerned about her intentions.

Moving to his side, she could sense his concern. Removing her surgical gloves she reached out her hand, and gently touched him on the cheek and said, “Don’t worry, I am not going to hurt you, but you have to trust me.” Looking into her face, hidden behind the surgical mask, he knew he had no reason to trust her, but true to her word nothing unpleasant had been done to him. With a brief nod he gave his consent to continue with the examination.

Smiling back at him, she impulsively leaned over, and through her surgical mask, kissed him on the forehead, and let out a girlish giggle, after which she turned to Monica who had been busy playing nurse, by tiding up, and said “Please check the restraints are secure and help me into a surgical gown. You will have to remove your pretty nurse’s cap, and cover all your hair with a surgical cap, and put on a gown as well. I don’t want to allow any chance of infection during our next procedures”.

He was fascinated as Monica made sure he was unable to move, and then felt a rush of anticipation as she removed a surgical gown from the stand and held it out so Julia could push her arms into the sleeves, and then fastened the ties at the back for her.

Monica then removed a gown for herself, and with Julia’s help put it on. She next removed the nurse’s cap, and with a surgical cap held in her hand, moved to stand behind him.

He could see out of the corner of his eye Monica pull her surgical mask down from over her face, and pulled the white surgical cap onto her head, and tucked her hair inside, before doing up the ties at the back. As she came around to the side of the table she had already raised the mask back over her face, and was pulling the ties to the back of her head, and retying them. Once again, to his frustration he was unable to get a proper view of the nurse’s uncovered face.

Looking at the two women, now covered from head to toe in surgical clothing, he knew something special was planned for him.

Coming over to Monica’s side, Julia said to her assistant quietly, “We have to go out of the room for a moment to make up the enema solution. He will be alright for now, and he will need a rest, for the next part of his examination.” As they closed the door behind them, the patient closed his eyes, and waited for their return.

Once they were outside Julia untied the top of her surgical mask, and let it fall below her chin. Monica followed her friend’s example, and pulled her own mask from her face, to reveal a face, that was indeed quite flushed with excitement.

Looking over at Julia, Monica remarked, “I can’t believe what we are doing, this is like all my fantasies, coming to life. Julia smiled back, and said,” This is the first, and last time we will ever do this, so enjoy yourself, because all we will have is the memories of today. Now let’s go to the bathroom, and fill the enema bag.”

After taking the mixture from the place she had hid it, Julia said to Monica, “follow the instructions on the packaging, and make it up, and fill the bag, but before you start, put your mask back on.” As she spoke she was already tying her own mask on, and was going back to her patient.

As the door reopened the patient opened his eyes and watched as Julia walked over to the end of the table, and took some drapes from the bottom of the trolley, and place them beside his spread legs. As he watched, she moved something on the bed, and the bottom part of the bed folded down, to leave his genital, and anal area at the very end of what was left of the table.

She then moved to the head of the table, and wound the table so he was in a semi sitting position. The reason for this, he was sure, was so he would be able to see her, and watch what she was doing. Once she was satisfied that the table was adjusted as she wanted, she began to arrange the drapes, leaving only his anal, and genital areas exposed.

Once again the door opened, and Monica appeared carrying a bag, which she hung on the stand, and connected the rubber tubing with the nozzle on the end.

Looking at Monica over her surgical mask, she said.” Please bring me a pair of sterile gloves, and goggles, and please remove the cover from the instruments.” After Monica removed the gloves from their wrapping, she slipped them onto Julia’s waiting hands, and tucked the cuffs of the gown sleeves inside. She then placed the surgical goggles on Julia’s face, and waited for further instructions.

The trolley up until now, had been out of sight, and covered. It was now in full view of the patient, and he was able to see quite clearly, what had been hidden underneath the protective cover. The selection of surgical instruments, and medical products took him by surprise. Although he could not identify everything, he could see a catheter, speculum, some KY jelly, a condom, assorted syringes, as well as a stethoscope, forceps and swabs.

As once again the now nervous patient watched, as Julia positioned herself on the stool between his legs.

Looking up at Monica, who was standing next to the instruments, she said, “put the stethoscope on, and checks his heartbeat, and blood pressure, but first unwrap the condom and KY jelly, and pass them to me.” After taking the condom and lubricant from Monica, Julia grasped her patients erect penis, and unrolled the condom down its full length. She then placed some of the lubricant onto the index finger of her hand, and inserted it into her patient’s anus.

As Monica looked on, she could not help letting out an audible gasp, which caused her mask to billow slightly, with the rush of air. The effect on the restrained patient was immediate, as Julia began to massage his prostate gland, and then insert two fingers deep inside his rectum, moving them, backwards and forwards. Speaking to Monica, Julia said, “Take his scrotum in your hands, and gently stroke his penis and testicles. “

As both masked and gowned Nurses massaged and stroked him with their gloved hands, they watched as his penis engorged with blood, and started to pulsate, and twitch, suddenly releasing semen, and sperm into the condom, securely keeping it contained.

Even though the ball gag was still in his mouth, the patient gave out a cry, as his whole body shuddered with the strength of the orgasm. Going over to his side, Monica began to wipe over her exhausted patients naked body with a dry towel.

As she attended to him, she stroked his face, and whispered in his ear, teasingly, “Would you like us to do that again “The look of exhaustion on his face told her, that it would be a while before he could repeat the experience.

At the foot of the bed Julia was busy removing the full condom from the now soft penis, and wiping over the area with a swab soaked in antiseptic, held with forceps.

As Monica took some time out, to settle the patient down ,and make him comfortable once again, she placed the stethoscope in her ears, and checked his heartbeat, to be sure that it would be safe to continue.

Once she had confirmed that he was alright, she said to Julia who had been waiting, ”Are you ready to administer the enema now, if so I’ll bring it over and you can start .”

Julia said, “First we need to put rubber aprons over our surgical gowns, to keep us clean, and we will need the bucket from under the table, but this time you can perform the procedure, and I will assist you.”

After putting on their aprons, and positioning the bucket, Monica took Julia’s place on the stool, and took a deep breath behind her surgical mask, and said to Julia, “Pass the enema hose please.” Now taking on the role of assistant Julia obeyed, and placed the enema nozzle into Monica’s freshly gloved hand.

Taking the KY jelly from the trolley, she lubricated the tip of the hose, and the entrance to the patent’s exposed rectum, and inserted her finger, and slowly penetrated the anal canal, until satisfied that she had prepared it to receive the enema nozzle. Once satisfied all was ready, she carefully slid the nozzle into the patient’s rectum, then looking up at Monica, standing behind her, she instructed her to release the solution into the patient.

As the solution flowed down the tube and into their patient he began to moan, and squirm within the restraints, holding him down. As he felt his bowel began to fill, he saw that the two surgically masked and gowned Nurses were watching his reaction. Looking up, Monica said to her patient, “I am going to stop the solution now, and I want you to try and hold it in, for as long as you can. “ As her assistant moved to the patients side, she continued, ”When you have to release it squeeze Monica’s hand.”

Taking the patients hand in hers, Monica waited for the signal. It was not long before it came, and with a rush the contents of his bowel, were released into the waiting bucket.

The force of the expulsion surprised both women, and they were thankful. That they had been wearing rubber aprons, over their gowns. Even though they were surgically masked, the smell was apparent, and Monica quickly handed Julia, the bucket, and said” Take this away, and dispose of it. Meanwhile I’ll clean up the patient.”

As Julia left the room, Monica picked up a swab using the forceps, and cleaned the helpless patient’s anal area.

Looking up at her now almost exhausted patient, Monica said” I don’t think I’ll be administering that procedure again, and then behind her surgical mask, had a small giggle to herself.

As Monica removed her soiled rubber apron, she looked over at the doorway, to see the white figure that was Julia, signaling for her to come on over.

Looking over to their patient, Julia said, ”I don’t think he is up to any more, but we still need to put in a catheter. I am going to anesthetize him first, and then we will take him back."

After moving over to the table Julia pointed to the gas bottles, and said “Monica please wheel over the anesthesia equipment”. On hearing their conversation the patient became alarmed, and started to struggle. Immediately Monica pinned his body to the table, by grasping his shoulders, while Julia, reapplied the strap across his forehead to hold his head still, and then removed the ball gag.

Taking the black rubber mask attached to the gas bottles, Julia pushed it over the struggling patient’s mouth and nose, and strapped it in place over his face. Gasping for breath and causing the mask over her face, to billow with every breath, Julia looked over at Monica’s equally breathless masked face, and said “quickly turn on the gas slowly”.

As the anesthesia took effect their struggling patient began to relax into peaceful sleep.

As Monica, rearranged her surgical gown, and retied her surgical mask, she said,” I think we should insert the catheter while he is anesthetized “.

As Julia walked over to the trolley, and picked up the catheter, she said, “Come and hold his penis straight, and I’ll insert it.” While Monica held the sleeping patient’s penis straight, Julia began to gently push the thin tubing inside the opening, until she felt a slight resistance. Then slowly a flow of urine began to flow down the tube, and into the collection bottle.

After checking the patient was sleeping soundly, Julia removed her surgical mask, and gown, and indicated to Monica to do the same, saying, “while he is asleep, we can relax for a moment, and then we will take him back. Leave the uniform on, and you can put your pretty nurse’s cap back on. We will still need to cover our faces with the surgical masks before we wake him. Actually I may have a better idea. I have some chloroform which we could use to keep him asleep on the way back. You will have to stay in the back of the ambulance with him, on the way, apply chloroform to a cotton pad over his nose, to keep him lightly sedated.”

As Julia looked at her friend’s traditional uniform, and her own very clinical outfit, she realized that they would have nothing to remember the occasion. Looking at Monica, she said, “Would you like to have some photographs of ourselves in our uniforms. If someone finds them, they will only look like fancy dress photos. No one will ever know what they really mean, except us.” With out hesitation Monica agreed, and Julia went to get a camera.

After using up a whole roll of film recording different poses, some in surgical clothing , and others showing or their uniforms, the time had come to remove the catheter from their sleeping patient, and take him to the ambulance, parked in the undercover garage attached to the house.

The garage could be accessed from the inside of the house, and had a door which guaranteed privacy, until it was opened. After first retying their surgical masks in place to cover their faces, the two nurses disconnected the anesthesia gas, and catheter, then placed a cotton pad over the patients face, and applied the chloroform to it.

Transferring the sleeping patient to the ambulance trolley was a lot easier with help, and Julia was again thankful to have an assistant.


As the two nurses wheeled their patient, to the waiting ambulance, Monica looked across the moving trolley, and said, “Thank you for trusting me enough, to ask me to share your fantasy, it’s a shame our patient will never know who we are, or were he was. To him we will only be a memory, with nothing to show for what happened today.”

Looking back at Monica, over her surgical mask, Julia said, “Maybe we can leave him with something to remember us. You continue to the ambulance. I have something in the bedroom, I have to get,” and hurried off.

After a short time Julia came into the garage with what looked like a small type of stapler, which was in fact a basic tattoo gun. Mischievously glancing at Monica, she said, “Were should we put a small reminder.” Monica replied, “How about high up, on the inside of his thigh, give me the gun, I know exactly what to write.”

Under the effect of the chloroform , the patient was partially conscious, and became aware of his thighs being separated by one of the masked nurses, and a stinging sensation on the inside of his thigh, then more chloroform was applied to the pad over his nose, and he lost consciousness once more.

Once the sleeping patient was placed into the ambulance, Monica sat down beside him, and Julia shut the doors. Julia then, removed her surgical mask, and nurse’s cap, and put a coat over her white nurse’s uniform, before opening the garage door.

During the trip to the patient’s home, Monica periodically applied chloroform to the cotton pad, and amused herself with memories of this extraordinary day.

Rather than just leave her patient to recover, and find his way home Julia had decided to take him home. Judging by his internet correspondence, he lived alone, and they would not have any problems. His address had been obtained from his wallet, and Julia hoped she was doing the right thing.

As the ambulance pulled up at the patient’s house, Julia removed her coat, and pinned her Nurses cap back on her head, to look like a real Nurse. Feeling the ambulance coming to a halt, Monica applied one last drop of chloroform to be sure he would not wake up.

After driving the ambulance as close as possible to the house, Julia opened the ambulance doors, and helped Monica, who had removed her surgical mask, to remove the stretcher, and wheeled it to the side door. Reaching into the pocket of her Nurse’s uniform, Monica pulled out the house key; she had taken from the sleeping patient’s pocket, and opened the door.

Quickly they retied their surgical masks over their faces, and wheeled the sleeping patient to the bedroom, and put him to bed, and after making sure he was regaining consciousness, quickly left the house, and drove away.

As the effects of the chloroform, began to subside, he became aware of two blurred female figures looking down at him. The lower part of their faces seemed to be covered, and as hard as he tried, he could not focus properly, and then they were gone. Becoming aware of his surroundings, he heard his front door closing, and a car driving away, and was surprised to see that he was in his own bed. As he moved his leg, he felt a stinging sensation on the inside of his thigh, and remembered one of the Nurse’s doing something to him. Leaning over he removed the sheet, covering his lower body, and saw tattooed on his thigh, “NURSE’S M + J”.

One week later a message appeared on the internet, asking Nurse’s Monica, and Julia to contact an email address, to discuss another appointment. This message that would never be answered.


The same week, two ladies were then going to the supermarket to shop. As they passed each other by, they gave each other a wave, and continued on their way. No one but them would ever know, or guess their secret and the experience they shared together, on just one day.

The end

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