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A Playing Doctor

Author: Art Montage

(MF, reluc)

'Man has it been a long day;' I think as I take off my lab coat.

"Where are you going?" asks Mary, my temp for the day.

"I'm hoping to get to the club in time for a racquetball match I have scheduled," I tell her, wonder why her concern about my personal life.

"Well should I tell the patient in five you are canceling her appointment," Mary says.

'What a day,' I say to myself again. First, my nurse is sick, ironically too sick to come to the doctor's office. Then I realize ever quarter hour has been over-booked with people trying to get in for their flu shots. There goes racquetball.

"No, I will talk to her," I tell her.

At the door of five, I slip on my lab coat and realize the patient's file is empty, with the name Vi Xen on it.

"Couldn't you find her file?" I ask Mary.

"She doesn't have one, she is a new patient," Mary informs me. "And I really hate to do this to you but I will have to leave at 5:30."

Looking at my watch, I realize that is in 15 minutes.

Stepping into the room I don't notice the new patient, I am pre-occupied with adding the obligatory information -- like the date -- to the new file. I walk to the counter and set the file down, continuing to write.

"I'm sorry I a bit rushed, I hope you didn't wait long," I say, and then her perfume hit me. It wasn't strong, but sensual and alluring. I stop writing and pivot toward this scent that has me captivated.

"No, I came right from work and just got in here...and barely had time to put on the gown," Ms. Xen says. She is asian, as I had guessed by the name. Her thin lips break into a smile. There is an awkward pause and I am nervous just being in the room with this beautiful young woman.

"I hate to ask you this, but my nurse is leaving in 10 minutes, and I hadn't planned on staying much longer myself....but could we cancel this appointment," I ask.

I instantly know what the young woman is thinking, or at least I know this isn't such a great idea for her.

"I...I, well," Ms. Xen is stumbling. "It's just that I'm not sure if it is possible. My schedule is quite hectic. It took me two months to make this appoint me. And the fact is; I need to have this physical for my job."

Most of her words just go right past me. My head is spinning from the scent of her cologne. I feel I have hurt her feelings and for some reason, the sadness in her voice has me feeling guilty.

"Umm," I begin to stutter myself, "The problem is my nurse has to leave and...well technically I am not supposed to be alone with a patient."

Just at that moment, Mary sticks her head in the door. She has her coat on and says, "I left the paperwork on the counter. I have to leave now, my ride is here."

"Okay," I say and Mary is gone.

"We are alone now, couldn't you do the physical," Ms. Xen pleads.

"You see Ms. Xen, well you understand the situation right," I say feeling uncomfortable. It is the first time in the past eight years I have been alone with a patient.

"Doctor...I understand. I don't care, really. It's the only way I can get this done and I feel I can trust you...right?" Ms. Xen says, and flashes me a smile.

I hesitate. This is just the situation a doctor is to avoid; it is also one of those temptations: A beautiful woman, alone.....after hours. Plus I just can't stop looking at this attractive woman. She isn't the picture of innocence that is normally associated with Asian, instead her beauty felt like an invitation.

"Doctor, please," Ms. Xen says after my lack of response.

"Okay," I say. "I will still have to be thorough; this will probably take at least half an hour."

"That is fine," she says and I can see the muscles in her shoulders relax. "My evenings are usually free, it's your office hours when I have trouble arranging appointments."

"Hmmm, Maybe I should have evening hours," I say, hoping to get our relationship on more comfortable terms.

"That would be very convenient," she says in a non-committal tone, but her smile has a suggestive nature about it.

I grab the file, sat down and begin to ask the questions my nurse would ask during the pre-exam, things like age, past health problems, address, etc. The conversation feels odd to me. Partly because it normal is something someone else does for me, but also because many of the questions are things I might ask on a first or second date.

At first I hesitated, asking the personal questions, focusing more on what was directly health related. Then I realized the interview was heading into a more personal direction. What began as questions about her menstrual cycle turned into questions about her sex life.

"I haven't dated anyone in the last year, mainly because I was doubling up on my class load," Xen said responding to a question. "Then I got this job. Much of my time has been occupied with moving, settling in - both in my apartment and at my job.

"So you haven't had sex in about a year," I asked her. I was caught in a dilemma between professionalism and physically attraction -- interestingly enough, both demanded the same questions.

She didn't answer, instead she looked down and began to blush.

"Ms. Xen, I'm not asking to make a judgment. If you have had sex, as your physician, I should know. Especially if we need to discuss birth control," I said, trying to make her feel comfortable.

Shyly she looked up and said, "Birth control is not an issue."

Now it was I who was uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what she was trying to say...or not say. My first thought was that maybe she was in-fertile.

She sensed my misunderstanding of her comment, looked away and said, "When you say sex, do you mean masturbation?"

I wasn't sure what to say and I almost bursted out with a laugh.

"I, well now, that wasn't what..." I was really stumbling, and really wishing I had a nurse to ask these questions.

"I masturbate a lot," Xen said. Her body temperature was probably rising, that would explain how her perfume was again finding it's way to my senses.

"There is nothing wrong with masturbating," I said.

"Twice a day!?!" she snapped back.

"There really isn't a norm for this activity," I try to calm her, but when I said 'activity' I felt like I was old man. "I mean, everyone's libido is as different as people are different. It's not something I would hold against you."

I chuckled, hoping to make her understand it wasn't anything to be concerned about, yet with her perfume invading my olfactory nerves all I could think about was to 'hold her against me.'

I crossed my legs because, part of my discomfort was because I masturbated a lot...and I wanted to do so as soon as possible. Anything to get rid of the erection that was trapped in my pants...and hopefully hid by my lab coat.

"I'm sorry to confess this to you, but lately...well I have felt uncontrollable," Xen said. Right at that point I realized that it wasn't her perfume I was was her scent. With just the lab smock on, and sitting on the exam table her obvious excitement was floating in the air.

'What was doing,' I thought to myself. I shouldn't be alone with this woman. The desire I was feeling was the exact reason it was so foolish. Yet at the same time, know that she was secreting excitement between her legs was too much for me.

"And what are you thinking, when you have these 'urges?'" I ask, deciding I might as well follow this trail to a conclusion. With that, I put on my stethoscope and stood up.

"Usually it's a situation," she said. I placed the stethoscope on an exposed area of her chest. The stethoscope was cold and she flinched, causing her smock to ride up on her legs.

"Mmmm Hmm," I said as a question and she continued.

"Like I will be at work and my boss will ask me to work on a project, late at night," Xen continued and I moved the stethoscope around to her back. I knew she was excited, her heart was thumping about 90 beats a minute. "While we are working on the project one thing will lead to another....and..."

"Take a deep breath," I said, with the stethoscope on her back. Interestingly she was completely exposed in the back since the nurse had not tied the fastens. "Okay, breath out. Now when you are your thoughts...are you intimated..or are you afraid of your boss in reality?"

"No. When I am, well masturbating, I am in control. It is...he is doing what I want," she said and allowed the smock to slide over her shoulders.

"Have you ever acted out on these scenarios?" I asked her and went to her file at the counter pretending to write down some information.

"Not really, or completely," she said.

I turned back to her, she was smiling and she had taken her arms out of the smock. It was resting on her lap, covering up her pussy. Her breasts where creamy white in comparison to her tanned shoulders.

"I see," I said and we both knew I was speaking figuratively AND literally. "Will you lay down on your stomach."

Here head faced away from me, but as I began to undress I could she her smile broaden: "And what do you think would happen, if you acted out this fantasy...when you were alone with your boss?"

"I don't know," she said, with lilt of playfulness in her voice. "I guess I would continue to act innocent, but want to be in control. Hopefully he would know, I was excited and wanted him, but I would have to say so it would just happen."

While she talked, I finished undressing and grabbed a condom from the second drawer of the counter.

"How would he know you were excited and wanted him," I asked standing at the end of the exam table.

"It varies," she said and with her comments lifted her hips. "Maybe I would just kind of find myself naked and lift up my hips a little bit. Other times I am so horny and slutty that I get on all fours like a dog."

As she was getting up on all fours, I put on the condom. It was a little funny to me. Often I had explained to my younger male patients how to put on a condom right in this very office. I had a dildo I used for demonstration, in the condom drawer.

"And are you horny?" I asked, but when she looked back at me, I added, "At this point in your fantasy."

She lowered her head and elbows to the table and said, "Yes, so much so that I don't need any foreplay."

"Never?" I asked, crawling up onto the table. I placed my left hand on her left hip and with my right hand placed my penis against the lips of her vagina.

", no," her voice trembled. "The foreplay comes later."

I held my penis against her labia and rubbed her ass with my left hand.

"Later, huh?" I said.

"Yes," as she said that I thrusted into her and she moaned.

Slowly I slid out and when the head of my penis was almost out of her, I plunged back in. Both of my hands held her hips and I pumped in and out of her. the first several thrusts I would slide out slowly and Xen would grunt when I slammed back into her, but after about five slow exits I began to pull her hips in a quick in and out motion. She was right, she was excited and foreplay was not need for this first time.

While I was thrusting into her, she began to edge forward and I had to put my hands on the table to keep from falling on her. Holding myself up with my right hand, I grabbed her left breasts and squeezed it, working my fingers to her nipple.

"EMMMmmm," I groaned and came like an air bubble expanding to the surface of a secluded pond. I knew she had not come, but I knew that would happen later -- we still had not had any foreplay......

* * * * *

After releasing an orgasm into Xen, I realized how precarious our position was on top of the examining table. From our doggy position atop the table, I held the condom against my penis and pulled out of Xen.

I sat back, straddling the table, and pulled the penis off my now deflating penis. Tying a knot in the condom I tossed it toward the counter where the garbage can was. I reached behind me and pulled out the extension on the table so I could lean back onto my elbows.

While I was doing this, Xen had turned around and faced me.

"Well Ms. Xen that was certainly more exhilarating than the racquetball match I had lined up," I told her.

"Doctor, call me Vi," Vi asked and leaned onto her elbows, with her face near my penis.

"After all we are now on an intimate level," she explained and licked some of the sperm that was on the side of my penis.

"Ummm, yes. And call me Ross," I said as she licked more sperm of my penis.

My penis, had deflated to its small relaxed state, but Vi's cleansing fellatio was about to re-awaken my excitement. After four or five more licks she put her whole mouth around it, clamping her lips against it as she pulled her head away.

I was now becoming erect again. Vi grabbed my testicles with her left and began to work the shaft with her right.

"I hope you don't mind a little cock teasing after a fuck?" Vi said slipping me her trademark salacious smile, then she bobbed her head down on my penis.

"," I couldn't really verbalize, instead I just smiled and nodded.

She pushed her lips down onto my cock until I was moaning.

Stopping with her lips and putting her hands on the sides of my penis, "You like?" she asked a redundant question. Xen placed her tongue on the top of my cock and then began to roll my cock with her hands, like bread dough. It was like she was trying to start a fire by rolling a stick in her hands and needless to say she was igniting the flames of passion.

Placing her lips where her tongue was, upon the head of my penis, she rolled my cock several more times. Xen then slipped her hands down the shaft of my penis, followed by her lips. Her thumbs grazed over my balls and met under my sack. With her thumbs touching and her hands pressing against my pelvis, Xen had formed a harness for my testicles.

She began to bob her head, mischievously using her tongue to play with the underside of my cock as she slipped her mouth up and down. Leaning forward I kissed the top of her head, then I am able to bend around to kiss the nape of her neck, taking in fragrance of her delicate perfume. I reached around her shoulders and grabbed her breasts.

Then she stopped moving her head and has focused her tongue, flickering it against my penis; increasing the pressure and slowing the pace when I firmly squeeze her titties. My body freezes stiff and I dribble out what little sperm is left in me. What my orgasm lacks in cum; it makes up in the intensity of pressure released. I am delirious with the pleasure of her cocksucking talents and the smell of her perfume that has my thoughts spinning.

Rotating my hands I hold her ribs and pull her up from her elbows, so she is face to face and after two orgasms, I kiss her for the first time. Gentle little pecks at first, and a squeeze of her lower lip with my lips, then holding the back of her neck I slip my tongue into her mouth. We kiss for several minutes, exploring the intimacy, normally associated with the prelude to sex.

Parting lips, I look into her beautiful, dark eyes.

"Lets not forget, part of this examine includes several orgasms quaking from your thighs," I tell Vi and then embrace her.

"You'll hear no argument from me," she reply over my shoulder.

* * * * *

Vi laid back on her elbows, on the examining table. She glowed with a salacious smile. My beautiful Asian patient was ready for the rest of her physical.

I side my hips back on the table. Leaning forward, lifting her shapely legs over my shoulders, I began to kiss her inner thighs, alternating between the left and right. The whole time I inched my face closer to her vulva, and the pleats of her labia.

I traced a circle around her lips, then from several centimeters from her anus, I licked to her clitoris. Vi lifted her hips up with my lick, so I ran my tongue the length of her pussy several more times. I could tell by her breathing she was past due, when it came to cashing in on orgasms.

I slide two fingers easily into her steamy pussy. My thumb bumped against my chin as I licked her clit and fingered her pussy.

"ahhh...ummm," cooed my patient.

Turning over my hand, so my index and middle fingers curled up, I rubbed the ceiling of her vagina. The force of my fingers pushed her pelvis and clitoris against my mouth. I gobbled up her pussy.

Vi's moans were becoming longer and ran together. When the tone lowered, with her groans coming from the back of her throat, I stopped licking. I flatten my tongue against her clit, applying pressure. From the corner of my eye, I could see she had clenched her hands into fists and was pushing down on the table so she could push her hips to my mouth with more force.

By just slightly moving my tongue and applying pressure, I had Vi flexing her body. She was so stiff and beautiful, like a porcelain doll. A horny doll.

Vi squealed and for a second I thought she might have pulled a muscle, but when she grabbed my head and began to thrash her hips I knew that she was not feeling any pain. She began to mumble something in Japanese that sounded like, "Eye Cooo."

I widened my two fingers, like a peace sign and pulled out of her, then inserted them together. I continued to do this and suck on her little clit, pulling it into my mouth and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I lost count, but she came several more times like this.

Her mumbling and moaning was erotica to my ears and I could feel my penis pressing against the table.

I propped myself up on the table with my arms. Vi had her eyes closed and was smiling. She seemed ready for a nap, but that would have to wait. I reached down below the table's mattress, to the drawer. When I found the condom, there I sat up; Vi's ankles rested on my shoulders and I kissed her instep. While I opened the condom and placed it on my penis, Vi rubbed the side of my face with her foot.

With the condom on, I rolled my shoulders forward. This motion pushed Vi's hips up, off the table. Her weight now rested on her shoulder blades and her lovely calves against my shoulders. I crawled forward on the table. My movement took her legs toward her shoulders and when I leaned forward to kiss her; her knees pressed against her chest.

As our tongues danced together like eels in an aquarium -- exchanging sparks -- my cock rubbed against her inflamed vulva. Vi hand her hands clasped behind my neck, but she unfolded her hands and slid her right hand between our bodies. When she reached my cock I lifted up my hips and she made a fist around my erection.

Holding my penis like a handle she rubbed the head of my erection through her pubic hair. Occasionally she would tease me and bring my cock near the entrance of orchid garden, but when I would shift my hips to thrust into her; she would push my penis back to her belly.

I broke our kiss and moaned, begging her with my eyes.

She grant me my wish and lined my penis up between her labia. When I thrusted into her, she folded at her mid-section from the force. I slide out a bit and Vi pushed her calves against my shoulders; bringing her pelvis up to mine.

Her hand was still between us, and I separated our bodies, to allow her to move it. Vi used the space to reach my balls. The motion brought our faces together and I kissed her eyes as she fondled my testicles. Her arm formed distance, a small distance, between us. My penis only slide half way into her wet folds, but with her hand caressing my balls and the tip of my penis gliding in and out, I was curling my toes with pleasure.

I was so aroused that I started to slap my body against Vi's arm. When she sensed I was about to come, she released my balls and began to fondle the base of my shaft.

"UUUUMmmm," I moaned and I could feel Vi bite my shoulder as pushed myself as deep as I could into her. I mashed her hand between us and began to come. As my sperm squirted I moved my hips back, to give her hand some room. She gently grabbed my penis gain, feeling my orgasm pump into her.

I looked at this vixen and her eyes were smiling with mischievous delight.

Whatever her need was at work for a physical...needless to say she did quite well. --

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