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Airport Strip Search

Author: Anonymous

(MF, nc, ss)

"Will you step this way please, Sir, and bring your travelling companion with you."

There were three Customs Agents, and they were very polite,.

Having been through this process before, I was certain that this would be a brief delay, minimized by the fact that we were American citizens being interrogated by U.S. Customs agents. We were escorted by the three agents (one female and two male) down a hall off of the public corridor, where we entered a room with several desks and in the far corner was a doctor's exam table (I wondered what that could possibly be used for amidst what otherwise looked like an office?). We were told to sit at the one of the desks and several standard forms were handed to us. No problem - name, address, travel itinerary, luggage contents, personal belongings, etc. By the time we had finished completing the forms, our luggage arrived. The agents opened it in our presence and individually removed and indexed each article from the suitcases and placed them on a table. While this wasn't embarrassing for me, I could see that my daughter was feeling a little uncomfortable as the agent stated the items he was removing from her suitcase: "blue blouse, red skirt, blue jeans, sheer nylons, lace bra 36C, white bikini panties, two-piece bathing suit, hair dryer, box of tampons - 6 of 12 inside, douche syringe (I knew she had finished her period the first few days of our trip), suntan oil..."

The luggage inventory complete, I felt that we would soon be released. One agent approached us, holding a scanning device, and asked us to stand up, spread our legs, and hold our arms out straight. Beth and I stood up and the agent approached me with the scanning device. He ran it between my legs and placed it against my crotch, then he ran it along both of my sides and across the top of my arms and down my back. As he ran the device across my left side, it started to beep very loudly. Before I knew it, two agents grabbed me and held me, while the agent with the scanning device reached inside of my sport coat. What he found was an envelope in which I was carrying cash from my recent exchange with a local Santiago merchant! He removed it while the agents held on to me, securing my hands behind me with cuffs. "You are under arrest for suspicion of carrying monies used to purchase illegal controlled substances in Santiago", they informed me. I was told to sit in a chair and they secured my hand to the back of the chair.

My daughter was being scanned by another agent in the same manner, although she stepped backward when the device was placed against her crotch. "Please stand still, ma'am, so the device can detect whether any metal objects are concealed in bodily orifices", she was told. She tolerated the scanning and everything was least until the dog was brought back into the room. He immediately went to her and put his nose right into her crotch! When the agent pulled the dog away, he repeated this procedure on three separate occasions. "We have every indication that a controlled substance is concealed on your person", they informed my daughter. "This last test will confirm the need for further physical interrogation." They had the dog smell a test substance, and then they released him and, again, he went right to my daughter's crotch. As quickly as I was cuffed, so was she, and she was secured in a chair across the room. While one male agent stood guard, the other two agents exited through a door in the back of the room. The remaining agent provided us both with an 8-ounce glass of water and he instructed us that we had to drink all of it. Because our hands were secured to the chair, he had to hold the glass and we drank the water through a straw.

When the agents returned, they were joined by a man, dressed professionally, but wearing a white lab coat. "This is Dr. Jenkins - he will be conducting the physical interrogation. Both of you will be searched for controlled substances, otherwise known as a 'strip search', the agent said.

"Young lady, let's take a look at you first", said Dr. Jenkins as the female agent led Beth toward the exam table. Now, Beth, Dr. Jenkins, and the female agent were on the opposite side of the room, while I was left on the other side of the room with two male agents.

Dr. Jenkins said, "I'm going to raise your shirt above your breasts to see whether you're concealing anything in your bra", and he moved towards Beth. Dr. Jenkins raised Beth's shirt above her bra and when he stepped to the side, I could see the profile of Beth's breasts looking much like her mother's. "Nothing there - now, step out of your shoes so your pants can be removed." Beth slipped off her sandals, and the female agent reached for the button to her jeans. It seemed like no time before the button was undone, the zipper pulled down and Beth was stepping out of her jeans.

"Are you a virgin?", he asked Beth. No answer. "Are you?", he continued. Still no answer. "Well, I'm going to find out sooner or later; please bend over the exam table".

The agent lead her to the exam table and she bent over. One thing for sure was that Beth never had a problem with authority. I knew that she was being humiliated but that she also knew that cooperation was the best response. Nonetheless, she cried, "Daddy, what are they doing to me?" Dr. Jenkins responded to the agent closest to me, "Allow him to be close to his daughter", and the agent escorted me to the head of the exam table where I could look into Beth's tear-filled eyes, seeing her bent over the foot of the exam table, he hands cuffed behind her back. I saw Dr. Jenkins putting on examining gloves. Dr. Jenkins turned toward Beth. "First, I'm going to do a pelvic exam, then a rectal exam. We'll find out just what you're hiding." Beth began to stand up, but the agent placed her hand firmly upon her shoulder. Dr. Jenkins seated himself upon a stool which put him at eye level with Beth's hips. He placed his hand upon Beth's buttocks and pulled down her panties. "Step out of your panties so we can send them to the laboratory to see whether there has been any seepage", said Dr. Jenkins. Beth stepped out of her panties and then Dr. Jenkins said, "This is going to be tight because we can't use any contaminating lubricants"...and then I heard Beth gasp! "Yes, you are a virgin - quite rare for a girl of 19 these days - no, wait a minute, the hymen is ruptured - maybe not"...and I could see Dr. Jenkins moving in such a way to let me know that the pelvic exam was finished. "Nothing in there - let's check the rectum", Dr. Jenkins said. "Again, no contaminating lubricant, so it's going to be tight"...Dr. Jenkins adjusted his position on the stool and --- Beth moved forward and gasped --- as Dr. Jenkins proceeded with the rectal exam. "Squeeze my finger and bear down as if you're having a bowel movement...", he instructed Beth. "Not sure, you have anything up there?" Beth whimpered, "No, sir". But Dr. Jenkins responded, "I'm not so sure...we'll find out...Stand up and turn around to face me", he said as he concluded the rectal exam. Dr. Jenkins slid back on the stool and Beth stood up and turned around. I couldn't help but notice her nice shape and firm buttocks.

"We must witness you urinate and this will be sampled by our laboratory.", said Dr. Jenkins, as he placed a beaker between Beth's legs. In no time, the urine was filling the beaker. When she was finished, Dr. Jenkins took a tissue and wiped between Beth's legs and then he said, "Both this wipe and the urine will be tested for foreign substances."

The agent moved a chair to the center of the room and then I heard Dr. Jenkins say, "Stand over this commode. I am going to douche you to insure that there are no foreign substances. That discharge, too, will be examined by our laboratory." I noticed that this chair had a toilet seat on it and a silver stainless steel pan below the seat. Beth stood over the chair and Dr. Jenkins moved towards her, holding a douche syringe in his hand. "Spread your legs more", he instructed Beth. As Beth complied, Dr. Jenkins placed the nozzle against her vaginal opening and squeezed the bulb. Liquid began to trickle into and out of her vagina and into the commode, and then, when all of the liquid was inserted, Dr. Jenkins withdrew the syringe and slid on the stool away from Beth. The female agent removed the pan from below the commode and replaced it with another.

"Finally, I am going to give you an enema. If you have hidden any substance, it will be discharged within 5 minutes; if you're clean, you'll simply discharge clear liquid. Please bend over." Beth stepped away from the commode, turned around, and the agent held her arm as she bent over with her buttocks facing Dr. Jenkins. He approached Beth and I saw that he was holding a Fleet enema. He took one hand and spread Beth's buttocks; with the other hand he inserted the tip into Beth's rectum ...and, once inserted began to squeeze out the liquid. Beth gasped as her rectum was again violated, but Dr. Jenkins was quick to insert the nozzle and administer the enema. He removed the nozzle and slid on the stool away from Beth and told her to sit on the commode. The female agent led Beth to the commode and kept her hand on her shoulder while she sat there. Dr. Jenkins then approached me.

"Now, sir, we will discover whether you've brought anything undisclosed with you from Santiago"..."Kathy, why don't you do this interrogation to get the experience", he continued. I found out that "Kathy" was the name of the femal agent, as she left Beth's side and approached me. Under Dr. Jenkins' supervision she pulled my shirt from my trousers, unbuttoned it with one hand and exposed my chest.

Dr. Jenkins observed as the agent searched inside my shirt, leaving it unbuttoned when she was finished, "Well, nothing hidden under here", she said as her hands began to undo my belt. "But, its off with the trousers for you, too", and before I knew it, my pants were at my ankles. I somehow got the idea that I should be stepping out of my loafers and away from my pants and Dr. Jenkins was pleased, "I see we're getting all the cooperation that is required", he said.

Before long I was turned around and I, too, found myself lying across the exam table as my jockey shorts were pulled down my legs and off. Lying face down on the exam table, I was left only with my sense of hearing...and I heard examining gloves being pulled on. Never crazy about the rectals given to me during my annual physicals, I was sure that this was going to approach a nightmare! The only thing I can say is that Dr. Jenkins had long, but slender fingers, as I felt him penetrating my anus and inserting his finger the full length into my rectum. I looked over my shoulder to see Dr. Jenkins standing to the side and it was Agent Kathy who was doing the exam! I sort of grunted as her finger slid in. She moved it around and when she came into contact with my prostate I felt my muscles constrict against her finger and, interestingly enough, the involuntary response of my penis hardening to erection. She moved the tip of her finger against my prostate for a while causing my penis to become fully erect. Then, as she was withdrawing her finger, Dr. Jenkins said, "OK, now stand up and face Agent Price." That was no real problem until I turned around to face her, realizing that both she and Beth were now observing me in full erection.

"We do an extensive rectal and prostate examination on male suspects to insure that no barbiturate substance has been introduced into the rectum. Had it been, you would not have achieved erection", explained Dr. Jenkins. I think Dr. Jenkins remembered Beth on the commode because he then said to the agent, "You can help her off the commode and send the discharge to the lab." And the agent responded, "Sure, looks like she's finished", as he helped Beth off of the commode, cleansed her buttocks with tissue, and seated her on a chair against the wall.

Meanwhile, Agent Price had examined my testicles and was now holding my penis in one hand while inserting a cotton swab into the urethral opening, "to obtain a sample from the mucous membrane", explained Dr.Jenkins. I saw my daughter staring at the procedure in wide-eyed shock and disbelief. The agent was handed a beaker by Dr. Jenkins and she guided my penis into the opening. Without being told what to do, and anticipating the demand, I began to urinate into the beaker. When I was finished, Agent Price wiped the tip of my penis and handed the wipe and the beaker back to Dr. Jenkins.

"Please bend over the exam table for the enema", he instructed. I prepared to be violated one more time, and soon I felt the tip of the nozzle against my anus. With one steady motion, Agent Price inserted it deep into my rectum. I felt the liquid shortly thereafter, a slight sensation as it was injected. She slid the nozzle out and then helped me onto the commode. "The same as your daughter. If there's something up there, it's coming out from the enema". I sat on the commode and felt cramping as the liquid did its work. This was the first time in my life I prayed I didn't have to go, but I did need to get rid of the enema!

As I sat on the commode, Dr. Jenkins approached Beth and said, "I'm positive you're hiding something from the way that dog responded. Perhaps you discharged it before we were able to get a hold of you. One final check to see whether there is an elevated temperature." He had Beth stand and led her over to the exam table. The agent helped her to sit on the table until Dr. Jenkins said, "Lie back on the table, raise your knees and spread your legs, put your feet in the stirrups...slide down so that your buttocks are on the edge", he instructed. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Beth lying on the exam table as Dr. Jenkins made some preparations. Dr. Jenkins resumed his position on the stool between Beth's legs as he said, "These thermometers, one inserted in your vagina and one in your rectum, will determine whether a foreign substance has raised the orifice your mouth for the other thermometer...we'll use that to compare the, while the thermometers register, I am going to trim some pubic hair to test for trace substances"....and I could hear the scissors and the hair being placed in a plastic bag. Beth lay still for the procedure. I knew she disliked this extremely since her mother had shared with me the experience of their recent visit to the gynecologist...and I remember, when she was younger, how she objected to her mother using the rectal thermometer even though the pediatrician encouraged it. After a few minutes, Dr. Jenkins spoke up and said, "Let's look at those temperatures", and I could see him stand to retrieve the one from her mouth "98 point 6", her vagina "99 point 6" and her rectum "99 point elevated temperature...I'm going to take a look with a speculum."

I could hear a drawer sliding open and shut, and the movement of a metal instrument. "Spread your legs wider so I can insert this...wider! Don't close them!..and I could see Agent Price agent step forward and place her hands on Beth's knees to separate them. Dr. Jenkins leaned forward and Beth moaned "ooohhh" and I could see her hips raise as the speculum was inserted. "It looks like nothing's been in here! It has to have been in the rectum, but that, too, was just as tight", Dr. Jenkins exclaimed as I heard him lay down the speculum. I heard some more noise and I saw the profile of an l-shaped device with a bullet-tipped end. "This is a rectal speculum so I can see inside of you", Dr. Jenkins said, and with that I could see one of his hands placed upon Beth's buttocks and I assumed the speculum was being inserted because she emitted even a loader and more distressed moan of discomfort. I could see Dr. Jenkins moving around and then he leaned back as the speculum was removed - and Beth lowered her legs. "You're one...", and Dr. Jenkins was interrupted...

Another agent burst into the room and said, "They're clean! DEA just...", and then his eyes looked toward Beth's side of the room... "Oh, excuse me"...and he entered the room and walked toward me sitting on the commode. "As I was saying, they're clean. DEA just searched the seat...hers...loaded with stuff...and him...clean as a whistle...Treasury traced the money to Santiago Bank. He looked to me and said, "Our apologies", then left. I saw Beth stand up and come running toward me, clad only in her shirt, her hands cuffed behind her back...

The agents and Dr. Jenkins were quick to leave the room and it didn't matter that I was sitting on the commode, my erection now subsided, or that my daughter, naked from the waist down, had been violated. Their interrogation was over. Soon, two male agents entered the room and returned our clothes and personal belongings. They read a prepared statement and asked us to sign it. Beth and I dressed and gathered our belongings...and left the room. We never signed the statement. But now, I needed to find a bathroom!

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