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Alices Embarrassment

It was a long time in coming, but Alice finally got her degree in business with computer science as a minor. She earned a 4.0. That shows what a little incentive will do.  Alice just turned 35. She has a daughter that is 15 and she is a single parent. Her husband took off with his secretary about a year ago, but that is old news. Alice is on her way to the third interview with a medical supply company. She was offered the job of sales of the female products line. She is meeting with the vice president this morning at 9 am. She has on a very expensive business suit and the rest of the outfit to match.

 Alice arrives at the building at 8:30 takes the elevator to the sixth floor and goes to the suite 610. The receptionist asks Alice if she could help her. She said that  she had an appointment with Joe Duffle.

  Joe comes out to greet Alice. He shakes her hand, then tells her to follow him into the conference room. He tells her that he is very impressed with her marks and she is old enough to take responsibility, so he is offering her a starting pay of $45,000 dollars, but she has to meet the owner, since he has the final say. Joe excused himself and went to get the owner. A gentlemen with goofy glasses came into the room with Joe.  This is the owner, Wesley Thumper. "Gee, his name even fits him," Alice thought. "Hello," she said to him. Wesley sat down and started telling her that she would be in charge of the feminine products side of the business. Most of the customers came  there. There is very little traveling, but we are looking for a special person for the job.

 "We are giving you the job on the condition you pass our physical. Is that understood?"

 "Yes it is," said Alice.

  Wesley went on to say, "Do not to worry- we will not ask you to do anything you do not want to do. The only thing you have to do now is pass the exam and you can start the day after you pass it.

  Alice was flying high today, she was told to see the girl at the desk and have her make an appointment for her.  "Sue," as her name  tag said called down to the dispensary and asked if they had room to give a lady an exam.  She is being sent by Wesley.  Alice could hear on the other end, "Yes, we have a four hour period to do the testing."

  Alice said, "Four hours? It must be something other than a simple exam." She didn't know how right she was.

 Sue got up and told Alice to follow her. They went to the ground floor all the way in the back of the building. They stopped in front of a door that said "Entry exams done here." Sue opened the door and showed Alice in. There was a male nurse at the desk. "Hi Jim," Sue said, "this is Alice she is here for the Wesley physical."

 "Hi Alice." He handed her a booklet to fill out.

  Alice filled out the information needed, then read the back page. It stated ,in short,  that she will do what the doctor said or she will not get the job. "Wow!"  she thought, " this is going to be some exam." She came this far, she will not let a little exam bother her.

 It took them about 15 minutes to come and get her to start the exam. A nurse by the name of  Nancy came out to get her. She took her into one of the exam rooms. She took all the paperwork and put it on a clip board, then took a blood sample from Alice. Nancy left and in came Jim. He told Alice to remove her outer clothing ,then left, leaving the door to the exam room open. Alice started to undress and saw people walking by as she was undressing. when she was done she looked for a dressing gown. She found none, so she called to Jim.

  He came back in and she said that she didn't have a dressing gown to put on.  Jim said that she was very observant. No gowns were issued there.  Then he told her to follow him . He was taking her to the waiting room. She wanted to know why.  "Because your going to meet the supers of the different areas."

  She didn't understand what this had to do with a physical. Jim told her it had to do  with what she was selling. She didn't understand what he was talking about yet. There were people coming in and out of the area and there she was in her underwear greeting them. Five people came down to meet them, 3 woman and 2 guys. The woman said hello to her and said they remembered when they first started, also. They were down here as Alice  was  now. After they talked for a while, they all went to Jim and marked on her exam papers, then left.

 Jim took Alice into a large exam room in the back of the office. There were about 15 chairs there and exam table in the middle on a raised platform. He told her to look around, if she wanted, then sit on the exam table wait there and left, leaving the door open. She walked around the room. There was monitors and cameras around the room. On the ceiling there  were large lights, almost like a movie set. This is the oddest exam she has ever had. She couldn't wait for it to be over with.

  After she was done checking everything out, she got on the exam table, as instructed, wondering why all the chairs and what she will be asked to do next. She felt a little better, as there were no stirrups on the exam table she was sitting on.

 It was about 10 minutes before Jim returned with the nurse named Nancy, a doctor the introduced himself  as Dr. Waldon and about 15 more people, two of them she recognized as Joe and Wesley. They came up to her and asked how she liked the exam so far. She just rolled her eyes. Wesley preceded to explain to her that when she is selling their products she may have to demonstrate them.  She said she didn't even know what she was selling let alone how  to demonstrate them.

  "Well if you like you can leave now," said Wesley. " I told you - no hard feelings."  "Why all the other people?" Asked Alice.

  Wesley said, "Because you may have to demonstrate  to a few people at a time, with the help of your assistant. "Oh, that makes sense," says Alice, rolling her eyes again. He also told her the rest of the exam will use the types of equipment that this organization sells to doctors' offices and Hospitals. Wesley asked her if she wants to continue. She said yes.

 All the people, as they sat down in the chairs, were introduced to Alice. They were all managers and V.P's except one gentleman who was introduced as Doctor Davis. He was to be her assistant.  It was explained that he was needed to help her demonstrate the products.

 With all the introductions done Alice was told  to remove the rest of her clothing to begin the exam. She turned her back to the group and removed her bra and panties then was told to climb on the Table. She did as she was told and the doctor took a hand held unit that looked like a suction cup and put it on her breast. There were different sizes. It fit over the breast and took a reading of it and put it on the monitors and showed if there was any areas that needed to be checked by Mammography.

He brought out a  speculum that is manufactured by the company and showed it to the people. Now Alice was beginning to understand what she was going to be demonstrating and why her assistant was a doctor.  Alice  couldn't believe that she was going to be examined here in front of everyone. She was feeling humiliated and embarrassed, when the doctor pulled out he stirrups and helped her into them.

  They brought the camera in for a close up of her vagina. She couldn't believe that was really her on the screen. Alice turned beet red. The next piece of equipment was an endocam. The doctor had her open her legs wide and he slipped it into her vagina turned on the light and the camera and everyone could see the interior of her vagina and her cervix she was even interested in the monitor. The doctor said that the company makes this piece of equipment also.Reality of her job hit her almost at once.  Alice shuttered to think she would be showing her clients how it works. She was going to be showing a lot of people her vagina and they would be touching her as the doctor is now. Alice did not know if she could do it. She was almost in tears.

 The doctor told Alice to get off the examine table and he laid it flat he told her to get on her knees and spread her legs. She did this and looked in the monitor to see her rectum and vagina totally exposed to everyone there. Again she thought of all the people she would be demonstating this to. Alice will be that exposed to everyone that wants a demonstration of the products. She was getting this strange feeling, as the doctor greased her rectum and put in a smaller version of the endocam. It showed everything in her back entrance. She was very embarrassed by this, but she was getting a pleasurable sensation from the penetration the instrument.

  The doctor told Alice she was done. She got off the table and Joe called her over to them. She went and started to talk to the people they all congratulated her as their new employee. Alice was smiling from ear to ear when one of the VPs. Charles said  "You can put your clothes on now you got the job." She laughed and retrieved her panties and bra then turned and was talking to them again what is the difference now everyone has seen me already, she remained naked, and  was comfortable.

 She made a lot of money for the company and herself, over the years but that is another story.


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