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I hadn’t been to a dentist for about ten years. But recently I had chipped the top of two of my front bottom teeth and I decided that I really ought to do something about it. It was not that I had any fear of dental work, just that it never seemed to be important. So I scanned the Yellow Pages.

After some minutes I focused on the advertisement of Drs Samantha Gore-Browne and Helen Hamilton-Fletcher. They emphasized the use of the latest dental technology both equipment and techniques. The advertisement also made a point of their use of procedures to induce a state of deep relaxation so that the treatment was stress-free and indeed their objective was to make a visit to the dentist positively enjoyable! I phoned and spoke to the receptionist.

‘Good morning, I am Anne, how may I help you?’

‘Good morning, I would like to make an appointment. I have chipped two teeth which need attention.’

‘Of course, sir. Your first appointment will be for an examination to determine the required treatment. Will that be satisfactory?’

So I made an appointment for a few days ahead.

‘Is my appointment with Dr Gore-Browne or Dr Hamilton-Fletcher?’ I asked.

‘They work together, Sir; not separately.’ Anne replied.

And so the day came for my appointment.

The discreet sign on the door asked patients to wring the bell. A lady dressed in full medical uniform – with a difference, opened the door!

‘I have an appointment at 10.00 o’clock.’

‘You are Sir Andrew. I am Anne. Please come in.’

She shook my hand as she welcomed me into the reception area, which was quite spacious, nicely furnished and discretely lit.

Anne’s uniform comprised a tunic and trousers made in white PVC, and smart low- heeled white shoes. She was a good-looking lady, in her forties with beautifully styled auburn hair. Dressed as she was, she looked stunning.

‘Please sit down, Sir Andrew.’

She showed me to a comfortable chair and she sat behind a typical but quality office desk. Anne then asked me my name, address etc. details, which she keyed into her computer; and then basic health information including past dental treatment – as best I, could remember. She said the dentists would be free in a few minutes. Moments later a door opened and a lady came into the reception area. She clearly was a patient who had just had treatment.

‘Please have a seat, madam, I will be with you in a few moments when I have seen to this gentleman.’

She then led me through the same door into what was an anteroom to the surgery.

‘Sir Andrew, we appreciate it if you undress above the waist, so that the monitoring instruments can be connected, and wear this gown and these slippers. Could you please provide a urine sample - there is a bottle in the toilet. When you are ready please press this button.’

And so I followed the instructions. The gown was black vinyl, sleeveless, down to knee-length, and fastened at the front with press-studs. When ready, I pressed the button. Almost immediately a door was opened and into the room came Dr. Samantha. She was dressed also in a white PVC short-sleeved tunic and trousers, but with white ankle length PVC boots.

‘Good morning, Sir Andrew. I am Dr. Samantha.’ She shook my hand. ‘Please come through. This is Dr. Helen.’

Dr. Helen was dressed identically. They both had blonde hair styled very short. They were in their thirties; and looked just incredibly attractive.

‘Good morning, Sir Andrew.’ She also shook my hand warmly yet gently.

‘Please sit in the chair, sir’

Dr. Samantha stood by the chair as I sat down. I then began to appreciate the surgery. It was fitted with the most beautifully designed medical furniture and equipment. It had style yet was clearly the highest technology available.

‘Just relax, sir.’

The chair began to recline and finished in a position where my feet were slightly above my head, which was tilted slightly backwards.

The dentists proceeded to put on surgical masks and latex examination gloves. Dr. Helen then opened the top studs on the gown.

‘I am going to place an electrode on your chest to monitor your heart. This is recorded on our computer. I will also connect to your arm blood pressure monitoring equipment, but first I will take a blood sample for lab analysis. I’m sure Anne asked you to provide a urine sample.’

‘Yes, doctor.’

So she proceeded to take a blood sample, by injecting a needle into a vein in my arm and extracting the blood into a syringe.

Dr. Samantha spoke. ‘We like to have a good knowledge of our patient’s condition before surgery.’

That completed and the blood pressure monitor attached, Dr. Helen placed a black rubber cape around me, fastening it round and behind my neck. They both sat behind me.

Dr. Samantha proceeded with a typical but very thorough examination, Dr. Helen logging the results on the computer. I then noticed that the ceiling was fitted with a mirror allowing me to see myself ‘full frontal’. For the moment at least I preferred looking into Dr. Samantha’s eyes as she leaned over me.

Dr. Samantha’s manner was gentle, with smiling caring eyes. To my surprise I could feel my genitals stirring – not the response I remember during previous visits to a dentist. At one stage I reacted as she probed a sensitive tooth.

‘Sorry, sir. I need to investigate this tooth more. Dr. Helen will give you a local anaesthetic so that there is no discomfort. While the anaesthetic is taking affect Dr. Helen will x-ray your mouth.’

Dr. Helen prepared the syringe and gently inserted the needle into my gum. I felt nothing! Her eyes were also smiling as she looked at me.

‘Was that alright, sir?’

‘Yes, doctor, I didn’t feel a thing.’ I replied.

She just smiled again, and proceeded with preparations for the X-ray.

‘Sir, for the x-ray we hold your mouth open with what we call a dental gag. We use a plastic disposable type. If you would open your mouth for me, sir.’

Dr. Helen placed the gag in my mouth, and opened it stretching my jaws open wide. The digital imaging camera was brought down into my mouth and images taken in several positions.

Dr. Samantha was studying the images on the computer screen,

‘The digital system allows us to see immediately on the screen the images. Good, that’s excellent, Dr. Helen.’

Dr. Helen removed the camera and gag, and Dr. Samantha continued with the examination.

I could feel her probing deeply into one tooth in particular, but there was no discomfort. Indeed being attended by this lovely girl was extremely pleasurable.

Soon, she finished.

‘Sir Andrew, there are two molars which need rather deep fillings and I recommend that we replace the two amalgam filings which you have with our new ceramic material. As you know the front teeth also need restoration and there are some teeth, which need small surface filling at the gums. You also need a complete descaling treatment. Normally this amount of treatment would require three separate appointments. However, because we have rather sophisticated sedation and relaxation techniques, we can, if you agree, carry out this complete treatment in one session, with a follow-up appointment simply to check that everything is satisfactory.’

‘That sounds fine.’ I said.

‘Good, Anne will give you further information about you treatment and arrange an appointment. Thank you for coming’

‘Thank you doctor.’

Dr. Helen removed the rubber cape and the chair was returned to the upright position.

I stood up to leave, and both doctors having removed their masks and gloves shook my hand.

‘Good-bye, sir. We will see you soon.’

‘Good-bye.’ I said as I returned to the anteroom.

I dressed and followed the instructions on the notice.

“After dressing, patients may return to the reception area.”

Anne was sitting at her desk and another patient was waiting.

‘I will be with you shortly, Sir Andrew,’ as she took the waiting patient into the anteroom.

She returned in a few minutes.

‘I have the treatment plan on my computer, Sir Andrew. Dr. Samantha recommends that you allow three hours for your appointment. I know that seems a long time but I assure you that our relaxation and sedation will allow you to enjoy the experience. Please have this leaflet to read for more information.’

So I made an appointment for three weeks ahead.

When I arrived home I took the opportunity to read the leaflet. It contained typical information on dental treatment. However, I noted particularly the use of lasers and air abrasion for cavity excavation rather than drilling. It was recommended that only light meals should be taken on the day of a treatment involving general anaesthetic or a treatment expected to take over one hour. I then read to my surprise.

“On your first visit you will have been asked to undress above the waist. If you are having a treatment expected to take over one hour, the dentists recommend that you undress completely, including underwear, before putting on the gown and socks provided. This facilitates the relaxation necessary for prolonged treatment.”

The day of my appointment came. As before, Anne met me at the door and welcomed me into the reception area. I could not help gazing at her, dressed as before in white PVC.

‘You are well, Sir Andrew?’

‘Yes, Anne.’

‘Good. You read the leaflet about the treatment?’

‘Yes, Anne,’

‘Do you have any questions?’

‘Not really. I noticed that the dentists recommend to undress fully.’

‘Yes. It is not essential, but recommended for prolonged treatment. I would certainly recommend you to do so. We can now go into the anteroom.’

Anne took me into the anteroom and handed me the gown and socks.

‘Please use the toilet if you wish, and press the button when you are ready and I will take you into surgery.’

‘Thank you, Anne.’

And so I prepared as suggested, undressing completely and putting on the black sleeveless vinyl gown and socks. As soon as I pressed the button Anne came in.

‘Good; we can go into surgery.’

She opened the door and ushered me into the surgery.

The sight of the two dentists caused me to gulp. They were now dressed in long, ankle length surgical gowns, fastened at the back. I soon realized they were made of white latex. The gowns had long sleeves elasticated at the wrists. They had barely visible white rubber boots. Even more dramatic, they had white latex hoods covering their head and neck completely, apart from the face, and they were already wearing the surgical masks. They had visors in front of their eyes and surgical binoculars, which could be lowered in front of their eyes. It was incredible, and my genitals immediately reacted as I felt my penis becoming full. They were not yet wearing gloves and they both came forward and shook my hand.

‘Good morning, Sir Andrew. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable.’

‘Thank you, Dr. Samantha.’ I gasped.

As I sat in the chair, Anne left, cheerfully wishing me well.

The chair was reclined as before. Dr.Helen then spoke.

‘You just relax, sir. Our procedures ensure that you are completely comfortable during the treatment. You will be asked to do nothing. We take care of everything.’

The dentists then together donned long white latex gloves, snapping them onto their arms, and Dr. Helen proceeded as before to fit the heart and blood pressure monitoring equipment.

‘To ensure that you breathe through your nose, Sir Andrew, we fit a nasal mask.’ Dr. Samantha explained.

‘While I am treating you Dr. Helen will be monitoring you and supplying the appropriate gas through the mask. We do not expect for the treatment you are having today, that there will be any need to induce unconsciousness, but that option is always available should you become too distressed. We will also be connecting two intra-venous drips to support our relaxation treatment. Dr. Helen will also control those.’

Dr. Samantha then proceeded to attach the nasal mask, and also she fitted transparent goggles over my eyes. She strapped my head to the headrest so that it could not move. Dr. Helen rotated the arm rests outward from the chair, strapped my wrists to them, and fitted the drips, one in each arm. The black rubber cape was then wrapped around me and fastened behind my neck.

The dentists both now sat, Dr. Samantha behind me; Dr. Helen at my side. I looked up at the mirror on the ceiling. It was an incredible sight and I could feel my penis rising. I soon felt gas being applied to the nasal mask. Dr. Helen then held another mask over my mouth, forcing me to breathe solely through my nose.

‘Breathe deeply through your nose, sir. That’s good. Just relax and take natural breaths. Good. I am now going to introduce a gas to relax you. Just breathe normally. That’s good.’

I was indeed now comfortably inhaling through the nasal mask, and feeling very content with life. Dr. Helen removed the mask over my mouth. Dr. Samantha then explained to me.

‘Sir Andrew, I am now going to prepare you mouth so that I can carry out the dental procedures without you having to do anything but relax and enjoy. I am first going to fit your mouth with the gag you experienced on you first visit. Dr. Helen will then give you local anaesthetics since I will have to use a drill to remove the amalgam. I will then insert a dental dam into your mouth. This provides a barrier between the treatment area and the rest of your mouth and we have a special arrangement that prevents water or debris reaching your throat, but automatically aspirates it from your mouth. You will therefore not have the usual problem of needing to swallow.’

Dr. Samantha proceeded to fit the gag. I could see in the mirror that it was opening my mouth very wide but the gas I was breathing had me so relaxed that I was not uncomfortable.

Dr. Helen then made several injections of anaesthetic. I felt nothing.

So Dr. Samantha proceeded to fit the dam as she described. She was gentle and caring with each step in the process, and the slight sedation removed any possible discomfort.

I then heard Dr. Helen.

‘Sir. I am now going to fit a catheter so that you need have no worry about needing to go to the toilet.’

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was I dreaming? I looked in the mirror and saw the gown being opened to expose my partially erect penis. Dr. Helen then gently retracted my foreskin, swabbed the top of my penis and placed a syringe into my urethra. I felt a cool fluid being injected. She the removed a catheter from the sterile package, attached one end to a bag, and carefully inserted the other end into my urethra. I felt it come against my prostate and then she skillfully pushed it fully into my bladder. In the mirror, I saw her open the valve and urine flow into the bag.

‘I hope that is comfortable, sir.’

Dr. Helen replaced her gloves.

‘We’re now ready to begin the treatment, sir.’ Dr. Samatha was leaning over me with a drill in her hand.

‘I first will drill out the amalgam and then proceed with laser excavation of all four cavities. Then I will apply the ceramic fillings.’

Dr. Helen was sitting alongside but just in front looking towards me. She looked at me with smiling, caring eyes. I saw her open the valve in one of the drips. In seconds I was feeling totally relaxed but euphoric.

Dr. Samantha lowered her binoculars and began the drilling. I felt the gas flow intensify and I became drowsy but still aware of what was happening. Dr. Helen was also working inside my mouth with an instrument.

I could just feel the drilling, but incredibly had no discomfort; no water in my throat. I was just lying in a state of peaceful enjoyment of these beautiful girls close to me.

It was not long before the drilling was completed, and I saw the laser equipment being wheeled up to the chair. And so the treatment continued without incident. I had lost all concept of time. I was fully aware of what was happening, yet in a state of peaceful euphoria. I alternated between looking at Dr. Helen who had not lowered her binoculars and whose eyes were shining gloriously; and looking at proceedings in the ceiling mirror; and simply closing my eyes and savouring the atmosphere with the occasional sound of gentle rustling of the latex gowns.

Soon I was aware that Dr. Samantha’s attention had moved to my front teeth, first using the laser to prepare the tooth and then the ceramic filling.

‘Excellent. That should all be very satisfactory.’ It was Dr. Samantha speaking.

I felt the gas supply change – I think to oxygen.

‘I will remove the dam and gag, Sir Andrew, and let you rest for a few minutes before I do the scaling treatment.’

So I lay for a few minutes with my mouth returned to normal.

‘How do you feel, Sir Andrew? Were you comfortable during the treatment? Dr. Samantha asked.

‘It was wonderful, doctor. There was no discomfort and I felt really wonderful. It was amazing, incredible.’

‘We are going to fit another gag and dam for the descaling procedure.’

‘Breathe through your nose, sir.’

Dr. Helen again placed a mask over my mouth and I felt the sedating gas being introduced through the nasal mask. Dr. Samantha then proceeded to fit the gag and dam, again showing great gentleness and care.

And so the scaling procedure proceeded – again without incident.

‘I am going to remove the catheter now, sir.’ It was Dr. Helen.

She carefully withdrew the catheter and swabbed the glans of my penis having retracted the foreskin gently. I felt my penis respond to her gentle touch, becoming definitely somewhat erect. I wasn’t sure whether to feel pleasure or embarrassment. I then could see her wrapping material round my penis one ring at the top, another at the base. She then attached two pads to my scrotum and two to my perineum. I couldn’t understand what was happening. There were wires coming from all these items. Dr. Helen then opened the valve of the second drip – as far as I was aware for the first time. In a few minutes I felt a growing sensual feeling, just as Dr. Samantha said:

‘Good. That’s all finished, Sir Andrew. I’ll remove the dam and gag and you can relax.’ Dr. Samantha proceeded to remove the dam and gag; and then the goggles. She had lifted the binoculars from her eyes and now looked down into mine with such a look that I felt my penis grow really hard. My head was still held firmly in place. And then I felt the pulsing in my genitals.

I could feel the nasal gas being changed to oxygen.

‘I hope you are content Sir Andrew. We like our patients to be completely relaxed at the end of the treatment.’

‘Yes, doctor.’

‘You are happy with this procedure?’

‘Yes, doctor.’

Both doctors were now standing looking into my eyes. Dr. Helen again adjusted the tap on the drip. Soon I was suffering intense erotic feelings. The electrical stimulation of my genitals was obviously a programmed sequence. I was in ecstasy but surprisingly not feeling that ejaculation was imminent. I realized that my ankles and thighs were strapped to the chair.

‘You enjoy this, Sir Andrew?’

‘Yes, Dr. Samantha.’

‘You would like to continue?’

‘Oh yes please.’

I was indeed in ecstasy. Then after perhaps ten minutes, I felt the nasal gas change. I was now almost delirious with the intensity of the erotic stimulation. And soon I was feeling an intense ejaculation approaching. And then it came as the electrical intensity was increased. I erupted with incredible force and as the stimulus continued so unbelievably I continued to pour my milk. The stimulus continued on and on after my milk was drained and I felt the nasal gas change again. I became quietly euphoric and I sensed the stimulus being reduced and more gentle. I felt my body collapse as every muscle relaxed.

I awoke to feel my genitals being washed. A hot towel was wrapped around my face. The towel was removed and Dr. Samantha then placed a cool perfumed cloth across my forehead. The drips, nasal mask and monitoring equipment had been removed.

‘Just relax, Sir Andrew.’

Dr. Samantha was looking down into my eyes. I closed my eyes as I savoured her closeness to me, her touch and the sensuous smell of her latex gown.

A few minutes later I felt the chair being raised to a more upright position.

‘Just relax for a few more minutes, Sir Andrew.’

Dr. Samantha removed the cape as Dr. Helen fastened the gown where it had been undone.

‘I hope you are satisfied wit your treatment, Sir Andrew. Anne will make an appointment for you to come for a check-up in a month.’

‘The treatment was wonderful, doctor.’

‘Good. We’ll see you soon.’

Dr. Helen ushered me to the ante- room and shook my hand.

‘Good-bye, sir.’

‘Good-bye, doctor.’

I changed and went into the reception area. Anne was sitting behind her desk and came to meet me. She was smiling:

‘I hope you enjoyed your treatment, Sir Andrew.

‘I did, very much, Anne, thank you.’

‘None of our patients believe me when I tell them that they will enjoy the treatment – but they all do! You need an appointment in about a month.’

So an appointment was made for four weeks ahead – which seemed more like four months. At last the day came and I made my way, greeted as before by Anne looking as stunning as ever. Anne said that I could go into the anteroom immediately.

As I prepared I wondered how I should undress; and decided to undress fully as on the last visit, noting that a pair of socks were laid out with the vinyl gown. I pressed the button, and immediately Dr. Helen came in.

‘Good morning, sir. Please come in.’

‘Good morning, Sir Andrew.’ Dr. Samantha greeted me warmly.

I took my place in the chair, which was reclined as before and Dr. Helen wrapped the black rubber cape around me. They were dressed in the white PVC uniforms as on my first visit and were looking radiant.

‘Dr. Helen will carry out the examination this morning, Sir Andrew,’ Dr. Samantha explained as they both put on the surgical masks, latex gloves and sat behind the chair.

The examination proceeded without incident, both dentists carefully examining the results of the treatment. It was the first time that Dr. Helen had examined me and she was even more gentle that Dr. Samantha. She several times rested her forearms on my shoulders allowing them to touch my cheeks, almost cradling my head between them. Soon I felt that I had a full erection pressing my gown. I was sure that it must have been visible to the dentists.

‘Everything is fine, sir. I just want to take some digital photographs of your front teeth,’ explained Dr. Helen.

The chair was adjusted so that I was sitting more upright, and a camera brought in front of my face. Dr. Helen took several photographs, some with me smiling and some with her holding my lips apart and my teeth closed in the bite position. While she was doing this, it was confirmed that my erection was visible as I felt Dr. Samantha adjusting my gown and in the process stroking my penis through the vinyl. My penis throbbed and both dentists were smiling broadly.

‘Sir, your teeth are now in excellent medical condition. However, as you probably are yourself aware, both your top and bottom front teeth are quite uneven and irregularly spaced, I can readily correct this cosmetic problem if you wish. It will take two prolonged treatment sessions – but you are now familiar with that and am sure would enjoy the relaxation.’

I could not believe my luck.

‘Of course, if you think it appropriate, Dr. Helen.’

‘Well, sir, it would improve your appearance considerably; but without it being too obvious to your friends, if that concerns you.’

‘OK, I’ll go ahead with that.’

‘Good. Anne will arrange an appointment as soon as you like.’

I left the surgery having made an appointment for the next week. I could hardly contain myself with excitement and expectation.

And as it turned out I was not disappointed!

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