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Examination of the wife

My wife Susan and I have been married for only 2 years and I have never shared with her my fascination with wanting to see her receive a 'complete' examination in a doctor's office. Several times I have travelled with her to various types of doctors and emergency rooms, but the heaviest exam was when my wife has to pull her sweater up so the doctor could see a rash.

However, my wife developed a painful boil about one inch from her vagina. After putting up with it for several days, she decided to go to the doctor but didn't want me to go because of her embarrassment. In fact, she tried to get up early one morning and sneak a quick shower and to the doctor, but I awoke and, upon entering the bathroom, found pubic hair trimmings in the trash. I knew where she was going. When she got out of the shower, I saw that she had trimmed her bush now to almost nothing and her slit was readily visible. After making several excuses, I talked her into letting me go to the Quick Care office.

We arrived and checked in at the Quick Care office and proceeded to look at magazines for about 15 minutes. Finally, a nurse came out and called her name and I followed her, much to her dismay. After a quick stop at the scales for height and weight (5'10" and 150 respectfully), she headed into examination room #3. Susan hopped upon the exam table and the nurse asked what the problem was. After Susan described the appearance and position of the growth, the nurse took her temperature, orally, and then her blood pressure. Susan had 101 degree fever because of the infection.

To my excitement, the nurse moved to the examination table and setup the stirrups and pulled a disposable pap smear kit out of a drawer. She then asked Susan if she wanted a gown to put on. My wife stated that she was hoping to just remove her sweat pants and keep on her underwear. The nurse said that she could try but the doctor would probably have her remove those also. After the nurse left, Susan remove her sweat pants to reveal a non-sexy pair of black panties. She then draped a sheet across her lap and proceeded to mount the stirrups.

After about 10 minutes, the doctor and nurse returned. When the doctor asked Susan what the problem was, Susan nervously explained and the doctor asked her to relax and spread her knees as far as she could. From my vantage point, I was looking over the doctor's shoulder right at her panty covered privates. The doctor diagnosed it immediately as a boil and told the nurse a list of supplies to prepare. The nurse returned immediately with a tray covered with a knife, pads, and two hypodermics. The doctor indicated that he would give Susan a general pain killer and then a local to deaden the pain around the boil. The doctor had Susan remove her legs from the stirrups and lay down on her stomach on the table. The doctor then requested that she lower her panties for the injection. Susan hestitantly reached back and lowered her panties to just below the top of her ass. The doctor slid them down to around her knees giving everyone a good view of her ass and part of her slit. The doctor administered the first injection and had Susan pull her underwear up and roll on her back. The second injection was given straight into the infection causing Susan to yell and cry at the same time.

After the injections, the doctor had Susan get back in the stirrups, still with her underwear on, and he proceeded to drain the boil. I was getting disappointed that there would be no vaginal exam. Just as Susan thought it was over, the doctor said the magic words, "Since the boil is so close to your vagina, I would like to check you internally for infection. Would you please remove your underwear and get back in the stirrups."

Almost crying, Susan stood beside the table and slowly removed her panties. Her close shaven slit was now on display. When she reentered the stirrups, her outer lips parted, giving me and the doctor a good view of her pink inner lips. The doctor then spread lubricant on his fingers and then placed them inside my wife's vagina. He soon replaced those with a plastic speculum to get a better view of the interior.

After a few minutes of looking around, he removed the speculum and told us both that there was no sign of additional infection. He then wrote her a prescription and told her she could get dressed. You have never seen anyone put on a pair of panties faster than Susan. We were out the front door of the clinic like lightening.

I figured that would be my one and only shared doctor's visit with my wife. However, she just indicated that the boil had not gone away and she probably needed to have it checked again. So maybe I can get a encore presentation and, maybe, this time it will include a complete physical exam.

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