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Fantasy Fulfilled

by Trice-Cummings

One night my husband and I got a little tipsy and we watched a porno movie we talked and laughed and that's when I told him of my fantasy to be his submissive and to be punished when I did things wrong. I told him about some stories on the Internet that I had read that turned me on. I told him how much it would please me to feel what some of the women felt in those stories. So we got on the Internet and I showed him the web site. We then went to bed making love. the next morning everything was forgotten, I thought.

That summer the kids went to spend time on there Grandfathers farm. I didn't work but did some volunteer work at the local homeless mission. One night I was washing the dishes after dinner. The kids had only been gone for three days and I was already board. My husband sat at the dinning room table and called me over.

"Honey I'm taking my vacation as of next week"

"Oh you want to go somewhere?" I asked.

"No ....Were going to stay right here...if that's OK with you....I took off for the whole summer to be with you"

"Well what the hell are we going to do the whole summer without the kids?"

"We will think of something." He said with a grin and took hold of me in his arms. He gave me a big kiss and let me go.

"You silly." I said and I went back to work on the dishes.

My husband worked for a medical supply company and was the top sales person three years in a row. He hardly ever took vacation and in my mind I wondered what he was going to do with his time. So I started a "Honey do" list. It was mainly things that needed to be done around the house. I felt it was my obligation to keep him busy. Boy! was I wrong, my husband had it all planed out. He knew exactly what was going to do to keep him busy.

That Friday he came home in a great mood and after dinner he poured us some wine. We sat on the couch in front of the fire and watched it burn. That's when I showed him the list. He looked it over and got a grin on his face and put the list on the coffee table.

"I got something for you too." He said and walked into the other room. I watched the fire with my glass of wine in my hand as he came back.

"Close your eyes."


"Close your eyes Claire."

I closed my eyes and he came up behind the couch and I felt something go around my neck. I giggled a little thinking that he was putting on a necklace.

"OK you can open your eyes."

I opened my eyes to him standing to one side with a strap of leather in his hand. I squinted my eyes to see what it was and he pulled on it just a bit, I felt a tug at my neck.

"What the hell is this?" And I put down my wine glass and took hold of the strap.

"This my dear is your fantasy....For the next three months you will be my will obey my every command and be my slave....When you are bad you will be punished. and when you are good you will be rewarded with love and attention."

I just looked at him stunned…I had forgotten all about that night but he hadn't and here I was with a collar around my neck with a leash attached. He sat down and I hugged him.

"Are you sure about want to still do this don't you?"

"Yes...yes...I was wondering what we were going to do while the kids were away." I gave him a big hug.

"Well then tomorrow we will go see a good friend of mine and he will give you a physical just like in your stories...he will also give us some pointers on how this is done.....Do you know that women really live there life being a submissive?"

"Really?....How do you know?"

"Well I asked around and found that one of the doctors I sell to has a few clients that have submissive women. They are treated with respect and are at the total beck and call of there Masters.....They even have a submissive training camp in up state New York that will train women to be submissive."

"I don't believe that." I said pulling back and looking at him.

"Believe it, it's true....that's what I heard anyway....Can you believe it with women's Lib and every thing that a women still wants to bow to a man?"

"Well the women in Asian countries do it all the time." I said.

We sat there and talked and drank our wine. My hand would go up to my neck and hold the leather collar and then I would slide my hand down the leather leash.

"Where did you get this?"

"Oh my dear the Internet has allot more than just stories"

I was thrilled and scared at the same time...I wasn't sure how I would feel being a submissive for the next three months. That night I wasn't allowed to take off the collar but the leash was unsnapped form it and we made love.

The next morning I got ready eagerly for my physical and was washed and dressed.

"You still sure you want to do this....The doctor said it wont be fun."

"Ya I still want to do this....You won't hurt your little baby to much will you?" I said taking hold of him and pulling him to my body with my lower lip out in a pout.

"Well I will do what I have to do dear to make you obey...yep...yep." He said and pulled away.

He was starting his role already and I liked it. We got into the car and drove down town. We went into a very prestigious building and when we got to the office it was locked. Boyd knocked on the door and soon it opened.

"Come in...come in." We both walked in and he shut and locked the door behind us.

"I really want to thank you for taking the time to see us on a weekend Steve." Boyd said.

"Oh that's all right...the price is right." And he laughed. I wondered then just how much Boyd had spent on all this.

"So this must be Claire?"

"Oh yes sorry...Claire meet Dr. Steve Crum."

"How do you do...well fallow me and we will get the preliminaries out of the way"

He led us to his office where we sat in two chairs in front of his desk. He didn't sit in his chair but pushed himself up on the desk top towering over us.

"Well Boyd tells me that your fantasy is to become a submissive?"

I nodded my head and took hold of Boyd's hand.

"Well I have quite a few couples that play that roll on a daily basis but your just going to do it for a few that right?"

We both nodded our heads.

"Well I will help in anyway I can...I think that a lasting marriage deserves some spice....but let me warn you that once your in this roll it may be hard to get out of...have either of you thought of the consequences?"

"Well not really, after the three months are over and I have fulfilled Claire's fantasy and the kids come back it will be life as normal."

I agreed with a nod of my head.

"Well lets suppose that Clare doesn't want the fantasy to end....or you don't want it may feel you like the dominate roll and want to play it out in real life after the kids come back....What do you plan on doing?"

We both were speechless...we didn't know what to say. We looked at each other and shook our heads.

"No this is just like a vacation for us and when it's time to resume our lives we will be more than happy to do so." I explained. Right then I started to get a little worried. This was just a play thing it wasn't suppose to be real. The doctor made it out like we would play these rolls every minute of the day.

"Well if you both agree that this is a vacation I will help you...but be warned that sometime this brings on life changes."

The doctor went around his desk and pulled out some forms.

"I want you to look these over and sign them for me."

He pushed the forms over to us and we sat at the edge of our chairs and read them. They talked of the physical and what is to be done. I asked a few questions.

"What is a sigmoidescopy?"

"That's where I take a tube and look into your colon."

"What's a Cystoscopy ?" I knew I wasn't saying the words right.

"That's where I take a metal rod and look into your bladder"

"Oh." I said getting more nervous.

"Boyd are you both sure you want to do this?"

We looked at each other and nodded.

"Ya why Steve what's wrong?"

"Well let me tell you....Either of you have any experience in this matter....Do you even know how to punish your wife?"

Boyd shook his head.

"This is a big step, many of men just abuse there wives...being a dominate is means keeping a wife happy and healthy but also in line...She is to be treated with respect even though she is a submissive....She will endure a very painful and humiliating physical and will have to be punished and loved at the same time....I'm not sure you two are ready to take on this task."

"Well...We um...are willing to learn..."

"Ya think of it as a learning experience." I said. The part about the painful humiliating physical got me aroused.

"OK I know a guy that may help you....I want you to see him before you come back to see me for your physical."

He wrote the name and number on a card and handed it to us.

"But I thought you would do the physical now?"

"Now?...Oh no Claire....You must come back when my staff is hear...I can't perform those procedures on you without my nurses."

"Oh…" I said.

The doctor made us sign the papers and we were off. At home Boyd called the man that the doctor told us to.

"Yes is this Mr. May?"

"Yes my name is Boyd Taylor Doctor Crum told us to call you."

"Yes...OK, see you then."

Boyd hung up the phone and looked at me.

"Well what did he say?"

"He said to meet him in a hour and he gave me the address....It sounded like the doctor had already called him."

We showed up to a big house that was surrounded by woods. We entered through a gate that was engaged when we told the man who we were. The door was opened by a man in a suit.

"Mr.. May will see you in his study"

We followed the man through the huge house and into a room that had books lining the walls with a big desk.

"Ah I see you have arrived." A skinny man in a velvet red coat entered he spoke with a very distant English ascent.

We were introduced and he got right down to business.

"I hear you want to dominate your wife?"

"Well I want to fulfill her fantasy...this wont be a long time thing...we have kids and stuff"

"Ya sure....I have seen it before...many men get hold of the domination and can't let it go...that's what this house was built on."

I couldn't believe he called this great mansion a house.

"What quite do you do here?" I asked.

"I train women to become submissive to there husbands ....just like you." He pointed to me.

"I also offer other services like training dominates how to discipline there wives and how to treat them. That's where I will be of service to you Boyd. You will contract my services and be able to treat your beauty of a wife like the submissive she wants."

"Well I didn't think I needed any training on how to treat my wife."

"Oh but you doooo .....And I am willing to do that for you...the good doctor wants you to be taught on how to treat your the time I'm done with you, you will be able to train a submissive yourself." He flung his hands in the air.

"Well how much will this training cost and how long will it take?"

"Oh just a few days spent here and the cost is not a matter, I'm doing it as a favor to the good doc."

"Well OK then...what next?"

"Show up here tomorrow in the morning sometime and we will begin."

"well can my wife come along?"

" nooo...your submissive will have to stay home...we wouldn't want her changing her mind now do we ?" He said with a grin.

We left the house wondering about that guy...but I will keep our thoughts in this story to myself.

For the next three days Boyd left to go to the mansion and when he got home he took me to bed and made aggressive love to me, he refused to tell me about the mansion or what he did there.

"Well if this is punishment let me have it every night honey."

I did start to notice a change in him how he would want me to hold him in a different way or how he wanted me in a certain position. I could tell that my fantasy was starting and he didn't even realize it. The next day I went for my physical. I still wore the collar that was put there a few days ago.

Boyd aggressively held my upper arm as we entered the doctors office. he didn't pull or push just had a firm grip. We waited in the waiting room for a good forty five minutes.

"Mr.. and Mrs. Taylor?...Please come with me."

We followed the nurse down the hall and when she stopped at the door she said she was sorry for the wait. She then opened the door to the room. I thought my heart was beating fast ..When I was led into the big exam room I thought that it wouldn't be able to keep up with my arousal. The room was big with lights and equipment and a table with the big metal stirrups. There were straps that would tie me down and make me accept every procedure the doctor was going to give me.

"Come on OK?"

"Uh...ya...I ...I...just...I'm a little scared I guess."

"That's OK I will be right here...I wont let anything happen to you, now come on." He took my hands in his and he backed into the room pulling me forward. I didn't see the nurse shake her head.

"Your nurse will be with you in a moment." She then closed the door behind her.

"Honey we have to talk.....I want you to pick out a safe word...a word that I will know that you can't take anymore of what is being done to you...a word just between soon as I hear that word come from your mouth what ever the doctor or I am doing will stop or slow down....What word do you want to use?"

I look at him but through him, being in this room made my skin crawl and I knew that I would be subjected to a submissive physical. In my dazed state I uttered the word "Blind"

"OK dear...our word is Blind." All you have to do is say that word and things will be different." He kissed me on the forehead and we sat there looking at the big table with the big metal stirrups. He rubbed my arm up and down a few times.

"Thank you...oh thank you for making this become true." I said.

Inside I was a ball of nerve endings wanting to say no! right then and there. but in a way I wanted it I wanted it all. I wanted to have the physical pain and the pleasure. I wanted someone to make the decisions over me and what I could and couldn't do. I wanted to be at my husbands beck and call and to be punished at his hands when I did wrong. But I wasn't sure I could go through with it. My mind and body were torn. Just then the door opened and in walked a very handsome young male.

"Hi my name is Curt...I will be your nurse for your physical."

I stared up at him..."But you''re a "

"A man yes Mrs.. Taylor I don't see very many male nurses but here I if you would please disrobe we have allot of ground to cover before the doctor arrives."

I just looked at Boyd and he nodded and started to unbutton my blouse. Soon I was completely bare and holding on to my body to cover it. The doctor was right this was going to be humiliating, not only would he see me but this male nurse as well. I stood there shaking as Curt weighed me and took my height and then took my blood pressure.

"Now Mrs.. Taylor please get on the table on your stomach for me I will get your temp."

I had read this in my stories how women got there temperature taken in there bottoms...This was part of the humiliation. I got on the table on my tummy and I couldn't believe this was happening. Curt pulled on some gloves and came up to the side. Boyd was standing back watching.

"Now just relax Mrs.. Taylor...I can't part your bottom with it all tense."

I relaxed my butt cheeks and he parted them to reveal my virgin hole. He then took a gloved finger and placed it onto my anus and with a few small circles and a little pressure his finger entered me. I grunted at the invasion and turned my head to watch my husband. He was watching the nurse's every move. Then came the glass rod It seemed bigger than I expected and Curt pushed it in and twirled it around in my rectum a little.

My whole body was goose bumps and I sighed a little as we waited for the temp to register. My hands were right to my sides as I laid there naked with that thing stuck in me. Curt then parted my cheeks and pulled it out.

"OK that's good...Now please roll over." Curt left my side and went to gather some stuff. Boyd came up and took hold of my hand.

"You know how sexy you look laying here." He whispered to me.

My whole body shook in fear of what was to happen next.

"OK Mr.. Taylor if you would please help me position your wife we will get on with the prep."

My legs were raised into the big stirrups and I had to scoot down on the table to make sure my thighs were right up against the metal that held me there. The nurse then took the foot hold and pushed it up against the sole of my foot so that my toes now pointed straight up. He then proceeded to take the Velcro straps and tie my legs into the stirrups. From my feet down my legs soon became immobilized and a fear swept through my body.

I let out a little grunt as the straps were being placed. One across my hips one at my waist, one just below my breast, one just over my breast, and then the worst ones that came over across my chin and the one over my forehead.

"I don't want these...I want to see what's happening."

"Sorry doctors orders."

"Boyd please ...I want to see."

He came into my view and just shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry baby doctors orders," and a grin passed across his face.

I just took a deep breath as my hands were then tied down to the tables side this made my chest protrude and my breast stand out. after I was strapped down my mind went loose and I almost said the safe word...but for the life of me I couldn't remember it.

I felt my legs start to part even more and soon they were so wide that it parted my vaginal lips and cool air rushed into my private parts.

"I'm going to shave you now Mrs.. Taylor."

"Shave...Oh don't shave me...I don't want to be shaved." I said.

"Doctors need to be shaved so he can perform your procedures... Most submissive keep there bottoms shaved clean anyway."

Boyd looked down at me and said "I require you to be clean shaven from here on out."

I just took a deep breath not realizing the consequences. I thought this was going to be just a little different. The nurse lathered between my legs and he was bringing the razor down on my mound and soon worked his way to around my anus. This took some time and I just looked at the lights over head.

Boyd would bend down and kiss my lips every once in a while but by and large he watched as my lower body became bald. I felt a warm cloth wipe me clean and I heard water running as my naked body shook form fright and cold. The more I got into this the least I think I liked being here.

"I'm going to insert a few suppositories so that you will have a bowel movement before I give you your enemas."

Oh ya the enemas I had forgotten that most submissive get enemas as punishment. My eyes darted from one side to the other thinking about enemas.

"What's this for again?" I asked.

"Your colon need to be clean for the doctor to do a full scope of your colon."

"But why...why does he have to look in my colon?"

"Too make sure your colon is healthy to take large punishment enema's and for sodomy." Curt explained.

I looked to the side to see Boyd looking down at me with a wide grin on his face. He placed a hand on my strapped forehead and kissed my lips. I didn't kiss him back. I started to be real scared.

"Just my finger now Mrs.. Taylor." I felt his finger on my well exposed butt hole and he applied a little pressure and his finger went up inside me.

"Uuuup." I gave a little yelp as he lubed my bottom. I had no choice but to let him invade my private parts like that. I was now feeling like a true submissive. I had absolutely no control of what anyone did over my body. Next he shoved two big suppositories into my rectum and left me there. I wondered what I was to do when they started to work.

Sweat beaded on my forehead as my body wanted to go.

"I uh...I need to go...please let me up."

"Just hold on a few more minutes then I will bring the pan over for you."

I started to breath deep and Boyd caressed my arm as I struggled to hold the supp inside me. I started not to like this at all and I told Boyd so.

"I don't want to do this anymore."

"I know honey...just try and relax."

"No...I mean it I don't want to do this." As I panted.

"Your going to be all right...I love you." And he kissed me.

"OK Mrs.. Taylor you can relieve yourself now."

"What right here this?"

"Yes I have a pan here to catch your expel."

Well I just couldn't hold it any longer and I am sure my face blushed as I pushed the poop out of my body and the room filled with the foul odor.

"Oh god...oh how embarrassing." I said as I pushed more.

"That's part of being a submissive dear...this is your fantasy."

It's not what I thought it would be....I really started to have second thoughts about all this...the humiliation was horrible. When I was done emptying my bowels the nurse cleaned me up.

"I'm going to insert a inflatable nozzle nozzle into you now ...This way I can give you your enema's and drain you out here in a bucket...this will cause less stress to your anus."

I was quite embarrassed about a man talking of my anus and how he was going to clean me out. I always thought of the enema's given to me over my husbands lap until I squirmed. Never like this with my privates spread wide and a stranger looking at me.

I felt is finger invade me again and I yelped. This time massaging my anus and kept his finger twisting and turning in me and pulling me so that I would stretch a little.

"Oh ummm." I said and I winced with the pain. Boyd started to caress my chest as this was being done to me and I closed my eyes. He took his fingers out and I felt the nozzle at my hole with slow smooth pressure the nozzle went up into me and expanded around the pleats of the deflated balloon and then around the tubing.

"Ugggh." I grunted as my anus stretched around the tubing. I then heard a hissing and a fullness up inside me.

"What's that?"

"I'm just filling the balloon inside you to help you hold your enema."

The feeling felt a little weird but good until I felt a little stretched.

"Ohee." I said and Curt stopped. Then there was more hissing. I think he was reading my mind because he answered my question.

"This is the outer balloon inflating."

I could feel the balloon getting bigger against my stretched bottom.

"Oh uggggh," I said as the seal was tightened between the two balloons. The outer balloon felt huge against my skin and I hoped that the inner one was smaller.

I felt him tugging and pulling at the thing in my bottom.

"The enema now." I heard a CLICK and water gushed up into my insides. It felt nice and warm at first but then I moaned with a cramp.

"Just breath deeply and the cramp will go away," Curt said.

I tried to breath deep and Boyd was now caressing my breast. he took a stance behind my head and both his hands were playing with my nipples.

"Oh please stop hurts."

"Mrs. Taylor this is a very small enema....just try and breath."

"Boyd please stop."

His hands caressed and played with my exposed nipples even more and my mind went blank wondering what the hell was going on with me. I soon heard the gurgle of the bag running dry as I was panting in pain. What I learned in child birth was helping in this situation. I couldn't believe that my husband was playing with me in front of a complete stranger. When I would ask him to stop he would be more aggressive and pinch my nipples a little.

I got three enema's until the fluid that came out of me ran clear. The nozzle was then taken out of my bottom and I could hear Curt call for the doctor. It took a long time for him to arrive.

"Sorry I had to make sure I got all my patients out."

I thought about it and knew that with our late appointment that I would be the last one here. It must of been well after five.

"Well Claire you ready for your exam?" He came into my view.

"Well I ...I didn't be tied down like this....may I have my head released...please?"

"Sorry dear...I don't need you getting upset at the equipment I'm going to use....submissive need to be left in the dark about what goes on with there body.....this is the roll you take when you agreed to this."

"But I...I…" He moved away from my site and I could hear him and Boyd talking.

I tried to hear what they were saying but I couldn't....The doctor came back up to me and started to feel my breast.

"Just a simple breast exam dear.....I will be performing the usual exam on you first then I will get into the more aggressive exam...this may be a little scary for you and I wont be needing any of your input on this so why don't we fit you with a small gag."

Just then Curt pushed something into my mouth and tape came across my face. The thing in my mouth was a small protrusion that went down part way into my mouth. The doctor left and Boyd appeared in my site. He saw the fear in my eyes and he stood behind my head and placed his chin on my forehead and brought his hands to my breast. There he played with my nipples as I mumbled something.

The doctor in the mean time took his place between my legs and with gloved hands started to examine me. I took in long deep breaths through my nose and this was what I was wanting. To be examined and tied down. The doctors fingers felt my vaginal lips and then parted them to revile my clit. it stood out for him and he took it in his fingers and twisted it and then tapped on it. Small spasms went through my body.

"You like that dear?" I heard Boyd's voice...And I mumbled something and closed my eyes to picture what was going on with my body. The doctor then took two fingers and pushed them up into my vagina.

"No lube needed here...she's dripping wet." The doctor said.

Boyd continued to play with my nipples sometimes pinching and pulling on them and I would moan in pain and pleasure. This was it, this was my fantasy it was really happening... the doctor took a long time to examine my insides and then he pulled his fingers out making me moan and feel empty. My eyes popped open and he then opened my lips up again and this time took his finger and tapped on my pee hole. I moaned and tried to say to stop it but I couldn't. He was making me feel like I had to go pee.

I then felt the cool metal speculum at my entrance and he pushed it up into me and spread me wide. I had never been spread that wide before by my own doctor. He left the thing in me for quite some time moving it around. I then felt the usual scrapings of my insides and he took the metal thongs out. I could feel when he pulled it out my juices dripped from me down my anus.

I knew that he would be taking that soon and just as I thought it his finger was at my opening. I wondered if he was watching my reactions if he was looking at my face as his finger plunged into my anus and turned and twisted. I moaned as he entered me and Boyd would pull and pinch my nipples even harder as the procedures were being done. The doctor massaged my hole for a long time and then without warning he pushed another finger up into me.

"Uggggggh…" I said through the gag as there was pain and pleasure.

"You are going to sodomize her aren't you?"

Boyd then spoke up "Yes I am...and I need to have you fit her for a training plug."

Fit me? plug? what is he talking about?'' I thought to myself.

The doctor then pulled his fingers out of my anus and I felt empty and alone. but soon there was something else at my anus and I pushed out just a bit to receive it. The thing was pushed way up inside and it was a long tube that the doctor kept filling me with The feeling of something passing through my hole was more than I could take and I wanted to be relieved of my sexual desires. There was some cramping involved but for the most part the procedure was painless. The tube went in and was slower to come out as the doctor pulled it a bit and then would turn it and pull some more.

I moaned when it exited my hole and I was left bare with nothing to stimulate me. I heard things being moved around and the doctor talking to the nurse and Boyd kept his hands busy with my breast. I loved the way he would pinch and pull on them sometimes a little too hard but I was to be his submissive and had to endure the pain as well as the pleasure.

Something cold was scrubbing my bottom now and I felt two finger part my inner lips and scrub me on my pee hole. I winced a little at the pain this caused and my nipples were then pinched even more to take my mind off what was happening to me below.

I then felt a coolness right at my pee hole and a stinging pain enter into me. My eyes popped open and I panted through my nose as the stinging pain crept up into my bladder. I tried to scream and tears came to my eyes as the pain got worse with the movement of the metal rod that was embedded into me. For a long time it was twisted and turned in me and If I could utter the safe word I would have done it. I tried to struggle against my restraints as the rod continued its journey around my bladder and even Boyd stopped playing with my nipples. The rod hurt just as much going out as it went in but as soon as it was out the pain was almost gone.

Boyd wiped the tears from my eyes and I laid there with them closed thanking someone that it was over. For a long time I laid there and nothing was happening...I could hear things being moved and such but nobody spoke a word. it was like they had known that I felt pain and were sorry for it. The doctor then spoke up.

"Do you want a belt with this plug?"

"Yes I want a belt."

"OK...fine by me." The doctor said.

I didn't understand at first. but soon I felt something cold at my anal opening and it was pushed into me and then pulled out. the next thing was pushed in and turned and then pulled out. The third metal thing the doctor pushed in me stretched me a little wide and I moaned as my anus swallowed it.

"Lets go one size up and I think that will do it."

The doctor pulled the metal thing from my anus and another was at my opening. he pushed it in part way and then pulled it out and then with gentle slow pressure pushed it all the way in. My anus stretched wide to accept it and I yelled into the gag.

"OK she's done...I want to see here back here a month from now for a full." The doctor then left the room.

Boyd came over and took the gag from my mouth and kissed me. I was still in the stirrups and Curt was starting to release me.

"Oh you did so well honey...I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you ...I didn't expect all this but it's over now."

When I got up from the table I reached behind me to the thing in my bottom.

"Don't touch that." Boyd said.

"What? You don't expect me to walk around with this thing in my bottom do you?"

"That's exactly what I expect you to do...your anus is now in sodomy training."

"What the hell is sodomy?"

"That's where a man makes love to his wife in her bottom." Curt said as he came up with a leather belt in his hand.

I just stared at my husband and I resigned to the fact that I asked for this, but still in my mind I thought he was kidding.

"This is her belt....this wraps around her waist. I lifted my arms so Curt could place the thin leather belt around my waist. I was staring off not looking at anything trying to think about my husband taking me in my bottom. I had read about things like that but would never imagine it would happen to me.. It sounded painful.

"This strap attaches to the waist belt and attaches to the plug." He pushed on the plug and I moaned as it embedded deeper and the ring fit around the top with a snap.

"Then this strap goes between her legs.....Mrs.. Taylor you need to squat for me please...Mrs.. Taylor?"

"Oh what." I said not listening.

"You need to squat down for me so I can show you and your husband how this fits."

I spread my legs a bit and squatted down.

"These two straps fit between her inner and out labia this small ring goes up her slit and fits over her clitoris."

I felt him position the straps between my vaginal lips and it started to become very uncomfortable.

"This makes a nice gap for her urine to flow without being impeded and get the leather wet...If she sits on the toilet with her legs spread real wide the leather will stay dry...Then the strap is attached to the front and here you can make it as tight as you want.

He brought the thin strap up and then looped it around the waist strap and pulled it down. I moaned as it tightened to my body and I could feel the leather dig into my slit and part my vaginal lips. The plug in my bottom was now deeply embedded into my anus and it parted my butt cheeks.

"You can have sex with her with this on...See how she is quite tight through there, and her clit is always at your disposal for punishment or pleasure."

Both Boyd and Curt were bent over to see how the belt fit on me and I stood up erect. It was very embarrassing to have them looking at me that way. I looked down and saw the ring parting my lips and my small clit was in the middle of it.

"Oh I don't think I like this." I told Boyd.

"Well I don't care if you like it or not your going to where it." He said in a stern voice.

"No I mean it...I want if off."

"No dear it's not coming will get used to lets get you dressed. I just stood there and watched him as he made his way to the chair where my clothes sat. He picked up my blouse and held it up for me. I didn't want to fight him and I took a few slow steps over to him. The belt was extremely uncomfortable.

"What about my bra?"

"You wont be wearing a bra or underwear for the next three months."

He helped me on with my blouse and my pants the pants scraped against my clit that was now exposed and it aroused me some when I walked. He led me out of the building and soon we were home.

"You can take this off me now." I said pointing to the belt.

"No dear I won't, your just going to have to get used to it because you will be wearing it for the duration....Here you can where this." He threw me a over sized T-shirt.

"From now on that is what you will wear no underwear...Just your plug belt and a T- shirt."

I stood with my mouth open. "What about my work?"

"Well if you go to work you can wear clothes but you must always were your you understand?"

I nodded and got dressed into the shirt, it fitted me just above the tops of my legs. I laid down on the couch and rested.

"You know I got real aroused at the doctors office." I said batting my eyes at him.

"Yes I noticed ...but I think you should rest after having such an experience."

That night we went to bed and we didn't make love. I had a hard time falling to sleep with the belt on but soon I nodded out. In the morning I rolled over to find Boyd gone. I looked at the clock and it was almost noon.

"Oh god...I haven't slept this long in over ten years." I put on my robe and waddled out to the kitchen. I heard Boyd in the garage and after getting my cup of coffee I went out there.

"Finally got up did you?"

"Ya...yesterday must of took a toll on me...I'm starting to get used to the belt."

"That's good." He came up to me and took hold of my waist...he kissed me on the forehead.

"Your not wearing a T-shirt....and if you over sleep again it will be cause for punishment.'' I looked down into his eyes and could tell he was serious.

"Now get your bottom in there and dress the way I told you." he kissed me again this time on the lips and I left the garage and went to the bedroom and changed.

That day Boyd did one of the things on the honey do list while I did my house hold stuff. When I sat down to relax and watch my soaps he came in and found me.

He took the remote off the table and changed the channel.

"Hey I was watching that."

"Not any more...I don't want you sitting around watching this crap all summer...Here I want you to do that."

He found a channel that had girls doing aerobics in tights. I just watched it for a while and looked up at him.

"You can't be serious?"

"Punishment serious." He said with a stern look and he threw the remote onto the table and left.

I watched the girls in tights for a while then picked up the remote and switched the channel to a movie. Boyd walked by and saw that the exercise show wasn't on.

"Are you just asking for it?" He said.

"What?....I wasn't going to exercise with those girls."

"Oh yes you get up"

I got up from the couch and he moved the coffee table and switched the show back on. The girls were on all fours doing leg lifts.

"Get down on the floor and start working out with them."

I got down and started to do the leg lifts.

"This hurts me a little with my belt." I said in almost a wine.

"Good you need to move around with that thing...Do you think I was going to have you walking around like you had a candle sticking up you butt."

"Well that's what it is isn't it?"

"Yep guess so but I won't have you walking around like need to get used to it." He watched me for quite a while. My Shirt had crept up so that now my privates were exposed.

"Good now keep it up....I don't want you watching any of those soaps anymore...You will be working or exercising."

I just put my head down and continued with the routine and he went back into the garage. I made lunch for us and we both ate.

"I want you to go to the living room after lunch...It's time for your anal stretching."

"Is that really necessary?"

"Yes it is...I will stretch your anus every day...It's just as important as you wearing the plug."

When I entered the living room he was there sitting in a straight backed chair in front of our recliner. The recliner was spread out so that if you sat in it you would be laying back. He motioned me over to him and he took the belt from between my legs off and the plug out. The waist belt still hung around me.

"Lay on your belly with your hips just over the end here."

I did what he said and my bottom was just over the edge of the leg rest. My knees didn't quite touch the floor and he made me spread my legs apart. The plug hurt when it came out but my hole felt good not to have anything in it. I heard Boyd snap on some gloves and he then took one hand and parted my cheeks. My anus clamped shut and shivered, his Vaseline finger then touched my hole lightly and made small circles around it. The quivering stopped and my anus relaxed. With gentle pressure his finger entered me.

"UGGH." I said and I lifted my head a little.

"Just relax Claire....I'm not going to hurt you."

I laid there with my hands up by my face griped in fists. His finger invaded my hole and was soon pulling it down and massaging it tenderly. I could feel myself becoming a little wet and I started to move a bit and lift my hips to him. His finger stopped its rotation for a second and a second finger was gently pushed up into me.

"OHH…" I said and turned my head as my anus stretched to accommodate his second big finger. He did the same thing moving and pulling and massaging. It took a while for the pain to subside and my body relax and he gently massaged my hole for about 15 minutes.

When he pulled his fingers out I started to lift up.

"No...dear...stay there."

His fingers then came back to my hole and I felt the mass amount of lube there. He pushed his fingers in and pulled them out slowly. He continued to do this in and out and the speed increased until his fingers were slapping up against my hole real hard. My vagina was wet and I would grunt with pleasure and some pain as his fingers fucked my hole. Oh how I wanted to cum...I wanted to have an orgasm but just the anal stimulation wasn't enough. I started to rub my front on the chair and that's when he pulled his fingers out of me.

"UGGHH....oh come on."

"I think that's enough for today."

"Come on....Lets make love....I'm very aroused."

"I see time we will need to place a towel under you." and he laughed.

I looked down to see a wet spot where my pelvis had sat. and I looked back up to him.

"Come on baby...lets have some afternoon fun."

"Nope I have work to do....besides I want to talk to you about something...Now lay back down so I can insert your plug."

I just threw myself back on the chair in frustration and he parted my cheeks again and worked the plug into me.

"Oweee." I said as my anus stretched over the widest part. He then placed my crotch strap back on and chinced it tight.

"Now go clean yourself up."

I went to the bathroom and washed my juices from myself. I played a little with my clit but then thought I had better not. I wondered why my husband wasn't horny as hell seeing his wife getting her butt fucked. I went back out and he took me into one of the kids room.

"I want you to start cleaning these rooms....Throw any broken toys away and such....I want to paint the kids room while there away."

For the rest of the day I worked on the rooms and continued the next morning. We didn't make love that night either. I was starting to get frustrated. By habit I turned on my soaps and sat down to watch them. Boyd came in and turned on the exercise show and I got on the floor and did my exercises.

After lunch he again did the anal massage and this time with a towel. My juices ran and I so wanted to make love to him. He refused, so when I went to the bathroom to clean myself up I played with myself. I was sitting on the toilet leaning back with my legs parted and I was rubbing my exposed clit.

Just then the door opened and Boyd stood there looking at me.

"Mr. May told me that this would happen....he said if I denied you sex you would resort to this.....Submissive are not to play with themselves...You even know that from the stories you read.....Now get out to the living room."

I got up more embarrassed than anything that he had caught me. Tears came to my eyes as I raced for the living room. I feared that I would endure my first punishment. He came into the room and took the straight backed chair and sat in it.

"Now come on over here and present yourself to me...You know what to do."

I came up to his side and bent over so that my body laid across his lap. I still had tears in my eyes more still from the embarrassment. He adjusted my body so that my bottom was just a little higher than the rest of me that fell to each side.

"I think I will have to punish you not only for the bathroom incident but also for turning on that damn show of yours....Are you ready Claire?"

I nodded my head and looked at the floor. He lifted up my shirt so that he had full exposure to my bare bottom except for the leather strap that went down between my cheeks. I didn't think he was going to do it until I felt the first stinging slap of his powerful hand on my bottom.

"Ow." I said and my body lunged forward just a bit. Before I could recuperate from the first blow the second one hit.

"Owee." The stinging was a little worse this time and I reached back with my hands to stop the next spank.

He took my hands and brought them up my back and held them with one hand as his other one continued to spank my bottom hard. I started to squirm a little and just when I thought I couldn't take anymore he stopped.

My bottom burned and stung and he rubbed it for just a second and then let me up.

"Now you go stand in that corner...I want you to hold your shirt up so I can see your bright pink bottom."

"But Boyd."

I was rubbing my sore butt when he pointed to the corner...I made my way to it and pulled my shirt up and bunched it around my hands in front of me so that he could see my bottom.

"Now you stay like that until I tell you to get out of there." I heard him walk around and then I heard him go out into the garage. I must of stood there for twenty minutes before I heard the door open and then close. I heard Boyd talking to someone and I stayed in the corner but let the shirt fall down to cover me.

"Here's that book Jerry."

"Claire...why don't you have your shirt up?"

"Wow is that Claire?" Jerry our neighbor said.

"Ya...she's being punished...Claire pull that shirt up or I will give you more of the same with Jerry as a witness."

I started to cry as I reached down and pulled the shirt up to revile to our neighbor my pink bottom. Tears streamed down my face as I slowly bunched the shirt up in front of me.

" sure did a number on her bottom man...What's that she's wearing?"

"That's her anal training belt...she's in sodomy training."

I was so humiliated and I started to sob. I closed my eyes tight thinking it was all just a dream.

"I wish I can get Judy to give in to would be allot better around our house if I could give her some good old fashion discipline...Well thanks for the book man I'll get it back to you when I'm done."

There was a brief minute of silence and I knew that they were staring at me. I then heard a whistle and foot steps out the door. I stood there for another half hour or so and got my composer back. Boyd came back into the house. And came up behind me he put his arms around my waist and turned me around and showered me with kisses. He then picked me up and carried me to our bedroom where he made passionate love to me.

It felt weird to have sex with the belt on but it also felt good. I laid there in a cool sweat as I looked up at him and told him how much I loved him. We worked together for the next few days and then I made a mistake and almost burnt the house down. I put on some eggs to boil then went back to the kid rooms where I was applying decals on there newly painted walls. I forgot about the eggs until I smelt them burning in the pan. I rushed into the kitchen where Boyd was already handling the pot taking it to the sink. Black smoke pored through the kitchen and soon the detector went off.

The stove was black the wall behind it black and soot was on the floor and stove. We both just stared at the damage and Boyd opened some windows and doors to get the smoke out. He turned off the detectors beeping.

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"I forgot...I got into putting the decals on the kids rooms."

"Get this mess cleaned up fix lunch." He stormed out of the kitchen to the back yard.

I started to clean up the mess and when I was done I called him in for lunch. We sat and ate in silence.

"This room is going to need to be painted as well now." He said.

I just nodded and we ate on.

"After your done get in the living room for your training."

I cleaned up the dishes and went to the living room were he sat waiting for me. He undid my belt and I took my position on the recliner. He then started to massage my anus. He was a little more aggressive this time and I was soon hot as he fucked my bottom with his fingers.

"I have a bigger plug for you to wear...think of it as graduation day."

I felt the plug at my opening and he pushed it in and out a few times before it stretched me wider.

"UGH....oweee.." I said and lifted up a bit to get away from the massive intrusion.

"You will be punished tonight after dinner for burning those get yourself cleaned up."

I left for the bathroom and cried. I don't know why I was crying I enjoyed the punishments he had given me so far and we would make love after ward. This time would be different though.

After I cleaned up form dinner I went to the living room. I stopped when I saw him sitting there in the straight backed chair. On the table before him was a thin paddle with a few small holes in it and on a post behind him was a big flesh colored bag that had pleats in it and tubing looped around it with a long black thick nozzle attached to the end. I could tell that the bag wasn't full by any means. The pleats still had plenty of space to hold allot more water.

"Claire I hate to have to do this but you have given me no come over here and present yourself to me."

My whole body shook with a little fear but mostly arousal. I slowly made my way to his side and he took off the crotch belt and then gently pulled me over his lap. It felt good to have the bigger plug out of me and I just laid there looking at the floor.

He pulled my shirt up to expose my bottom and I shivered wondering what the paddle would feel like on my bare bottom. I got scared and clinched my butt cheeks tight and his hand came down hard and he told me to relax.

"Now Claire I'm going to give you a good spanking for burning up the kitchen....You think you deserve it don't you?"

I nodded my head.

"You ready for your punishment Claire?"

I nodded my head again and brought my hands behind my back where he held them with one hand. This was what I was supposed to do so I wouldn't have the urge to cover myself. He bent over a little to grab the paddle and I watched as it disappeared out of my site.

"Hoooee," I yelped at the paddle landed across my cheeks and a deep stinging pain shot through me. The paddle landed again and the pain was more intense and I yelled.

"Owee !" tears came to my eyes on the second swat and by the fifth I was balling like a baby but my juices were running hard and I wanted it to continue. The paddle would hit me sometimes on the top of my cheeks and then in the middle and then down below so he was getting a full range of my bottom. I started to squirm from the pain and my burning bottom stung like hell. I was almost ready to say the safe word when he quit.

I laid there and relaxed my body over his lap and just panted. He let my hands go and I took hold of the chairs legs. I knew what was coming next he would give me the water up my bottom. He leaned back over and I heard the snap of the glove as he put it on and my body jerked a little at the sound. I heard the top come off the Vaseline.

"UGH." I said as he parted my red hot butt cheeks to revile my hole He then took his finger and slowly pushed it in, gave it a few turns and pulled it out. I felt him as he reached for the nozzle that was over his head. He kept my cheeks parted with his ungloved hand.

I felt the nozzle at my opening and he pushed it in and out of me about five times. This made me grown with each invasion and I squirmed and dug my pelvis into his lap. He then pushed the nozzle in and my anus went over a small lip and closed around the nozzles base. I heard the CLICK and water jetted up into me.

"Oh god…" I said and I moved my pelvis around. He held my cheeks closed around the tubing that came from me.

"Stop fidgeting...just relax and let this soapy enema work in you."

I tried to relax and I could feel the enema gain strength and a cramp hit me and the pressure built up.

"Oheee." I said and he massaged my sore butt.

"There now just breath deep and take your punishment my dear Claire....that's it just breath....Your almost half done."

He continued to talk to me and my belly gurgled and swelled with the fluid.

"Oh stop it please." But all I got was a hard slap to my bottom. I grunted and started to breath again.

"That's it just deep breaths...your almost done....your punishment enema is almost all in you now....that's a girl."

The cramping was getting unbearable and as much as I tried to breath I would gulp in air and grunt and moan.

"I can't take anymore…" And I received a hard slap to my bottom once again.

"Just a little more now and you will have all your punishment in you....your doing good Claire...just a bit more you will be done....just a little longer."

He continued to rub my butt as it filled with the soapy water that churned in my belly. I then heard the faint gurgle of the bag emptying.

"OK Claire ...I'm going to take the nozzle out now....I want you to hold every drop of your enema and go to your corner...There you will get down on your hands and knees and pull your shirt up to revile your punishment to me."

My body was in goose bumps as he slid the nozzle out. He then helped me up and the fluid inside me sloshed around in my tummy. It bulged just a bit and I clinched my cheeks together as he helped me to the corner. I stood at the corner and he reminded me to kneel on all fours. I groaned as I got down and pulled my shirt up and exposed my quivering bottom to him.

This was it, this was what the girls in my stories felt...the cramping and growing pressure to relieve there bodies of the nagging fluid inside them. He made me spread my legs apart a bit and this made it even harder to clinch my bottom together. Tears rolled down my eyes due to the embarrassment of holding my very first enema and the cramping pain. I tried to breath through my nose and out my mouth and that got me through most of my twenty minute wait. But soon my legs started to shake and I thought I was going to loose it. A small trickle of water flowed out of me and down my leg and I moaned and threw my head back to get more strength.

Yes this was my true fantasy and I'm not sure I liked it but didn't complain. I took the pain and went with it I knew that I would get punished for the water that was leaking out of me from time to time. I didn't know that Boyd had placed himself on the straight backed chair with his arms on it's back and his head on his arms. He sat there watching me struggle against my own wants and needs...He watched as my body wanted release but my mind over came and held. He watched as my body would shiver and shake and then quiver and go into goose bumps.

"OK Claire you may get up and release your enema."

I struggled to my feet and made a bee line to the bathroom where he followed. I sat down hard on the seat and my insides exploded the water and soap that was in me. I sat there and rocked and he watched as my body felt the relief of being able to get rid of it's contents. Wave after wave excepted me and tears rolled down my eyes. He came up to me and pushed my face up and he kissed my forehead.

"I have something to take your mind off that stinging pain that's burning you."

He unzipped his paints and pulled out his penis it was well erect and stood out. I had never had oral sex with my husband or anyone else for that matter and I was reluctant to do it.

"Come on my sweet submissive....take I want you too."

His hands went to the back of my head and he pushed his pelvis up and my head down I opened my mouth to except him and then tried to pull away, but he held onto my head so that his penis would go into my mouth.

"Suck on it submissive...suck on it and your pain will subside."

I started to suck on the end of his penis and he brought my head down farther so that half of him was in my mouth now.

"AH yes my sweet submissive...that's good suck your pain away...suck it hard and the pain will go away."

My bottom was still giving up it's contents and I tried to suck harder and concentrated on him and not what was happening in my burning anus. He pushed my head down a little father to take more of him and he was rocking back and forth...pulling his penis in and out of my mouth.

"Oh yes my submissive....your pain is almost gone.....oh yes...keep sucking it away."

I sucked him even harder as the last of my enema excepted me and my anus wouldn't close put leaked the burning fluid. He was soon pushing my head harder and his body harder and faster to my face until his balls would slap against my chin. Then in a instant he held my face all the way to his body and his penis was now jammed into my throat I felt hot liquid squirt onto the back of my tongue and run down my throat as he gave up his load in my mouth. I stopped sucking and just felt his penis pulse in my mouth until he slowly pulled out and a string of his cum came with it.

"Lick me clean submissive."

I bent forward and licked and sucked the rest of the cum that was on him and he pulled away and zipped up his pants. He made me lean over and he wiped my bottom and then led me to the living room he put the plug back in my bottom and my crotch strap chinched tight. We then sat on the couch and had a glass of wine and kissed and hugged.

"You need to clean up your mess in the corner tonight...I will have to take in consideration that you leaked your enema the next time you get punished."

"I know....sorry I have no control."

The next few weeks flew by, we were getting things done around the house and I was getting allot of attention with my daily training and punishments. I would get big enema punishments when I was real bad and other times I would just get a spanking and sent to the corner. If this happened through the day someone would always stop by and see me standing in my corner revealing my punishment. This was always quite embarrassing for me. I wondered if Boyd wouldn't call people up and tell them to stop by to make my fantasy more true.

I went back to the doctors office where I got my full physical...This time it wasn't so bad because I knew what to expect. The only thing was that When Curt saw my crotch he was very displeased with my shaving abilities.

"She should be severely punished for not keeping herself clean shaven." Curt said. He then shaved me clean.

"Are you still using two quarts of enema?"

"Yes...should I use more?"

"Well I will give her three and a half for these and I think you should do the same."

The enemas were quite uncomfortable and my belly bulged and I could feel the deep pressure inside me. I was just getting to the point that I could hold the two quart just fine for the required twenty minutes. Tears rolled down my eyes as my body was forced to hold more fluid. With the Balloons in my bottom there was no way I would loose a drop. After I received four of the big enemas The nozzle was taken out.

"Her colon should be stretched enough now for her to hold three and a half quarts." Curt said.

The doctor almost brought me to orgasm again while doing his exam but that was not to be....I found out that this was part of being a submissive was to handle sexual frustration. I cried through the cystoscopy that went up into my bladder and the doctor fitted me with a even bigger plug. I was then declared fit and taken home.

The next morning I slept in and I knew I would be in trouble. Boyd had already told me how he was embarrassed that Curt had to shave me and I knew that the next time I got punished it would be a big punishment with a 3 quart enema. I put on my shirt and went out to the kitchen where Boyd was painting.

"You over slept."

"Ya. I don't think I'm feeling well." It was a lie but I thought it would be a good excuse

"Well get in the living room and after I clean up a bit I will check your temperature."

My heart raced as I knew that he would find out I was lying. I went and sat on the couch and stared out the picture window. we had a big fence so nobody would be able to see my punishments but it still made me wonder. Was the window open during my punishments?

Boyd came in with a glove and the Vaseline and the glass rod.

"The doctor said you were fine yesterday....Now come over here and present yourself to me."

I came over and he took my plug out and I laid across his lap and pulled my shirt up. He parted my cheeks and lubed my anus and then stuck the glass rod into me and we were silent. When he took out the rod and read it all he said was, "I see."

"OK sweetheart go to bed and after I get done here I will attend to you."

I was amazed, did I register a fever...was I sick...I laid in bed for a few hours and fell back to sleep. Boyd woke me up.

"Come now Claire your treatment is in the living room."

When I entered the living room my eyes popped open. There was the chair and now a bigger paddle laid on the table. The bag was allot more full and it had a longer nozzle that looked like a piece of pipe it had an angle in the middle of it. I would swear it was longer than a foot. On the table was a big very long rod thing that was standing on end it must have been eight or nine inches long.

"You were telling me a fib when you said you were sick didn't you?"

I bowed my head and nodded. He walked past me and sat in the chair.

"Now come Claire.....Come present yourself to me for your punishment."

I walked real slow over to him and my body just quivered all over. I knew I had crossed the line and from now on my punishment would only get worse if I didn't do anything about them. He took off my belt and I laid across his lap.

"You know that I was upset about yesterday....and to lie to me today is know you need to be punished don't you Claire?"

"Yes...but I'm sorry."

"As long as you know you need to be punished then we will begin."

"Are you ready for your punishment Claire?"

I nodded my head and he pulled back my shirt and I placed my hands behind my back. He leaned forward to take hold of the big round paddle and I heard the WOOSH of it threw the air before it struck my bottom. The hit was hard and my body lunged forward.

"OH GOD." I said as the stinging pain shot through me and my juices began to flow. Each blow caused me to cry out but I refused to say the safe word. Tears rolled down my face and I winced in shear pain as each stinging blow hit me.

"OWEEEEE." I cried as the 15th swat hit me and it stopped.

"Oh...Oh....Oh..." Is all I said as I laid there with my scorched burning bottom. His glove went on and he lubed me up and then reached for the strange nozzle that would invade me.

"He brought the nozzle to my bottom and my anus quivered as I felt it at my opening. He slowly inserted it up into me the nozzle went in deep and I groaned as it continued up into my colon. He twisted it and pushed it up even farther and I felt its tip way up into my left side. My anus grew around a bulb at the end and then seated itself around the base. I heard the CLICK and I couldn't feel the water flow into me but felt deep pressure build and I was soon moaning and groaning.

"Breath Claire...take deep slow breaths while you take your punishment...That's it good girl."

He rubbed my bottom with his ungloved hand and he continued to talk to me as my body filled with the soapy enema that was draining way up inside me.

"That's it just try and relax and let the enema do it's job....take it all in Claire every drop of your punishment will soon be inside you."

"Oh...oheee...oh...ohee." I started to feel the effects of the soap and the amount and I grunted or complain as my belly filled to it's limit.

"Claire...listen your just about half way there just take nice deep breaths as your body takes it's punishment....that's a girl feel the water flow in to your depths...take all your enema like a good girl."

I winced when he told me I was only half way and I tried to breath as my belly cramped even more...I didn't know if it was from the new nozzle or if he had made this enema more powerful but I soon began to cry and my body would jerk with my sobs.

"Claire breath deep....just breath...come on honey you can take this...start to breath....come on take your punishment like a big girl....that's it just about there.....a little under half way to go...yes take your punishment....goood...very..very ...goooood."

I started to get my composer back but soon the cramps over came me and I took the last of the enema sobbing with tears rolling down my face.

"Almost there baby just a little more punishment to go....try and breath...come on honey...not much left."

The three and a half quart filled me up so bad that I felt like I may get sick but I took a few deep breaths and the feeling went away. I grunted as I heard the gurgle of the bag.

"OK Claire your holding all your punishment now.....I'm going to take this nozzle out and give you a butt plug to help you retain it....Next time I won't be giving you that pleasure."

I felt the long nozzle pass my anus and I clinched my bottom up to hold the huge amount in me. Boyd leaned over to take hold of the plug and he brought it to my clinched hole. With slow pressure he pushed it in and my anus went around several rivets before seating itself around the plugs end.

"UGGGGGHH." I said as he helped me to my feet and I looked down at my belly and it took on a pregnant look....About five or six months pregnant. He helped me over to the corner. I walked slightly slumped over and holding my protruding belly. Tears streamed down my face as I got on all fours and placed my head into the corner and spread my legs apart a bit. I reached back and pulled my shirt up so that my bottom was exposed to him.

My belly hung from my body and I groaned and moaned as the water churned in me...Again my fantasy was coming true and I kneeled there in agony feeling every little feeling that was happening to me. My bottom was wet with my juices and I could feel it draining from me. I would bite down on my lip but it was better to breath through the pain. I knew now that Boyd was staring at me and I wondered if he knew just how much I loved him right then.

I jumped when the door bell rang and fear struck me. Boyd wouldn't let anyone see me like this would he? It's different standing in a corner with just my bottom bare but like this my private parts were exposed.

"Oh it's Jerry." I heard the door open and the pain in me grew with my panic I was soon grunting with every breath as I stopped deep breathing and was just now gulping in air.

"Oh please." I whispered.

"Hi Jerry come in."

"I came by to return that boooo…" His voice trailed off and I knew he was looking at me kneeling in the corner with my belly hanging down and my bottom red from my spanking and the big red plug stuck in my hole.

"Claire?....My God man what are you doing to her ?"

"Nothing she didn't want or deserve."

"What is she pregnant?"

"No....she's holding her punishment enema."

"What is that sticking out of her bottom ?"

"That's a plug to help her hold her enema."

"Claire...Claire...are you all right?"

"Answer him Claire."

"Ya...ya all right." I said in a grunt.

"You see Jerry this is Claire's fantasy...she wanted to be a submissive, so for the last month while the kids are gone she has played the roll of a submissive wife...When she is bad she gets her bottom spanked. When she does really bad she gets true punishment. That entails a spanking and a large volume soapy enema which she must hold for twenty minutes without loosing a drop. I usually don't use a plug on her but the doctor just increased her volume yesterday so I didn't think she would be able to hold that amount."

"You mean you have a doctor that knows what your doing?"

"Oh yes...she is subjected to a full humiliating physical once a month."

"And Claire wants you to do this to her?"

"Well it's her fantasy...we have a safe word ...If she wants the treatment to stop she just has to say the safe word."

"Hold on a sec."

Boyd came over and helped me up and took me into the bathroom where he pulled the plug from my bottom and I sat down hard on the seat. He kissed me on the forehead and then he then left to go back out to Jerry.

"Man she looked miserable."

"Yep you would be too if you had three and a half quarts of soapy fluid in your gut."

"Three quarts....How does someone take that?"

"The doctor gives her retention enemas to stretch her colon."

"I continue to give her the large enemas as punishment at home."

Jerry looked around at the enema bag and the paddle and my belt.

"Where did you get all this stuff?"

"Some of it from the doctor most from the Internet...That's where Claire found some stories that made her hot and she wanted to play this roll. She told me this last winter and it took me until this summer to pull it off."

"Boyd...Boyd....I'm done."

Boyd came in with my belt and he clean me up and put my plug back in and the belt on.

"You feel OK ?" He asked.

"Yes...and having Jerry here is quite humiliating is he still here?''

"Yes...and he is very concerned that I'm abusing you."

I walked out and sat on the couch. My bottom hurt but none of me was exposed due to my shirt. I still had the collar on.

"Claire...are you all right with all this?"

"Well some of it no...but for the most part it was my fantasy and Boyd has gone to great lengths to do this for me."

"Can't you get hurt with some of this stuff...I mean really hurt?"

"I had to learn how to punish my wife...I went and spent three days at a place that specializes in training submissive and there husbands."

"They actually have places like that?"

"Yep....and many women like being submissive to there husbands and play this roll every day of there lives...this is only until the kids come home."

"so what does a submissive do?"

"She obeys her husband or master....she is love and respected and when she is bad she gets punished...when she is good she is lavished with love and attention." I said.

"Interesting....I wonder if Judy would go for something like that?"

"Well that is something you will have to talked to her about." Boyd said.

"Ya maybe I will." He turned to leave and then stopped.

"Can...I...can…I watch...ah no I don't suppose."

"We will have to see about that...a big part of Claire's punishment is humiliation but I would have to see." Boyd said.

Jerry walked out the door but turned around and gave me a wink.

"That man...You need to talk with him and tell him not to say anything."


"What if the kids hear about this."

"Nah....besides almost everyone we know has seen your painted body standing in the corner."

"Ya what do you do call them up and tell them to stop by."

"Yep that's exactly what I do...and I will keep doing it to."

"You told Jerry to come by today?"

"No..that was a fluke but I called him before, and Ed, and Aaron."

So all this time he had been making my fantasy come true by humiliating me.

"Well let me tell you something...It was very hard to hold that enema with him hear...the panic made it hurt worse."

"It did...well the punishment is working then."

He then kissed me and we went about our days...I leaked fluid when I had to hold the big enemas but before we went back to the doctors I was able to hold them without a drop. This time at the doctors Curt was more pleased with my shaved mound. This time they increased my enemas to five quarts. The cramps were quite intense and Boyd pulled and pinched my nipples as I held them. The doctor still wouldn't let me have my head up so the whole time I was strapped down tightly to the table and gagged when the doctor came in.

"So this is the last month of your is it going so far?" The doctor asked Boyd.

"She seems to be submitting quite well and she hates her enemas but takes them like a big girl."

"Enema punishment is usually hated...Well I think that it's time for her to experience something different in her bottom"

"You mean I can sodomize her ?"

"Yep I don't see why not her anus is well stretched...Just keep up the massage."

The doctor and Boyd talked while I laid naked on the table with my legs spread wide apart talking about me and I was gagged. I didn't know how I would feel about Boyd taking me in my bottom. I knew that I enjoyed the massages. Once again the doctor almost brought me to climax...and I felt the pleasure of his exam and the pain. He told us that he wanted to see me for my last appointment at the end of the month.

The end of the month was coming soon my punishments were quite often as I had a hard time holding my enemas but Boyd was always very gentle and talked me through my taking them and then I would endure the holding in silence...a few of our neighbors would stop by not an accident I'm sure and they would be as concerned about me as Jerry was. After a brief discussion they would be assured that I was in good hands.

"Let's have a party this last weekend without the kids...the house looks great of all our work we put into it and your almost done with your fantasy."

I was hesitant at first but then agreed and Boyd went around and invited the neighbors and we planed Bar B que.

"I want you to where this tonight." He pulled out a cotton outfit that was very plane.

I tried it on and it gave me chills...The back was elastic and if I pulled it down it would reveal my bottom.

"Do you want me to wear my belt with it?" I asked in a wine.

"Nope just that."

Boyd still hadn't taken me in my bottom yet but he kept up the massage daily. I think I'm going to miss those when our life gets back to normal.

That night our friend arrived and the talk was about me. Some of the wives were beside there self at what I let Boyd do to me.

"Haven't you ever fantasized about things....I mean really really wanted them but thought they were out of your reach...I know you have, I did." I told the lady's around me.

"Well my husband made my fantasy come wasn't all fun all the time and there was some things that were done to me that I didn't expect but that's what made it so much more....He went out of his way to do this for me"

"But didn't you feel abused...used?"

"No way....I was treated with love and respect...and what I got when punished I deserved in the way I had fantasized about."

I knew that I hadn't been punished for the last few misdeeds I had done, and I would be disappointed if what I thought was going to happen didn't. Everyone had a few drinks and was feeling quite good. As me and the ladies were finishing the dishes Boyd came up behind me and whispered in my ear to meet him in the living room. My legs started to shake as I stood was going to was...he was going to punish me in front of all these people.

"Judy....Anne...why don't you go out to the living room...I think Boyd wants you out there."

The lady's left and didn't come back and I stood there not knowing if I wanted to go threw with this. My heart was racing and my whole body shook. I slowly walked to the living room and stood there with my hands clasped before me. There sat the chair, the big paddle and the large enema bag now full so that all the pleats were stretched out...I knew that it held six quarts of water and it more than likely had that much in it. The nozzle was new it was shaped like a big penis and was very large around at the base.

"Claire has had a few misbehaviors this last week and instead of punishing her for them I thought I would make her fantasy come true by giving her her last punishment in front of all of you....This will be very humiliating for her and that's a big part of the punishment is humiliation. All this stuff you see here she has done before...I do want to ask you all to not interfere...Claire has a safe word and if she uses it I will stop the punishment...If any of you are uncomfortable with this you don't have to stay."

Boyd didn't see me standing there and he sat in the chair and took a deep breath getting himself ready for what he was about to do he closed his eyes and took one more deep breath.

"Claire...Claire...Come in here please." My legs wobbled as I went into the room, my heart pound so hard I thought it was going to come out of my chest. I took a stance right beside him.

"Claire you know that you need to be punished."

I nodded my head.

"Well then present yourself to me for your punishment."

I laid my body across his lap thankful that I could do it I felt like I was about to fall. He pulled the back of the cotton suit down and the elastic fit just under my bottom cheeks to reveal my bare bottom.

"Claire are you ready for your punishment?"

I hesitated and didn't move.

"Claire are you ready for your punishment?"

I hesitated some more and then I slowly brought my hands behind my back. He took hold of them and held them there. He then leaned forward and picked up the big round paddle and I heard the WOOSH and the stinging pain in my bottom.

"Oh my word." Judy said.

I just grunted and took the next slap to my bare bottom.


"Oh god." Soon I was crying as the paddle made contact with my bottom. I took all twenty five hard swats and I was balling and yelling out with each one. I looked over to our friends and threw my tears I could see there amazement.

Boyd then leaned over and picked up the glove and the Vaseline I jumped at the sound of the glove snapping on. My whole body was very in tune to what was going on around me. I could feel my husbands erection below me.

He parted my cheeks and I grunted he then brought his greased finger to my hole and slowly pushed it in to lube me. I felt him reach up and grab the new nozzle and I felt its warm end at my opening. He gently pushed the tip into me and stopped.

"Ugh…" I said as it's wide tip was just as my anus he then pushed a little farther and I grunted again and he stopped. he didn't pull and push but would just wait until my anus could accommodate it. My hands were now clasped around the chairs legs. I helped him a little by bearing down and the nozzle stretched me just a bit too much and I yelped and bit my lip.

I heard the loud CLICK and grunted again as the water filled me. I started to pant and he started to rub my burning bottom and talk to me in front of all these people he encouraged me to take every ounce of the soapy fluid.

"That's it Clare...good girl...take your punishment...take it deep inside you...that's a way just breath and open up for your punishment."

My pants became sobs and then I composed myself again and started to breath.

"That's a good girl ....just breath through the cramps....good ....deep slow breaths." I was OK for a while and after the half way mark my tummy cramped and I started to sob.

"Your just over half way...dear...come on breath....breath deep and take all your punishment....deep on deep deep breaths...good that's a girl ...take your punishment enema."

He continued to rub my stinging bottom and talk me through the enema just like he had every other time. I would sob and then breath and the tears rolled down my face I had almost forgotten about the people watching as I concentrated on receiving my punishment.

"Good girl...take every last drop of your punishment enema....that's a girl...almost done now...just open up and take it all...take it all inside you and feel your punishment working. that's it slow deep breaths....Just a little more now."

I could tell I was getting close to the end and I was sure I had taken all five quarts and going on six. My body reechoed with sobs and I gulped in air trying to breath but it was no use. My tummy was one big cramp and I felt as if I had to explode. Just when I was about to utter the safe word the gurgle came to my ears.

"Claire you have taken all six quarts of your I'm going to take out the nozzle and help you to the corner...there you will kneel on your hands and knees and present your punishment for all of us to see."

The nozzle slowly came out of me and Boyd helped me up.

"Oh my god." Anne said. As my belly was now protruding out so that I looked nine months pregnant. I held my enema and walked slowly to the corner where Boyd helped me to the floor and told me to part my legs a bit.

I looked into the corner knowing that all there eyes were on me. My bottom fully exposed with the elastic pulled down below my buttocks. I grunted and moaned and I lost my concentration and would sob and then get composer.

I didn't see Boyd but they told me later that he turned the chair around and sat on it placing his arms on the back and his head on his arms and he just stared at my body as I fought the twisting and turning in my belly. Nobody talked the whole time I held my enema and Boyd came over and took me to the bathroom.

I sat down hard and the soapy water gushed out of me. Boyd kneeled before me and he hugged and kissed me and I kissed him back. He then left me to expel but not after telling me I could wear some pants.

"Boy that was something else and this was her fantasy?"

"Yeh...It sure has been a wild one for both of us."

"I think it was harder on you than it was on her. You really had to prepare to punish her."

"Ya the sweat broke out on your brow way before you even gave her the first swat."

"It's hard doing that to someone you love....I had to learn to detach myself...but as I watch her hold her enemas its like I'm right there with her helping her."

"Well I have never seen anything like it...and believe me if I was to get punished like that I would want it done just like you did encouraged her to take her enema and I could see the care in your eyes as you watched her hold was something else."

As soon as I walked into the living room Boyd came to me and asked if I was all right. I assured him I was and he kissed me and caressed my face.

"Why do you just have a Shirt on?" Then he reached down to feel that I was wearing my belt

"I still have three days to go." I said.

Our friends and us talked for a long time we told them of the doctor and I told the lady's about the physicals that I received. They all thanked us for dinner and then left.

When we got to bed Boyd took off my belt and had me get on my hands and knees. My bottom quivered as he inserted his two fingers into me and started anal massage. He then pushed in a third finger and my anus stung a bit as he twisted them around in me. He then pulled them out and I felt his hard erect penis at my hole.

"Relax Claire...just relax...while I take my submissive in her bottom. I put my head down and whimpered and his penis head pushed slowly into me. I hiss in air and he held there. He then slowly pushed some more and I threw my head back and tears rolled down my eyes. Even with all the anal massage I felt like I was too small to take him but the pain and his whispering made me endure the invasion.

"My sweet submissive...that's it just relax...take deep breaths as I make love to my submissive bottom."

He pulled out a bit and then pushed back in this time just a little farther.

"Ohee." I said as my anus stretched out to envelope his manhood.

He pushed in and out of me a few times.

"Ah submissive bottom feels so tight and nice and warm."

He then slowed and pushed until his body was up against mine. I whimpered as the base of his penis was in me. He held himself there for a while making sure that my body had time to get used to him. I felt the tip of him way up inside me. He then took hold of my hips and with a gentle thrust pull me up and back and himself into me so that now he was as far in as he could possibly be.

"Awww...that's a good submissive...take all of me deep inside your depths." He slowly pulled part way out and with just a touch more force pushed all the way in again. I made a little yelp as his penis stretched me a little quicker. I was now moving my weight from one leg to the other with the discomfort.

"Take me deep inside my sweet submissive.. your warm tight bottom is mine and I want you to take me all."

He pulled out this time most of the way and pushed himself in and out to where only half of him was impelling me. I started to get hot with this movement and my juices flowed from me. He then pushed himself all the way into me again and I opened my mouth to cry out but no sound came. The pain was exquisite and I endured it. He soon increased his speed and I forgot about the pain and tried to concentrate on the feeling of having a man in my bottom.

He was soon going faster and holding onto my hips his body slapped up against my bottom and his balls would hit onto my wet vagina. I was soon rocking with his movement and he then grabbed me hard and plunged himself as far into me as he could. My anus screamed in pain and I let out a loud moan as he shot his hot load into my depths...His penis throbbed within me and I tried to pull away a bit to release the stinging in me, but he held my body tight to him. He was shaking and shivering as his body felt the feeling going through him.

We really hadn't had allot of sex in the last three months...I was to be kept always a little frustrated. For the next three days though we would have sex and sit nude in our living room. He'd call me his submissive the whole time. He would make me suck him until he came and he would take me in my bottom. I still wasn't sure of that type of sex. it seemed that he got allot more pleasure than I did but I was his submissive and when he wanted my bottom I had to let him have it. He would please me too but for the most part I was paying him back for giving me my fantasy.

On the last day he took me in my bottom twice before our late doctors appointment. I wore just a shirt and the belt. When I got there I was given four 6 quart enemas that made me cry. Boyd continued to pinch and pull at my nipples. Then the doctor came in I was gagged again and this time when he did his exam he pushed two fingers in my rectum and two into my vagina and his thumb on my little clit. he then fucked me with my fingers until I had a massive orgasm and my body tried to buck against the restraints. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt being unable to move one inch of your body and have a that was being a submissive.

He continued to give me orgasm after orgasm until I was spent. He didn't do the scopes in my bottom or bladder but this time showed me he had total control over my body. After letting me rest like that for a half hour or so I could hear Boyd down by my legs.

"I'm going to give you pleasure now my submissive." Boyd said..

He then stuck two of his fingers in my anus and two in my vagina and started to make me cum. The doctor came around and undid my head and placed a small pillow under it. I could see my legs high in the stirrups and wide apart with my husband working my sex. I was still gagged but he could tell when I had an orgasm and would keep his fingers in me but just hold them still until my hard breathing subsided. He would then start moving his hands around and my eyes would pop open and I would cry as I looked down at my bound body and the orgasm went through me.

He continued this and made me cum at let five times before I started to shake my head no...I just couldn't take anymore. Curt was there the whole time watching as my body was invaded by these men and I had no recourse but to let them do with me what they wanted.

"Yes need to have just one more," his fingers started to fuck me again and it took along time but my body was soon shaking with a hard orgasm. When I was released from the table. I could hardly stand. My legs, arms and body in general hurt from fighting the restraints.

"Now that is the good part of a submissive physical." The doctor said. Boyd dressed me and put on my belt and we drove home. When we got there he took of my shirt and the belt and put me to bed. I fell fast to sleep.

The next day I got up and Boyd had already gone to pick the kids up from the airport. I missed them so, but I was sad that my fantasy had to end. Boyd went back to work and I started to volunteer again. I never did get back into my soaps but would exercise instead.

One night when we were along with the kids in bed I asked Boyd what his fantasy was.

"Aw babe you fulfilled that with yours."

"No really don't you have a fantasy?"

He thought for a long time and then said. "I would like to be a male submissive to you."

"Is that possible?"

"Sure is...when I was at Mr. Mays house he was training three men."

"Well I will have to see what I can do about that."

The next day I started to look up stories about male submissive and as I read I thought that I was going to enjoy this. But that's another story.

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