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Frightened Boy Gets Examined

I heard the bell on top of the door ring and looked up from the computer that had been plaguing me for most of the day.

Good my next patient is here, I can take a break, I thought to myself.

He strolled up to the desk confidently, but one look in his eyes and I knew he was less than confident and more than scared.  I glanced at his chart and saw his age to be 23.  He looked about 16.  He was medium height, small build, slightly dark skinned, dark hair and big, dark, beautiful eyes.  His face was?beautiful!

I began to feel a tingling between my legs.

Where is your professionalism? I chastised myself.

I stood up and offered a hand as I smiled.  ?Hi, I?m Dr. Smithfield, you must be Christopher.?

?Yes, ma?am,? he said with eyes downcast.

Trying to put him more at ease, yet enjoying the power trip slightly, I smiled and said, ?No need to be so formal Chris, may I call you Chris??  He nodded his head yes.  ?Please, call me Dr. Jenn.

?Ok,? he said wringing his hands.  ?Dr. Smi?er, Jenn, er I don?t think I need a physical.  This is just for a job, I really don?t need to go through this, if you can just sign this??

Hmmm, a young man afraid of the doctors, this is going to be fun!

Feeling the bit of power I asked, ?I see, When was the last physical you had??  I fumbled through his files.  ?Your medical records show it has been over 5 years since you had a complete exam.  I can?t sign off on a physical you had five years ago.?

I saw a look of panic flash in his eyes.

?Ok, I guess, no problem,? he mumbled.

He really didn?t want this.  I felt bad for him, really, but at the same times I was becoming more and more excited.  Not having had sex in almost a year, the thought of seeing this young man naked was making me hot.

It?s normal, I thought to myself.  How often does a thirty-five year old get to see and touch a cute young man?

?Chris, why don?t you follow me into the exam room.  I apologize if it seems a bit empty in here.  I squeezed you in at the last moment and everyone else has gone home.  Are you okay with that??

He blushed.  I hit jackpot with this kid, I thought.  ?I don?t bite, honest,? I said with a smile.

?Er, no umm, I don?t care.  I just want to get this over with.?

As I lead him down the hall I could feel his eyes on my full, round bottom and my heart began to race.

As we entered the room he stood there, awkwardly.  I reached for a gown and handed it to him, smiling.  ?I need you to take off all your clothes and put this on, Chris.?

?Dr., I don?t think this is all necessary, can?t we just do this quick??

?Chris, just relax.  I know you are nervous, but this really is necessary and I don?t think either of us has time for nonsense.  I am just going to leave you to change while I get a few things.?

He didn?t seem to relax.  ?I?ll be gentle I promise.?

I turned on my heel and left.

When I came back a few minutes later, I lightly knocked on the door.  When I entered he was sitting on the paper-covered table with his hands in his lap and his legs dangling off the side of the table, blushing madly.

?All set?? I asked.  He nodded.

I walked over to the table and laid a hand on his shoulder.  He jumped.  ?OK, why don?t you come over here to the scale so I can weigh you.?

As he stood up instinctively reached behind him to close the gown that was open in back.  Before he had a chance to I got a small peak at that adorable little ass.

I took his height and weight, then had him sit back up on the table so I could get his vitals.  I took out an oral thermometer and told him to open wide.  After a few minutes I took it out and shook it down.  It was registering a bit high.

?Have you been sick lately,? I asked.

?N-n-no, why??

?Probably no big deal. Just your temperature is a little high.  Any kind of coffee or hot drink can tend to raise it.  Let?s just take it again to be sure.?

This time I produced a rectal thermometer.  He opened up his mouth again.

?Sorry, but this doesn?t go there.  I need to take your temperature rectally.  It is more accurate that way.?

His eyes opened wide to the point of almost popping out of his head and he looked fearful.  I caught him by the arm before he could run.

?No way, no way, I am not a kid, No! Let go of me.?

?Chris, relax.  Settle down.  No big deal, this will not hurt at all.  Come on, real quick.?  I pleaded.

?No, I?m getting out of here.?  His gown was now completely open in the back exposing his cute little ass.

?Christopher,? I said in a commanding voice, ?stop this nonsense now.  This is real quick and I am not going to hurt you, now please relax.?

Embarrassed to the point of confusion he seemed to stop his mad dash to the door and just stare at me.

With my hand around his shoulder I told him, ?Come on, I just need you to bend over the table here.  Put your head on the pillow.?  He did.  ?That?s it. I am going to tell you everything I do before I do it, no surprises.?

?I?m going to lift your gown to just above your waist.  Your muscles will relax more if you point your toes inward?That?s it.?

I put my right hand on the small of his back to keep him from jumping and on my left hand I put on my latex glove and squeezed some KY jelly on my fingers.  ?Chris, I am going to put some cold lubrication on you to help the thermometer go in easily.  Try to spread your legs a little for me and relax.?

He spread his legs a little and seemed to let out almost a cry.  I spread the KY jelly on his anus, a liberal amount.  I then began to insert the thermometer and he tensed a little, then relaxed.  I could see he was blushing and the stimulation was beginning to give him an erection.  I got the bulb of the thermometer in and waited a few seconds for his sphincter to relax.  I then inserted it all the way.

?Please do this quick, it?s really uncomfortable,? he whined.

?Ok, it?s in now I just need to hold it here for four minutes, then we?re all done.  Try to relax.  You know,? I began, ?there are a lot of nerve endings here, if you relax, you might even find it enjoyable??

To keep him calm I rubbed his back.

My God woman you can lose your job over this!

As I was rubbing his back and twisting the thermometer slightly, I could see his erection grow harder.  I was so wet watching this young man and getting off on the idea that he was under my control.

?Hanging in there?  Only 1 more minute to go?

?Er, yeah, I uh, guess so.?

When the four minutes were up I slowly withdrew the thermometer knowing it might cause some discomfort.  I felt him wince and groan slightly.

This time his temperature registered normal.  ?That wasn?t so bad, was it??

He didn?t answer as he stood up, placing his hands in front of his involuntary erection.

?Alright, you can hop back up here on the table and let me have look at your eyes and ears.?

He uncomfortably got up on the table.  I turned off the sidelight and looked in his ears, nose, mouth and then finally his big beautiful eyes.  Looking into them put butterflies in my stomach.  He moved slightly to adjust his position and ?accidentally? brushed his fingertips over my breast, immediately causing me to get wetter.

I turned on the light again and felt along his glands.  I then listened to his lungs.  ?A little cold,? I said before placing the stethoscope on his back.

I listened to his lungs, then checked his reflexes.  He seemed to be relaxing slightly more, but the erection had noticeably not gone away.

?Chris, let me have you lie down here so I can listen to your heart and feel along your tummy.?

He lied down, placing his hands over the tent that was now erected under his gown.  I removed the top of his gown and ran my hands over that smooth beautiful chest.  While I did this I asked him questions regarding his general and sexual health.

?Are you sexually active?

He blushed.  ?Er, yes Dr.?

?Any problems with sexual functioning?


I palpated his beautiful, flat stomach as I moved my hands along his pelvis and abdomen

?OK.?  I put the gown back over his chest.  ?I know this is a little uncomfortable, but I need you to scoot down the edge of the table.  I need to examine your genitals.?

?Please, you can?t, I mean, no wait don?t lo?? he protested as I helped him put his feet in stirrups.

?No, I?? he tried to sit up.  ?Why do I have to put them in here, I mean Dr??  He was struggling against the ankle restraints I put on him.

?Chris, I need to examine you.  If you are embarrassed because you have an erection, don?t be it is a natural reaction.  I am putting a strap across your ankle because I also need to do a rectal exam and don?t want you to hurt yourself by trying to run.  If you don?t relax and take it easy I?ll have to put restraints on your arms as well.?

At the hearing of a rectal exam he struggled harder.  He practically begged.

?You can?t, please, you?re not touching my ass again.  Dr, please,? he pleaded.

?Christopher,? I said firmly, ?You have gotten through everything, this is the last thing.  Relax and it?ll go much easier on you.  I am going to just feel along the shaft of your penis and then your testicles.  I promise not to hurt you.?

Tied down and obviously resigned to the humiliation, he stopped protesting.  I couldn?t help but get hotter as I saw him bonded at my mercy and I was able to stroke his perfect cock and balls.  His erection began throbbing and his breathing increased.  I began to masturbate him lightly.  When I saw signs that he might cum, I stopped.

?Ok, almost done kiddo.  Last thing.?  I changed gloves.

?Please, please don?t.  I can?t take it, it is so uncomfortable, please don?t. Fuck, no!?

?Chris, it?s not as bad as you think, just take a few deep breaths and relax.?  He did.  ?That?s it.  While I do this I am also going to take a semen sample, which I can get while I do this.  I just need you to relax and let it happen.  I promise, no pain, only pleasure.?

?This isn?t fair.  Crap.?  He was mad but had no where to go.  I rubbed on the inside of his thigh to try to calm him.

?Ok, Chris, just like last time, I am going to use some lubrication first, then insert one finger.?  He was covering his dick at this point.  I gently grabbed his hands to remove them.  ?Just lay back and relax.?

I began inserting the tip of my finger.  As soon as it touched his rosebud, he began to tense.


I got to the first knuckle and waited for the sphincter to relax.  When it did I inserted my finger a little more and then all the way.  I felt around for any unusual lumps or swelling then found his prostate.  I began to palpate it.  As I did his erection throbbed and pre cum began to form on the head of his penis.  He moaned loudly.

?Oh shit, what?s happening,? he asked obviously confused by his body?s reaction.  His breathing quickened and I soon saw he was in ecstasy.

?Just relax, doesn?t this feel good?  This is your prostate.?  His penis was twitching and he was getting ready to cum.  I rubbed up and down his cock and balls with my other hand and he moaned loudly.

?Chris, just relax and let yourself orgasm.?  As I said that his hips bucked and he began to ooze out his cum.  I grabbed a specimen cup and collected a large sample.

I very slowly removed my finger as he sighed and moaned in pleasure.  I cleaned him off and undid the straps.

I moved to the side to help him sit up.  ?All set.  Was that so bad??

He looked me in the eyes and then grabbed me and passionately kissed me.  I instinctively ran my hand over his beautiful naked body.  He and I both quivered.

I took another specimen that night.  He made an appointment for next week.

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