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Ian's Day Out

Ian had phoned up to book the appointment and had paid in advance with his credit card. His friend, Dave, who was also into medical fetish in a big way had recommended the new clinic to him, Dave had refused to tell Ian what happened to him, but the big smile on his face when he advised that Ian book himself in as soon as possible was recommendation enough. His mouth was dry with anticipation as he pressed the buzzer on the very anonymous door . He noted that there was a video system so that he could be inspected by whoever inside. He'd booked a whole afternoon session in the clinic when he phoned the number Dave had given him. A female voice, the same as he'd spoken to on the phone to make the booking, asked him who he was, and, receiving a satisfactory answer, told him to come in, close the outer door and then open the inner door.

Ian did as he was bidden and did a double take when he opened the inner door. Two young nurses dressed in the old fashioned uniform of white apron, cap, blue short sleeved dress with the white puff ruffs around the end of the sleeves, but, unlike the traditional uniform, made entirely of shiny rubber. That was his idea of a properly dressed nurse, with semi-transparent rubber stockings or tights and arm length rubber gloves on as well. “Hello, Ian, and welcome to the clinic. We hope you'll have a very enjoyable afternoon with us today! Do come with us and we'll start. We need you to sign a consent form to say that you are here of your own free will and that you have consented to whatever we do to you. Is that all right?” Ian agreed, with a very dry mouth from nervous anticipation, that it was and duly signed the form.

Ian followed the nurses into a room where there was a walk-in shower in the corner and a locker presumably for his clothes. A trolley had a stack of towels, what looked like a large plastic bag, a giant aerosol can and a roll of tape. He was told to stand in the middle of the room with his legs slightly apart. With the skill of long practice, the nurses undressed him down to his boxer shorts, socks and shoes. He found that very sensual. His shoes were untied and removed, followed by his boxers. He felt very vulnerable standing there in just his socks, but these were swiftly removed as well. His manhood stood to attention during this, but the nurses ignored that as they stripped him, putting his clothes tidily in the locker.

One of the nurses reached onto the trolley and took the plastic 'bag' off and held it up. It unfolded into a clear PVC one piece suit which he was helped to get into. There was no explanation: the nurses had warned Ian that they answered just to the title, “nurse” and expected their “patients” to do as they were told without question. The suit was baggy and covered Ian from his ankles to his wrists and around his neck. One of the nurses took the roll of tape and taped around wrist, ankle and neck openings to seal the suit to Ian's body. He was told to stand with his feet about two feet apart. He noticed a connector at his groin level and wondered what it was for.

The other nurse picked up the cannister, shook it well, then joined the nozzle on the can to the connector on the suit. She pressed the button which obviously released the can's contents as she took her finger off the button while the suit filled with white foam. When the cannister was empty, the foam had inflated the suit so that it ballooned out around him.

“Stand still: you need to wait for fifteen minutes for the foam to be effective.” Ian started to ask what it was for, but he was shushed into silence and reminded that a good patient did what nurse told him to do without asking questions, and that he'd find out soon enough.

One nurse had set an alarm which sounded after the fifteen minutes was up. The two nurses approached him and, starting between his legs, proceeded to rub his body, massaging the foam into him. After five glorious minutes of being stroked and massaged, he was told to walk into the shower area where the tape was removed from his neck, wrists and ankles. A ring connected to a hose was passed over his head and rested on his shoulders under the suit. Water was run though the hose and jetted out all around the ring around his neck, washing the foam off the inside of the suit and off his body, flowing out around his ankles.

To his surprise, he realised that the foam must have been a powerful depilatory as he was completely hairless where the foam washed off him. When the suit was almost completely clear of the foam, the water was turned off, the ring lifted over his head and the suit removed. The nurses them proceeded to wash him from head to foot with a foaming shower gel. He was now completely free of body hair so, after rinsing off the shower gel, with probing fingers between his legs to ensure that he was clean there too, the nurses took a towel each, proceeding to rub him dry.

Once he was dry, one of the nurses told him to sit on a stool. Once he'd done that, they put white rubber ankle socks on him. One nurse then said, “Now to cover you up before we go next door where it starts to get interesting!” She picked up a white rubber garment and asked Ian to lift his hands up in the air so she could put it on him. This she did from behind: Ian was horrified to find that it covered him from neck to waist only with short sleeves. His manhood was completely uncovered. He felt very exposed in every sense of the word, as well as embarrassed – just what the nurses intended!

He was taken by the hand and led through a door into the 'treatment room'. There the sight which greeted him made him thrilled him to the core. In the middle of the room were two black rubber covered examination chairs as well as an anaesthetic machine and a colonic set up. One chair was rather unusual as there was a black rubber covered spike, for want of a better word, sticking up from the seat of the chair. This was surrounded by an inflated red rubber horseshoe shaped ring with a pump up bulb and a screw to release the pressure. The rubber spike just stuck up above the top of the horseshoe ring and was glistening with lubricating gel. His mouth was well and truly dry now as he guessed he'd be sitting on the spike soon. He'd been strictly ordered to have eaten nothing that day as well as to stop drinking two hours before his appointment.

“Put your legs well apart, put your hands on your knees and bend over!” He did, sticking his bottom out with his cheeks apart. One of the nurses penetrated his anus firstly with one, then two, then three lubricated fingers. This was followed by a large plastic dilator in the shape of a cone which spread his anus apart until it started to hurt. Before it became too painful, it was withdrawn, and more lubricant applied.

“Sit on the chair, Ian, so that the rubber spike is into your bottom. Lower yourself carefully. We don't want any accidents!” Ian put his legs apart, hands on the arm-rests and gently and gingerly lowered himself onto the spike. It penetrated easily into his dilated anus as he lowered himself to sit on the horseshoe ring. “I'm going to let the air out now, Ian. You may need to lean forwards or backwards so that the spike enters you without hurting you. Can you manage that? Tell me if you hurt and I'll pump it up again.” With that, she undid the screw to let the air out of the ring. As it deflated, the well lubricated spike slid into him until the spike was buried deep in his rectum.

Once the ring was flat, it was pulled out from between his legs so that he was seated on the black rubber chair. He understood why the horseshoe shape so it would slide out from under him. The foot rests were elevated so that his legs could be lifted onto them. Straps were placed around his waist, his chest, his arms and his legs at knee and ankle so his was well and truly restrained in the chair. There was a headrest which he was brought into contact with by the simple expedient of his forehead being pushed back. An anaesthetic mask was put over his nose and mouth, held firmly in place by the straps fastened to the back of the headrest. His head was immobilised by the pressure of the mask and straps on his face. The mask smelt of the rubber from the mask and tubing as well as the slightly sickly smell of anaesthetic. Ian could see the anaesthetic machine as it was wheeled into his sight. The rebreathing bag was inflating and deflating as he breathed in and out again.

“This is just oxygen so far, Ian. It's a rebreathing circuit with an absorber to remove carbon dioxide from your exhaled breath. In a moment, I shall give you entonox, a 50% mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Once the circuit is filled and purged of the oxygen, as you breathe in and out, the oxygen will get used up so the concentration of nitrous oxide will increase and you will get very drowsy!” With that, she opened a release valve connected to a tube leading out of the room to outside and turned on the entonox mixture. Ian could smell the sweet smell of the nitrous oxide and he started to drift into a pain-free situation as the entonox acted as an analgesic.

Slowly he started to get the effect of the dark tunnel and rushing noise as he started to drift into unconsciousness, only to be brought back by a pain between his legs as he realised that the spike was expanding inside him. It felt like he would spilt apart, but the pain was made bearable by the gas. The mask was removed and one of the nurses said, “That spike is, in fact, an expandable nozzle which has opened up inside you. You can't get up from there, even if we removed the straps as it has opened up like a flower inside you. Later, you'll get your colon through that nozzle. For now, just lie back while we get you ready!

Next one of the nurses operated a control for the chair and Ian found his legs being raised and spread apart. The back lowered and the spike inside him followed his movements so that it did not 'pull' on him. A trolley was wheeled over to him, then both nurses washed their hands thoroughly, putting sterile rubber gloves on over their thin rubber gauntlets. One nurse came to stand between his elevated and spread legs. A rubber sheet was taken from the trolley and spread between his legs with his penis pulled up through the appropriate sized hole in the middle of the rubber sheet. The nurse between his legs grabbed his penis and held it firmly in her grasp. The other nurse picked up a special syringe from its packet. She squirted a little of the anaesthetic and lubricant onto the opening of Ian's urethra, then inserted the tip of the syringe into his urethra while the other nurse moved her hand to grip around his penis and the nozzle. The contents of the syringe were injected and Ian gasped as the anaesthetic initially stung his urethra with a burning sensation which passed as the anaesthetic did its work.

The 'clean' nurse standing at Ian's side, took a large diameter three way blue silicone rubber Foley catheter from its packet and inserted the tip into Ian's penis while the other nurse supported his penis so that the catheter would pass smoothly. Ian was horrified by the size of the catheter, but the nurses seemed to know what they were doing as it slid down easily.

When it reached his prostate, he was told to cough and there was a sharp pain as the catheter was forced through into his bladder. A stream of urine erupted from the funnel of the catheter into a receiver strategically placed just for that purpose. The catheter balloon was inflated with 30 ml of sterile water, then a sharp tug on the catheter ensured that the balloon was seated down against his bladder outlet. A drainage bag was connected to the catheter funnel and hung down from the side of the chair. One nurse went to the side of the room to fetch a drip stand with a large clear plastic bottle hanging upside down from the hook. There was a length of tubing attached and the nurse pulled the cap off the end of the tubing, opened the valve so that the tube was filled with the water and connected the end to the other funnel on the three way catheter. One nurse clamped the catheter drainage tube while the other opened the valve on the irrigation fluid bottle to fill Ian's bladder with the cold water. Ian was told to say when his bladder was full and, when he did so, the nurse noted how much fluid had run in, then released the clamp allowing Ian's bladder to empty again with the irrigation fluid running through his bladder.

His arms were strapped to the arms of the chair. One nurse grasped his upper arm firmly to make the veins engorge while the other deftly inserted a cannula into a vein on the back of his hand. The cannula was taped down with one of the special clear dressings, then tested for patency by the nurse injecting a syringe full of saline. As this passed without causing oedema around the insertion point, she collected a bag of saline an hung it from the drip stand. Next she connected the drip tubing, flushed it through to expel air, then connected it to the cannula on the back of Ian's hand, opening the valve to let the fluid run into him. “Just to keep you hydrated, Ian,” was the comment.

A long plastic tube was lubricated with the anaesthetic gel from a sachet and the tip of the slippery tube was inserted into one of Ian's nostrils. The nurses fed this down the back of his nose and into his throat, telling him to keep swallowing. The naso-gastric tube passed through his throat into his oesophagus, making him retch as it passed, and into his stomach. One nurse aspirated the tube with a syringe and checked the fluid with litmus paper which turned red, showing the tube was in his stomach. The tube was taped around his nostril and then connected to a third huge bag of fluid hung from the drip stand which now had three of its four hooks in use. “This is KleanPrep which is a special laxative. After we've given you your colonic, we'll use this to flush you clean right through your digestive system.”

Ian now had the colonic nozzle firmly expanded inside his rectum, the urinary catheter into his penis running irrigation fluid, a cannula connected to an i.v. and the naso-gastric tube: a medical fetish's delight! One of the nurses went over to the colonic machine and Ian felt the water starting to fill his colon. At the same time the other nurse clamped off his catheter outlet so his bladder started to fill. Soon his abdomen was distended from the full bladder and full colon. The flow was reversed on the colonic machine and the catheter unclamped. The release was almost orgasmic. Again and again he was filled up and flushed through until the rinsings came out clear.

One of the nurses touched a control as Ian felt the nozzle inside him shrinking back to the spike. Once this has happened, the straps holding him down were removed and he was lifted off the spike and helped to stand. He could see himself in a mirror opposite with tubes going in or coming out of various orifices, both natural and, in the case of the cannula, female-made. The nurses supported him, wheeling the various stands over to the other black rubber covered chair. He was helped to sit down and strapped to the chair again. The chair was reclined until it was flat.

The nurses fastened lithotomy poles to the chair and lifted Ian's legs up into the loops so that his legs were suspended with his anal cleft wide open. The foot rest of the chair was folded down so that his bottom hung just over the edge of the chair seat. The anaesthetic mask was put over his face and strapped down, holding his head firmly down to the headrest on the chair. The anaesthetic was turned on as the rebreathing bag inflated and deflated in time with Ian's respirations. The familiar roaring came as he drifted into the fringes of unconsciousness. A sharp prick between his legs roused him from his stupor.

One nurse was seated on a stool between his legs after his perineal area had been swabbed with antiseptic. The injection stung and was followed by injection after injection around his anal sphincter. The injections were Marcaine and botox to relax his anal sphincter – a technique sometimes used to allow relaxation of the sphincter in cases of rectal or anal fistulas.

Once the whole of his sphincter ring muscle had been injected, the mask was removed from Ian's face. His anus was lubricated with gel and the nurse held up a large cone dilator, glistening with gel, so that Ian could see what was about to penetrate him. “That's never fit!” he exclaimed. “Wait and see!” was the reply. The tip of the cone entered his anus and Ian could feel the pressure, but no pain thanks to the injections of local anaesthetic which had numbed the area. He could feel the stretching sensation, but, to his relief, it didn't hurt.

A few minutes later, the nurse called to him, “It's right in, Ian.” She held it there while the other nurse smeared gel all over her glove. The first nurse removed the dilator and stood up. The other nurse replaced her on the stool between Ian's legs and worked the whole of her hand inside his back passage. With her hand in there, she manoeuvred her fingers so that she could massage his prostate. The sensation, with the catheter still in place was one of the weirdest he'd ever experienced. She stopped before he ejaculated as she didn't want semen bypassing the catheter. “We need to leave the catheter in to dilate you to prevent bruising the urethra,” she explained.

After that, the dilator went back in again to make sure that he was stretched. “We'll put this back in near the end of your session, then, if you want, a ring which will keep you dilated. You'll have to wear nappies while it's in place as you won't be able to keep your stool back when it's in. If you remove it Sunday morning, you should stay nice and stretched, but be continent again by Monday.” She then removed the dilator again, leaving him nice and wide and stretched.

Ian was sat up in the chair and a bedpan put under his bottom on a fitting attached to the chair. The KleanPrep was then run in through the naso-gastric tube rapidly. After about half an hour, Ian felt the build up inside as it burst out of him into the bedpan in a stream of fluid. This continued even when the KleanPrep was all run through the naso-gastric tube. He had never experienced anything like the constant purgative effect of the bowel cleansing solution which was almost like a continuous enema. Finally, he'd stopped and one of the nurses put the well lubricated dilator back to stretch his back passage again. The other nurse filled a bladder syringe part full with a yellow oily liquid and then filled another syringe with orange juice.

The dilator was removed and the ring put in its place. It had a cone shaped section followed by a narrower section which would be gripped by his sphincter muscle and then a wider flange to stop it going in too far. This hurt a little as he was stretched over the cone section, but the pain went as the groove seated in his sphincter. The other nurse disconnected the tubing from the naso-gastric tube and connected the oily syringe. She injected the whole quickly into the tube, followed by the orange juice to flush the tube. “That's a large dose of castor oil which will remind you later of your visit here when it starts to work!”

Ian's bladder was filled one last time by clamping off the drain tube to the catheter bag. When he said that his bladder was full, the irrigation was turned off. One of the nurses connected a Luer tipped syringe to the Foley catheter balloon port and sucked all the water out of the balloon. With the instruction, “Take a deep breath!” she pulled the catheter out, leaving Ian's bladder full.

The other nurse held a urinal over his penis and told him to empty his bladder, warning that it would sting a bit for the first time which was why he'd been left full to flush out his urethra. He voided the contents of his bladder finding that it did sting at first. As soon as he'd done that, he was asked to raise his hips as a super absorbency all-in-one nappy was slipped under him and taped up around his hips and waist. The other tubes were removed and the i.v. site covered with a plaster. He was helped up to his feet and taken back into the changing room with the shower. There his rubber top and socks were removed and he was towelled dry to remove sweat, then helped to dress in his normal clothes. Ian was handed a pack of disposable all-in-one adult nappies to take home with him and an instruction leaflet about removing the ring holding his anus dilated.

“Would you like to make another booking, Ian, while you're here?” one of the nurses asked him. “Would next Saturday be possible?” Ian replied. Hearing that there was a morning slot available, Ian paid with his credit card, then was escorted to the inner door with a “see you next week!” from the nurses. He walked awkwardly to his car being well aware of the ring holding his sphincter open and the churning which the castor oil was already beginning to cause in his guts.

On his way home, he wondered what would be in store for him next week. Whatever, he was sure he would enjoy it!

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