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My Painful Exam

I can't believe I am doing this, I thought to myself as I walked through the door.  What the hell got me into this?  I guess being with James and playing around with minor pain got me started, but what in the world was I doing here?

I wasn't actually supposed to follow through on actually doing this.  But the desires to experiment with pleasure and pain and humiliation had become unbearable.  Maybe it was the fact that there were others that had the same fantasies.  Either way, I am here now, I guess I have to take the final step.

I took a deep breath as I entered the big, modern looking house.  From the outside no one could guess what went on in here.  I couldn't even fathom it.

Upon entering the house I was met by a petite woman, dressed in a white nurse uniform that showed well the soft lines of her supple breasts.  My heart quickened and I suddenly felt like I couldn't catch my breath.  This is my last chance to back out without making a fool of myself, I thought to myself.  The nurse, picking up on my nervousness about living out fantasies she lived out on a daily basis, put her hand on my shoulder and smiled.  "The doctor will see you now," se said.

Oh God, this is it.  I followed her beautifully curved body down a long corridor and was led to a room.  It looked like a normal exam room.  There was nothing in it that would distinguish it from a real doctor's office.  When we got to the door she had to practically pull me over the threshold.  The nervousness and excitement were already making me wet.  Part of me couldn't wait to get on with this; the other part of me was terrified.

"My name is Sue, Ms. Anderson and I am going to assist Dr. Carmichael with the exam.  If you would please step behind the curtain and put on this gown w can get started."  She said this with an easy smile and walked away.  There was something behind those eyes though, something that made me even wetter knowing this appointment would be exciting.

I stepped behind the screen in the cold, white room.  It was sterile and smelled like alcohol.  As I took off my top I noticed the nipples of my 38 D breasts were already hard.  Was it because of the cold or the excitement?  A little bit of both I thought.  I finished removing my bra and slipped the gown over my head.  I then took off my jeans.  I figured to leave on my underwear- I wonder what the doctor would do to me if I was bad?

I stepped out from behind the curtain just as Nurse Sue walked in.  "All set?  Let's have you sit up here so I can take your vitals and temperature."

She smiled as she watched me walk towards the table and sit down.  She took out a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and proceeded to take my BP.  She had gentle, feminine hands, and her sexuality was right out there.  She was sexy.  I knew she would be a part of what would happen today and the thought once again made me wet.  I was embarrassed to think she would soon see just how excited I was.

"120 over 80, perfect.  Now Ms. Anderson, I'm just going to take your temperature before the doctor comes in."  Hopefully, I opened my mouth.  She let out a long breathy laugh.

"No silly, not there," she said and motioned for me to stand up.  "The doctor likes his temps taken rectally, more accurate.  Why don't you come bend over the table here."

I started to protest.  "I don't think that is necessary, Nurse," I said with a whine.  Before I could try to stand up, she placed her hand on the small of my back and gently pushed me down.

"Please nurse this is so embarrassing.  I am not a child and I haven't had this done since I was 5 years old."  Not listening to my protests she started to raise my gown.

"Didn't I ask you to disrobe Ms Anderson."  She tugged at the panties still clinging to me.  "Dr. Carmichael does not like disobedient patients.  I highly suggest you cooperate and this will go much easier for you."

She slid the panties over my hips and I put my head down on the table, resigned to the embarrassment.  I could here the snap of the gloves and it made a knot in my stomach.  I then heard her squirt the KY Jelly on her fingers.  The coldness of it made me jump.  She gently touched my cheeks to spread them apart, then slowly I felt her middle finger work its way into my rectum.  The initial shock of having that area violated caused me to tense.  Nurse Sue rubbed my back and said, "Just relax, it's only some lubrication."

No sooner did she get all the way in that I felt her slider her finger out and the thermometer in.  She left it there for agonizingly long 4 minutes.  All the while I could feel my face blushing.  To make matters worse, while she was holding the thermometer in place, she gently started to rub up and down my cheeks, then my pussy lips.  She was making me quiver.  She shoved one finger deep in my pussy and I let out a small moan.  I turned to look at her and she smiled wickedly and said, "I see you're enjoying this part of the exam, hmm?"

Finally she removed it and allowed me to stand up.  "98.6 degrees, perfect.  Ok Ms. Anderson, why don't you hop back up on the table and the doctor will be in to see you in a moment."

With that she left me sitting there alone.  Thinking about what was to come gave me a feeling of excitement and dread.  Never had I been in a situation where I was totally out of control.  I guess this is it…

The door opened and in walked Dr. Carmichael.  He was a tall, middle-aged man with sandy blonde hair and chiseled features.  He had long slender fingers and walked with authority.

"Afternoon Ms. Anderson.  I understand Nurse Sue took care of your vitals and temperature, so lets get started with the breast exam, shall we."  He took a step closer and began to remove the top of my gown.  At that I could feel my pulse quicken as he gently put me in position so I was lying down..  He pulled my left arm up and lay it over my head.  I felt his cool hands start to probe me.  He started off in small circles and worked his way to the center.

"I see you have no problems regarding sexual responsiveness in your nipples, is that correct?"  He gave the left nipple a squeeze and hardened it even more.

"N-n-no doctor," I mumbled, suddenly mortified.  He then proceeded to examine my right breast in much the same manner.  Then I saw him open the drawer and pull out two clips.  I caught my breath, suddenly scared.

"Ok Ms. Anderson, I am just going to attach these clips to measure blood flow in your nipples.  This is going to hurt a bit, but please do not grab at them.  I ask that you cooperate and keep your hands at your sides."

At that he grabbed my right breast and clamped the first clip directly over my already hard nipples.  The pain was almost unbearable, but at the same time, it was sweet and sent electricity from my breasts to my throbbing pussy.  He attached the second clamp.

"Owwwwww Doctor, please, please take them off.  It hurts, please," I begged.  My first reaction was to grab at the clips.  He grabbed both my wrists and before I could protest, cuffed them to the restraints on the side of the table.

"I told you to cooperate or suffer the consequences.  Now you will stay tied for the rest of the exam."  My pussy was throbbing but I wad suddenly scared- what if I couldn't trust him?  What if he was going to really hurt me?

He proceeded with his examination, ignoring my pleas, and felt along my stomach, then he removed the gown in one swift motion.  "Doctor, please, I'm cold."

"It only gets in the way," he said in a mumble.  I then heard him start moving things on a cart around.  He adjusted his light and proceeded to pull out the stirrups.  God I hated to see those things.  Nothing is more humiliating than being spread wide in those metal contraptions.

"Please raise your feet for me and put them in the stirrups."  I hesitated not sure I wanted to go through with this.  "I don't have all day Ms. Anderson, please put your feet here."  I raised my feet and he helped me to put them in the metal stirrups.  I then felt him strap my ankles down.

"Doctor, why are you doing that, I haven't been uncooperative, please don't."

"You have, my dear, and I am not about to deal with a whiney child."

He finished strapping my left ankle in and then opened the stirrups real wide.  The sudden coolness on my hot pussy made me moan quietly.  He opened the stirrups until I was almost parallel to the bottom of the table.  This was so humiliating.

"OK Ms. Anderson I am going to start with a visual examination of your outer vaginal area."  I felt him touch me.  "I can see I won't need much lubrication, will I?" he said with a devilish grin.

I felt him spread apart my engorged pussy lips.  He touched around them, and then he touched near my vaginal opening.  Running his fingers back up my lips he pulled back the hood of my clit.  I nearly jumped off the table when he lightly touched it.  It was already engorged and I was dying for release.  I was so embarrassed because I was turned on and humiliated at the same time.

"Ok, Ms. Anderson do you know what this is?"  He pulled out a metal speculum, large sized and I could see the menacing instrument; shiny jaws and cold metal meant to violate.

"Y-y-yes doctor."

"Good, I am now going to insert this into your vagina.  Take a deep breath for me and try to relax, the more tense you are the harder this will be on you."

Based on the size of that thing I didn't even think it was going to go in, but tension or not, I felt it being pushed in.  The metal was cold and the lubrication he put on only made my pussy wetter.  He opened it with a click and I felt my most private place open wide.  The cool air touched it and I nearly came right there.

"I am just going to take a Pap test here and then I can send it off to the lab."  I felt the slight pinch of the swab and then it was done.  He closed the speculum and withdrew it slowly.

At this point I could feel my knees were shaking.  "Ok, now I am going to have a feel inside."

He put lube on his first 2 fingers and plunged in, bringing me to orgasm.  "You have good muscle tension Ms. Anderson," he said as he moved his fingers in and out.  He then introduced the third finger while pushing on my lower abdomen.  His middle finger was touching my G-spot and I could feel another powerful orgasm coming on.  Just as I was about to explode he put a fourth finger in and drove me over the edge.  He let me ride it out as he watched me gyrating and squirming under my restraints.

He slowly removed his fingers and removed the glove.  He returned to the head of the examining table and took off the clips.  I was not expecting the sudden jolt of pain.

"Owwwwww" I said as he removed both clips at the same time.  After cumming it was all I could do to keep from screaming as that sweet pain coursed through my entire body.

"You have behaved so far. I have one further test I would like to do before I finish up this part of the exam."  This part?  How much more could I take.  This was humiliating to cum for a stranger.

He moved once again to the foot of the cold metal exam table and picked up another clamp from his table.

"This will measure blood flow in your labia and clitoris," he said holding up a threatening device that looked like a large metal clothespin.  I was too terrified to speak.  I knew there would be pain involved, but I was not sure I could take this.

He clipped the first one to my right labia and I screamed.  I had never felt that kind of pain before.  He proceeded to clip another along my labia.  My breath was coming in rapid gulps and I was beginning to cry.

"Please you're hurting me.  I can't take anymore," I begged.  As he clipped the 6th clip he held up another and said, "last one- wanna guess where this one is going to go?"

Before I could protest he had clipped it to my throbbing clitoris and I nearly passed out.  At this point I was beyond crying and was now sobbing and screaming at the same time.

"Just leave it a few minutes to register, I will be right back."  And with that he left me here to lie in my restraints, exposed, humiliated, in pain and wetter than I have ever been.

Time didn't seem to register.  He came back what seemed like hours later and finally removed the clips.  Again the pain was just as intense as they were removed.  The last one he removed was the one on my clit and I came again.

He began to undo my ankles.  When I was able to move my now stiff legs, I thought I might be done.  He undid the wrist restraints and I sat up, ready to go and get dressed.

"Whoa, not so fast young lady.  I have yet to do the rectal exam."  At that my jaw dropped.  I hadn't bargained for this.  Anally I was still a virgin and terrified.

"Up on your hands and knees, come on."  What could be more humiliating?  He helped me into position and I was lying there with my head on the table and my butt up in the air, exposing my rosebud and my sex.  He once again cuffed my ankles.

"Now, this will go much easier if you relax.  The tenser this is, the more this is going to hurt."

"Please don't do this.  I have never had this done and I know I am too tight, you will never be able to get in, please…"

"Now, now, just take a deep breath."  At that I heard the KY Jelly being squirted onto his fingers before he unceremoniously pushed his finger deep in my rectum.  I didn't have it in me to scream anymore.  I just moaned.  Although it hurt, it made my pussy start to drip again.

He kept his finger in there for what seemed like hours.  Then, when I though it was over, he introduced a second finger.  I thought I was going to die.  Now the pain was even worse, and his in and out movement was bringing me to another orgasm.

Finally he removed his fingers.  I raised my head only to feel is hand on the small of my back holding me down.

"Not quite done dear," was all he said before introducing an anal speculum into my already sore, dilated anus.  I never thought he would use something that should be classified as a torture device.  I never saw what it looked like, but I felt the jaws open me wide. The pain that shot through me when he opened it was nothing compared to anything I had experienced all afternoon.  I screamed out and bucked as he shoved his fingers into my wet pussy.

After letting me once again ride out the intense orgasm, he removed both his fingers and the anal speculum.  He undid the ankle restraints and helped me off the table.

He gave me a clean bill of health.

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