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My wifes medical exam fantasy

Author: Alwayski

Thought you all might enjoy reading about one of my wife, Susan's, favorite medical exam fantasy. It's pretty explicit - so if you're not up to it or not over 18 - read no further....

One time while we were pretty wasted and fooling around, we got on the subject of sex fantasies. After some coaxing, Susan said she wished we had a bed with the stirrups on it -when I asked her about it, she was hesitant but then opened up to me with a fantasy of hers.

She said she often masturbated, holding her legs up, back & apart, while fantasizing that she's at the doctor's office. In her fantasy the doctor tells her that he needs a sample or something from way up inside her and that it could be painful and that it'd be dangerous if she moved suddenly - so the doctor would have to put restraints on her. She described the big belt that he'd snug down across her stomach and how the straps looped thru and then criss-crossed just above her pussy and then fastened to the opposite sides of the examining table.

Apparently she'd been going over this fantasy for a long time because she had such details.

These straps criss-crossed just above her pussy and then actually clamped down in the groove between her legs and her pussy.

"As the doctor tightens them down," she tells me with a glazed look in her eyes, "it not only holds me to the table but it also spreads me apart down there."

She also said that her legs were then fastened into the stirrups. Well - while she's telling me this, shes also masturbating furiously and as she continues she reached for the dildo and continued her story.

The doc gets the speculum, greases it with some KY and then slips it into her. She can hear the clicks as he presses the lever that opens both the speculum and her pussy. Remember - she's a pretty sexually charged up wife - so she continues to then tell me that the doctor says, "Perhaps you should watch exactly what is going on." So the doc positions a mirror next to him that lets her see exactly what is happening.

She watches him insert his fingers up her pussy and inspect them when they come back out glistening. Then he rotates a knob on the table and it causes the stirrups to spread apart - she says it hurts a bit but in the mirror she can see why he's doing it - as the stirrups move apart, the table tilts slightly and her pussy is now simply gaping open. Her cervix is clearly visible as well as gooey strands of juice.

She is silent as the doctor greases up one finger with KY and proceeds to begin to massage her vagina. "He says it's to relax me," and it does. Soon a few more clicks are heard as the speculum opens wider. Now the doc can easily get 3 or 4 fingers inside - he say's hes checking muscle tone.

After only a few more minutes (mind you she's still slowly sliding that dildo in and out as she tells me this story - eyes closed) - she tells me that the doc says, "Just a few more clicks and we'll be ready to start the procedure."

Sure enough - more clicks are heard - more than either of the past 2 times he 'opened' it wider. It begins to hurt - lots - but she can't move - she tells the doc it's not comfortable and he says, just 3 more clicks - try to relax.

Sure enough, she's able to handle it. The doc begins. First cotton swabs are used with some sort of liquid on it - she can see the swabs 'cleaning' everything - cervix, vagina, lips. The doc is able to slip a finger or two actually inside her cervix. After a moment, it too stays open and the doc shines a light inside her most deep recesses.

"There seems to be a lot of mucus here," he says as he swabs her out again. Then - and now she's really got the dildo moving - she tells me how the doc gets a 'sampler' out. A long thin probe with a flat cuplike area at the end.

He takes several samples by scraping just about everything inside her, her head begins to thrash back and forth as she describes the cold sampler slipping inside her cervix and scraping gently.

After a moment of additional examination, the doctor says he needs to get another opinion, he leaves her spread and open and proceeds to leave the examining room for a moment. (I know from other fantasies and from actual experience with her that she's somewhat into humiliation) so it's no surprise when she tells me that the door to the exam room slowly slides back open as she's lying there.

"While I'm lying there, I see several people including other patients and their husbands walking by," she says in a writhing voice "some come back for a second glance".

Finally the doctor returns with his assistant. They both take turns fingering and feeling her gaping pussy. Then she hears them talking, "It has been known to work," one says. "Yes,

and there are a number of other benefits, too," the first doc replies.

Then she tells me what they're leading up to. "Susan, you have a severe inflammation of the inner cervix which must be attended to." She cringes with this news. The docs continue, "There are a number of chemical and drug therapies, but some are expensive and potentially uncomfortable." She asks about what other option there is. The docs both answer that there is also a natural substance which works most of the time. Obviously she asks what it is and how she goes about arranging for it. The docs reply that it is available immediately, but that it requires a consent form because the application of it may be objectionable. Susan says she'll sign it - and she does without reading it over.

"Very well then, we'll begin," the first doc says and continues to now complete the explanation. "Susan, the natural substance we're speaking of and to which you consented is semen," and without stopping for a second he continues "Dr. Jones here will make the first application and I will provide the second. Since you have signed the consent forms, the treatment will begin."

With that Susan says her eyes bulge out when Dr. Jones undoes his pants and underwear and reveals a large, erect penis. In the mirror she can see a view from just above his waist - as he begins to masturbate. She starts to scream "No no no!", and Dr. Foster replies that the rooms are sound-proofed to protect the other patients and that it's too late, the consent form has been signed.

She bites her lip and resigns herself to her fate. In the mirror she can see her vagina contracting and more mucus and juices appearing deep inside her.

Dr. Jones's balls begin to contract and his face begins to grimace. His cock looks more huge than before - she sees the first drop of pre-cum appear at the tip and is then horrified when he leans forward and lets it drip into her open pussy. A few strokes later brings out the whole load and Susan watches bug-eyed as Dr. Jones aims so that each spurt lands cleanly inside her and

clings to her now heaving cervix. As he squeezes the last few drops of jism out, they too drip into the pool of cum now in her vagina.

No sooner does Dr. Jones move aside, Dr. Foster is in position, pants and underwear already down, incredibly stiff. He's much quicker and after only a few short strokes, Dr. Foster too cums.

Large squirts of pearly white jism ooze from the tip of his throbbing cock and add to Dr. Jones large deposit. When he's thru milking the last drops out Susan can see in the mirror that her vagina is filled and her cervix is coated.

Dr. Foster dons a new pair of latex gloves and proceeds to massage her cervix, causing it to open. He rubs the semen on the inside of it and when he removes his finger, Susan gets to watch the semen drain into her womb just like water draining in the bathtub.

"You'll need to lie like that for 15 more minutes before we can be sure the procedure will 'take.' "

Again she's left alone but this time the door is closed. She stares at the inside of her pussy, pearly streaks of cum are still visible. She thinks she can see into her uterus if she relaxes things. Time flies by as her mind wanders - had she taken her birth control pills regularly? She's not sure, but if not - this treatment will certainly guarantee her becoming pregnant.

Finally, Dr. Foster returns and he now has a dentist-mirror like contraption. He reaches in and inserts the mirror inside her cervix.

"Hmmmm, still some untreated irritated spots," he says. "I'll be right back." You guessed it. He returns with Dr. Chambers and Dr. Jackson. Susan is mortified, but says nothing while both men take their turns draining themselves into her pussy.

Another 15 minutes go by. Dr. Foster returns, dialates her cervix once again and after all the cum drains into her - examines her again. This time the procedure has been successful, the cervix is covered with semen and the inflammation is already subsiding. He tells her that Nurse Bradford will now take over and he leaves.

A moment later the nurse appears. She says that the procedure is usually successful, only occasionally requiring a re-application, and with a few very loud clicks, the speculum is collapsed and her pussy begins to contract.

She's still strapped in place though and the nurse proceeds to dab her lips and clitoris with cotton balls to mop up the few misplaced drops of semen.

As the nurse begins to remove the straps she tells Susan, "Now, Susan, there is certain care you need to follow for the next 2 days. First, no tampons, they are known to cause reactions to this treatment." She continues, "Also, no sexual intercourse - you've had the speculum in you expanded to its widest for almost an hour now. It will probably take till tomorrow for your vaginal muscles to re-contract fully, until then you will feel very open down there.

"And lastly. Dr. Foster indicated on your chart that you required a double treatment today, and I see that the donors were Dr. Foster, Dr. Jones, Dr. Chambers and Dr. Jackson - based on prior experience, they are quite copious producers. Therefore, you can expect seepage for the next 2 to 3 days. I would recommend you wear a pad at all times until this has ceased. I would also recommend you bring extra pads with you - leaking semen is usually very fragrant - most patients report that they change the pads every 2-3 hours to insure no odors are detected by their co-workers."

As Susan slips off the table the nurse hands her her first pad and leaves the room. As Susan peels the adhesive strip off it and applies it to her panties she becomes aware of 2 trickles of cum running down her thighs and is amazed to see that her pussy is still gaping open.

She walks gingerly to the reception desk - several of the husbands and other patients who had seen her earlier at looking at her as she hands over a check and makes a follow-up appointment.

When she tells me that the pad is soaked by the time she gets into the car, she's usually lost in a wild orgasm.

Anyway - that's her fantasy. Shes often lay back and spread herself open and I've 'sprayed' on her. She says its close but not the same.....

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