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Testicular Ultrasound

This a true story, erotic but very clinical.  I have had several "play" exams in my life and some moderately arousing physicals, but nothing close to this…

My wife and I have been trying to conceive a child for several years now.  As part of our investigation into why we've not been blessed yet, I've met with several urologists.  Mostly these have been simple fast exams, a bit of manual manipulation but nothing remotely erotic about the exam.  However the most recent doctor I've seen recommended that, in addition to the a semen analysis (completed in a cold sterile room with the aid of some tattered circa-1995 issues of Playboy), I get a testicular ultrasound, so he could see exactly what was going on "down there" in term of blood flow, structure, etc.  Having a long standing medical exam fetish, I was intrigued by the possibility but had no idea what the procedure would be like.  My appointment at the off-site clinic where the ultrasounds were performed was for one week later.

I showed up on the morning of my appointment at the clinic, anticipating what might occur.  All of the urologists I had seen where male, and I was desperately hoping for a female ultrasound technician.  I filled out the necessary paperwork and waited to be called.  A few minutes later, a pleasant female voice called my name.  Her name was Helen and she would be my technician.  Helen was mid-30s, probably Hispanic, attractive but professional.  She escorted me back to a changing room where I was told to undress and put on a hospital gown; I could leave my socks on.

So far so good.  I quickly undressed, and put on the gown.  I was already beginning to be aroused by the thought of having my scrotum examined by Helen.  My mind was racing…how would I be positioned?  What type of equipment would be in the room?  Would I be in stirrups?  Every med fetish fantasy I've had over the years was coming to mind.  My penis became about 2/3 erect.  As I waited in the room for Helen to return, I slowly stroked it to keep myself in that aroused but not bursting state.  Then, a knock on the door and a request to follow her down the hall.

I was thrilled by the opportunity to walk down the hall, passing several other employees of the clinic, in the flimsy gown with my semi-hard cock pushing out the front of the material.  This was great so far.

But it got better…When I entered the ultrasound room, there was another technician, adjusting the machine.  She introduced herself as Anne.  Late 30s also, Caucasian, also attractive.  This was exactly the scenario I had hoped for:  two female technicians performing a detailed procedure on my privates.  Anne mentioned that the procedure would take around an hour.  Take all day, I thought to myself.

I was instructed to lay on an exam table, on my back.  At this point I noticed a quarter  sized spot on the front of my gown where pre-cum had begun to ooze out in anticipation.  I positioned myself on the table, my still mostly erect cock flopping to one side.  It was clear at this point that Anne was the real technician and Helen was an assistant or trainee.  Helen told me that she would be pulling up my gown to expose my scrotum for the procedure.  She put a towel over my mid-section and lifted up the gown.  With a quick motion, she pushed my penis up under the gown and towel.  Her brief touch made it jump ever so slightly and harden a bit more.  Another towel was placed over my legs (for warmth I assume) so I was not laying on the table with just my scrotum on display.

I had hoped that I would be fully exposed during the entire procedure but I guess that was too much to ask.  However, the way I was covered had one advantage:  The towel was heavy and provided a nice pressure back on my straining cock.  Throughout the procedure that was to follow it was nice to have something to push against and I was able to keep my erection, without direct stimulation to my cock, throughout the remainder of the session.

The next step was to apply the gel that is used for an ultrasound procedure.  I had expected this to be cold, but as Helen began to apply the gel I realized they'd done the customer-friendly thing and warmed it.  She covered by sac completely with the gel.  The feeling was exquisite – warm and soft, much like the precursor to a hand job.  Wow…I was in heaven.  The only thing that would have improved it at that point would have been…oh well, wishful thinking.  At this point my cock strained very hard against the towel, fully erect, and I could feel a pool of pre-cum forming on my stomach.  When aroused for more than a few minutes (it had been 10 by now) I generally produced a lot of pre-cum and this was no exception.

Now the actual "picture taking began".  At this point things got less erotic but remained interesting.  Anne manipulated a small, smooth plastic device around my scrotum in various positions, stopping to adjust the controls on the console.  At certain times I was asked to bear down, in order to increase the blood flow to that area.  Every so often Helen would gently apply more warm gel which was a nice diversion to the actual procedure.  Nothing was remotely painful or even uncomfortable.  Occasionally they would converse about the pictures on the screen which I unfortunately could not see, at least yet.

The "on my back" part of the session lasted about ½ hour.  When they had completed that part, I was asked to get up off the table, as another series of pictures were necessary, this time with me standing.  I stood up and was asked to hold the gown up, and Helen asked me to hold my penis up with the towel.  I would have preferred her to hold it, obviously, but didn't think such a comment would be appreciated at that point.  I awkwardly lifted the gown, briefly exposing my entire girth, sticky and glistening with pre-cum.  I caught Helen's eyes briefly on my cock, but no facial reaction – these women maintained their professionalism at all times.  I yanked myself up and held up my cock for the duration of the exam with a towel.  At this point several more views, including additional bearing down, were taken.  My groin, between the gel on my sac and on my thighs, and the pre-cum running down from my stomach, was wet and warm.

Before I knew it I was done.  The technicians left me in the room to clean up and then return down the hall to change.  Although the procedure was done, I wasn't.  As soon as they left the room, I washed with warm wet towels and then I squirted a large glob of Lubriderm on my cock and stoked it back to full size.  I then put the gown back on, my erection subsiding somewhat, and returned down the hall to the changing room, my greasy cock flopping under the flimsy gown as I walked.   One of the other technicians passed me on the way back, a brief smile but no reaction to the bulge.  As I returned to the changing room, I shed the gown and began to stroke my lubed organ – after basically 1 hour of medical fetish teasing, I was ready to explode.  Ten or so long strokes later, I delivered a huge load into the gown and disposed of the results in the hamper.

Hopefully the pictures won't "turn out" so I would have to repeat this procedure.  Again, wishful thinking…

 © 2001 MYG

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