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The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 1

The Aunt and the Nephew

Loneliness leaves time for unbridled imagining and so it is for the protagonist. He is an only child, late in years before the accepted onset of social adulthood, but one unaccustomed to keeping company with friends, certainly not those of the opposite gender. And yet his longings and desires are earnest and true. Only he knows not how to bring them about in everyday life.

So he sets about in his imagination on Odysseys of lust and yearning, of subjugation and exploration. They are deeply sexual and private, inspired by small everyday events or situations and then embroidered upon, expanded and imagined to include relationships, proceedings and dealings in lustful permutations. Because they are private and enacted in the mind, events take strange courses, are at times convoluted and elaborate in their rationalizations, but above all they are subtly arousing and fulfilling, filling his mind with strange pleasures as he drifts off to sleep.

A First Imagining or some Like It Hot

The nephew has already been staying with the aunt for several weeks when she begins to suspect that medically speaking he is not really taking good care of himself. Of course as an adolescent she does not expect him to be a paragon of diligent and conscientious virtue, but she does wish that he would adhere to at least a minimum of healthy habits.

Nosy as she is, an inherent trait that has its bad as well as its good sides, she cannot fail to conclude that the nephew is not very diligent in staying regular. Keeping the bowels empty and clean is something she considers to be of prime importance but the aunt does not really know how to broach the subject to her nephew. Her hints and allusions have gone unheeded, brushed off and ignored so she decides upon obtaining more expert advice on the matter.

She calls her doctor and makes an appointment. On the agreed upon date she bundles her nephew off with her to the doctor’s office. By not giving him much, if any time to prepare himself for a refusal to accompany her, she has him off guard.

The nephew himself is somewhat startled by the sudden announcement and trip to the doctor’s office, but says very little on the way and just as little in the waiting room. He has no idea what this is all about.

The aunt thinks it best to see the doctor on her own first and explain her concerns.

The doctor, a lady somewhat younger than the aunt, stands up when the aunt enters the room. Shaking hands and motioning her to take a seat the lady-doctor asks, “It’s good to see you again. How can I help you ?”

“It’s not for myself that I’m here, but for my nephew. He’s waiting outside since I wanted to explain my concerns without him overhearing.”

“I see. What seems to be the problem?”

“I suppose it’s somewhat personal and I wouldn’t want him to think I had been unduly spying on his doings, but I can’t help feeling that he has a serious regularity problem.”

“Meaning ‘regularity’ as in pertaining to bowel movements ?”

“Yes. I don’t like to bring it up, but it is an important aspect in regards to health and well-being. I’ve been trying to come to a conclusion but I find it difficult to do so.”

“Hmmm … understandable enough. Have you however simply come right out and asked your nephew ?”

“No … not really. He’s at a difficult age and I wouldn’t really know how to broach the subject. I thought an outsider, a trained professional might be better suited.”

“Well there is something to said for that and it’s easily enough taken care of. If you like I can give him a general check-up and look into the matter of his bowel habits at the same time without being overly obvious about it. If I find anything out of the ordinary then we’ll take it from there. How does that sound ?”

“That sounds very acceptable indeed.”

“Good. Now if you’ll show your nephew in we can get started. Would you like to remain here in the office while I conduct the examination or would you rather wait outside ?”

“What do you suggest doctor ?”

“Hmmm … if this is a case where your nephew’s notions of personal modesty are going to pay an initial part, then you’d better wait outside.”

“All right. Thank you very much doctor…”

The nephew is shown inside the doctor’s office and told by his aunt that the lady is going to give him a little examination and check-up. He is to be totally cooperative in everything required of him.

“Well now. We’re just going to do a little check-up to see how you’re feeling. Is there anything you’d like to tell me before we start ? Any sort of complaints or concerns ?”

“No doctor. There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t know why I had to come here.”

“Your aunt just thought it time for you to have a check-up. It never hurts to be medically examined on a regular basis you know. When was your last examination by the way ?”

“I don’t really know. I can’t remember.”

“Ah, see ? Then it mustn’t have been recently or you’d surely recollect. All the more reason for you to be grateful to your aunt for her concerns.”

“I guess so …”

“Indeed so. But not to worry. I’m not here to do anything untoward or unpleasant. Now let’s start by undressing, shall we ? I’d like you to remove your garments. You can hang everything on the clothes hanger by the wall.”

Reluctantly the nephew begins to remove his shirt and undershirt. These he hangs up and turns around waiting to be shown where to take place. The lady-doctor sees him still dressed in shoes and trousers. She gives him an admonishing look.

“Come now. I asked you to undress. That means everything comes off. So if you will ….”

“Everything ?”

“Why certainly. It’s the proper manner in which to conduct an examination. So let’s remove everything shall we ? Trousers, undies and all ….”

“Can’t I at least keep my briefs on ?”

“Well if you must, for the while being it can do no harm. But I must warn you, they will have to come off later in any case.”

“But why ?”

“Hmmm … I can see you’ve never been properly examined before if you ask such a question. Since this is your first time in my office I’ll indulge you, but I expect you to comply with my instructions promptly hereafter, understood ?”

“Yes ma’am…”

“Very well. First off how else can we measure your weight accurately if you’re wearing an article of clothing, no matter how inconsequential it might seem ? But more importantly, many of the bodily regions that need to be examined can only be done so by removing all clothing. We’re not in the Middle Ages anymore when physicians had to fumble about and grope through layers of apparel because of misplaced notions of modesty.”

“I see …”

“Very well. For the moment you may retain your briefs if you really so wish.”

“Thank you …”

“Hmmm … it’s only temporarily.”

Nevertheless a reprieve is a reprieve in the nephew’s eyes. He reluctantly pulls down his trousers and hangs them up. When his socks and shoes are removed he is ready. Holding his hands crossed in front of him he indicates he awaits the doctor’s instructions. She looks up from her desk where she is preparing a file for the nephew and gestures for him to come nearer.

A first general impression is that the nephew looks to be well developed and outwardly healthy in stature and posture. His complexion is bright and unblemished, his musculature sufficiently robust without being athletically grotesque. Since he is still chastely wearing his briefs, she cannot inspect his genitals as of yet, but from the bulge in his groin it is clear that his development is well under way, maybe even complete. She has the nephew take a seat while she asks him some basic questions about his past medical history. She deliberately chooses to refrain from inquiring into the concerns for which his aunt brought him here in the first place. Those will be addressed at a later more appropriate moment during the examination.

Finished with the paperwork for the moment, the lady-doctor starts with the routines inherent to any medical check-up. This is done first off because many problems can indeed be uncovered by an initial examination of the basics, but in this case it is to reassure the nephew and have him relax as far as possible by submitting him to known and familiar procedures. After all, everyone expects a doctor to listen to heart and lungs, thump here and there, poke and probe a bit and test reflexes. So it is now.

The lady-doctor then needs to ascertain weight and height. She places the nephew against a measuring device and has him assume a rigid and stiff posture. It is somewhat uncomfortable and oddly embarrassing for some reason or other. The lady-doctor must also ascertain a number of bodily measurements besides simple height, so she takes a tape measure and notes several of the nephew’s dimensions. The circumference and girth of his shoulders, chest and abdomen are noted with diligence and exactness. She also measures the distance between his two nipples, undeveloped and un- feminine though his bosom may be. This is disconcerting and very odd a procedure to be subjected to. The nephew feels a disquieting tingle of apprehension.

And indeed his premonitions are not altogether incorrect, for now the doctor gives him a knowing look, an indication that he is not to complain or make a comment. She takes a chair and slides it in front of the nephew. She sits down, her face on a level with his abdomen, her warm breath discernible upon his flesh. The lady-doctor hooks a finger around the hem of his briefs and travels underneath, delicately and slowly lowering the small garment. Her hand is at the back and as she pulls the briefs down, she feels against his buttocks, a finger almost absentmindedly traveling along the cleft of his behind. Up front his genitals are also uncovered, his penis moving about not only from the friction of the cloth, but also from involuntary spasms and twitches as feelings of unease and embarrassment tingle along his body. She lowers the underpants down around his knees which causes an even greater feeling of embarrassment. Standing thus exposed like a sort of stripper, the lady-doctor measures the nephew’s hips and buttocks before having him take place on the scales for weighing.

For the weighing she finally has him step out of his last bit of apparel completely. Now he is nude from top to bottom and though it is an uneasy feeling, for some reason he feels less the fool than with underpants dangling over his thighs.

The nephew’s genitals are subjected to a visual and manual examination, though hardly very extensive. He is uncircumcised, an interesting little detail that could well be the cause for further examination in the future. Most of the uncircumcised have initial difficulty in retracting the foreskin and sometimes a series of exercises is necessary to help correct this imperfection, unless they are subjected to a little operation instead. But that is not for now. Otherwise his genitals are normal in appearance, the shaft of his un-erect penis sufficiently long and thick and relatively smooth and unblemished, the normal veins and small bulges notwithstanding.

Underneath his scrotal sac is almost shriveled from mortification but the lady-doctor can clearly feel two normal seeming orbs as she gives a good squeeze and probing.

All this handling causes the nephew to erect involuntarily, but quite visibly nonetheless. The appearance of his elongated organ is handsome enough as pricks go, the length sufficient without being impressive or grossly cumbersome. It would be quite adequate for any normal kind of sexual intercourse, be it with either a female slit or in a male bottom. She wonders which way the nephew’s proclivities point and smiles as she imagines him engaged in both acts of congress.

But that is neither here nor there for the present moment. Such things she will inquire into later on perhaps. She now has the nephew take place on a padded examination table. Initially sitting upright, she thumps yet again on various places and pokes a finger here and there. As she commences to probe his abdomen she has the nephew lay down upon his back, his legs spread apart and still dangling over the front of the examination table. It is a very exposing position in which his groin and pelvis is thrust upwards into view.

The main purpose however is the distend the abdomen and allow easier exterior access to a manual palpating of the intestines. Commencing to one side and slowly working her way across his lower belly, the doctor feels and pokes, kneads and palpates deeply. The nephew thinks she will end up poking right through him such is her diligence. But of course this does not happen.

The lady-doctor does however frown and look pensively from time to time, going over the same place on the nephew’s abdomen to feel and ascertain her findings.

“Hmmm … there doesn’t seem to be much wrong but I couldn’t help but notice that your abdomen is rather taut. There also appears to be a substantial mass of material in your intestines. May I ask how regular you are in your bowel habits ? When did you last have a movement ?”

“Ahhh … I don’t really know.”

“Well, it doesn’t appear that you’ve been today, nor yesterday I would wager. It’s been some time, hasn’t it ?

“I guess so …”

“Yes, I would certainly think so. Is this a regular condition with you ? Being so irregular ?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Do you have regular bowel movements ? A daily expelling of waste is considered to be optimal, but many individuals are somewhat more sluggish so that they do so every other day or so. Is that your case ?”

“No, I don’t think so …”

“Surely you can recollect how often you go. If you have trouble remembering your habits then I would suspect that you are experiencing difficulties. Besides which, the condition of your bowels from what I can make out with an outward digital examination, would also indicate that you haven’t had a bowel movement in several days. Is that the case ?”

“Maybe … I guess so.”

“Ahh … I thought as much. It’s nothing to be ashamed about you know. Many people suffer from sluggish bowels, irregularity or constipation. It’s quite discomforting and inconvenient at times but treatable nonetheless. Has this always been the case or is it because of anything specific that you can point to ? Say a drastic change of diet ?”

“Oh no, I don’t think so … I suppose it’s always been like that.”

“I see. Well, we’ll need to take a deeper look into this of course. Have you for instance ever suffered from hemorrhoids ? Or undue pain when passing stool ? Experienced loss of blood ?”

“No no … oh no … I guess I just have trouble going.”

“Well, let’s take a look, shall we ?”

“Take a look ?”

“Yes indeed. Let’s turn over on our tummy shall we ?”

“Do I have to ?”

“Most certainly. There’s nothing to be concerned about. I’m just going to check for any undue physical irregularities. I’ll need to take a look at your anus to begin with and assess the condition of several other related areas.”

“I wish you wouldn’t …”

“You’ll feel ever so much better afterwards. So come now, no more fretting, turn over on your stomach.”

The nephew reluctantly turns over, presenting his backside to the doctor’s view. She repositions him more to her liking, spreading his thighs and raising his hips. The nephew meanwhile closes his eyes from mortification and grits his teeth together as he feels the lady-doctor pry apart his bottom. She stretches the area around the nephew’s anus, the better to study the muscle tone and condition of the skin around his little aperture. His hole is colored in a pinkish hue, somewhat wrinkled and puckered at the moment but yet discernibly pulsing inwards and outwards. She rubs the opening with a finger, presses up against the sphincter and delicately pinches the ring of muscles surrounding the nephew’s anus. This of course causes him to flinch and wriggle about but the doctor admonishes him to remain unmoving.

Outwardly there is nothing out of the ordinary to be seen. She takes a rubber finger cot and works the tight fitting covering over an index finger. She is standing so the nephew can see her preparations, which to him appear ominous. This is even more so when she dips her finger into a jar of lubricant. The emulsion is clear and obviously quite viscous as it clings glisteningly to the doctor’s digit. She daubs an amount upon the nephew’s anus, a preparation which expels all doubt about her intentions. The nephew fidgets about as the lady-doctor opens his buttocks.

“Let’s hold still now, shall we ?”

“But what are you going to do doctor ?”

“I’m just going to feel around inside of your bottom. It’s nothing to be concerned about. Don’t move about please.”

“Please, I don’t want you to …”

“My my, it’s quite all right you know. I’m only going to use my finger at first. Surely that couldn’t hurt.”

“Yes it will …please …”

“Let’s not be childish about this, shall we ? There’s nothing to worry about. Just lie still and relax. When I push in I want you to push out.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Push like you’re going potty, do you understand now ?

“Yyy ... yes …but why ?”

“So my finger will be able to enter you more easily. So come now, let’s give a good push … there we are …”

The nephew is obedient but not without misgivings and embarrassment. As he strains his sphincter the lady-doctor pushes her finger up into his anus and rectum. For all the nephew’s complaining it enters readily enough though the doctor cannot help but notice that he is very narrow and tight, perhaps out of anxiety she thinks. She moves her finger around a bit hoping this will loosen up his sphincter muscles, but the anal ring remains taut and constricted. If nothing else so far she can already conclude that the nephew is not in the habit of playing with his anus by means of insertion, nor is he the object of any regular buggering.

She pushes her finger further to the hilt and twirls it around over the interior surface of the nephew’s rectum, feeling for any irregularities, bumps, adhesions, swellings, nodes or growths. She finds nothing however, much as expected. She lets her finger remain imbedded in his fundament for a while further, gauging his rectal muscle tone and the faint but discernible pulses of intestinal peristalsis.

She does a small test, asking the nephew to once again to push outwards, imitating a bowel movement by willful inducement. She keeps her finger firmly imbedded in his rectum and purses her lips as she feels interior muscles tighten and tense. The nephew strains himself to a degree, even letting out a faint moan of effort as he tries to expel the lady-doctor’s finger.

Next she tells the nephew to try the inverted effort. This time he must try and retain her finger by holding it inside of him by force of the same rectal muscles. This is an even odder request but he does what is asked of him, if to a rather ineffectual degree.

The lady-doctor finally retracts her finger ever so slowly, much to the relief of the nephew. But if he thinks the rectal examination is over, he is much mistaken. The lady-doctor removes the finger cot and discards it in a waste basket. She next takes an odd looking metal instrument and dips it into the self- same jar of lubricant she used for her finger. This dispels any hope that his ordeal will be over soon.

The lady-doctor has a rectal speculum in hand, a very small sized model. She will insert the instrument into his bottomhole and expand the blades allowing her a look inside the nephew’s rectum.

“I want you to relax again while I insert this instrument. Push out like before, all right ?”

“What are you going to do ?”

“Just take a little look inside of you. This is just a very small instrument to open you up a bit. It won’t be a hardship if you relax and do as I say. Do you understand ?”

“Yyy … yes … but do you have to ?”

“I certainly must indeed. Now no more lamenting. It won’t hurt, the instrument is all nice and slippery, if you do your best and push you won’t even feel it going in.”

That is an exaggeration surely. Yet for all his apprehensions, the speculum does indeed enter his anus almost as readily as the doctor’s finger. The doctor positions it to her satisfaction and unlocks a ratchet enabling her to expand the twin curved blades.

This anal expansion is a curious sensation for the nephew. It is not painful as such, not at this degree of extension, but the feelings are unusual and invasive and more than mortifying. He fidgets and moans with self-pity and disconcertment but the lady-doctor cautions him to remain immobile.

She takes a small flashlight and shines upwards into his rectum, illuminating that proverbial place where the sun otherwise never shines. She notes the color and complexion of the rectal walls and once again sees nothing indicating any type of physical disorder or disease.

She retracts the rectal speculum and lays it aside, informing the nephew that he may now sit upright again. The lady-doctor questions the nephew about his bowel habits but receives little in the way of concrete information as such. She is very specific in her questioning at times and right to the point, using either sedate medical terms or more everyday terminology when she thinks it suitable. The questioning is unsettling for the nephew, at times far too intimate in nature. He does not take easily to discussing such physical processes. The lady-doctor also queries into other habits the nephew may or may not practice. Does he for instance engage in self-gratification perhaps ? It is she concedes a well- nigh universal vice and need not give cause for undue concern. But if it is linked in any way to his anal irregularities she needs to know.

Not being able to conceive a concept such as the doctor is referring to, the nephew denies such proclivities. His face is red and flushed and his eyes are lowered from the embarrassment of imagining the doctor’s questions being enacted in real-life. And yet the doctor has now somewhat naughtily provided a beginning of inspiration.

Even though she does not garner much information of a specific nature, the doctor has learned much about the nephew’s demeanor and temperament and is able to infer and deduce much more than one would think at first. She returns to her desk and makes several notations. Having come to a conclusion, she goes to the door to the waiting-room and calls the aunt back inside.

The aunt notices her nephew sitting demurely on the doctor’s examination table, hands meekly folded over his lap. Her eyes momentarily widen at his naked appearance, but they quickly narrow with a sly smile of approval. Mischievously she lifts an eyebrow and looks him over. The nephew has lowered his head, but cannot conceal a reddish blush spreading over his face and torso.

The aunt sits down and listens to the doctor’s findings.

“Have you come to any conclusion doctor ?”

“I believe so and want to immediately put your mind at ease. Your nephew is basically in good health, aside from a little expulsion problem there is apparently nothing wrong with him.”

“That is a relief to hear.”

“Quite so. However, his condition does need attending to and should be remedied as soon as possible. In fact, with your permission I’d like to start treatments and explain a suitable course of action.”

“Oh by all means. Would you be starting today ?”

“Yes, I’d prefer so. If you like I can set things up while explaining the procedure.”

“Yes, that sounds like a good idea.”

“Excellent. We’ll do the treatment in a side room. That’s where I have the necessary equipment.”

Under the watchful eye of his aunt, the lady-doctor instructs the nephew to accompany her. He does not know how to comport himself in his naked condition and waggles self-consciously towards a door. He does his best to hide his genitals from view, succeeding only partially, but displaying his posterior all the better.

The aunt has not really seen her nephew in a naked condition before and is amazed at how agreeably well she reacts to the situation. Instead of being horribly embarrassed on his and her behalf, she finds it to be curiously attractive and charming, especially in this medical setting.

The side room is not overly large nor are there any windows. The overhead lights illuminate a vaguely medical looking chamber equipped yet again with an examination table and several cabinets. The lady- doctor bids the nephew to hop up onto the examination table.

While he sits yet again demurely with folded hands, the lady-doctor explains her findings in regards to the nephew’s intestinal problems. He is obviously very irregular with his bowel movements, a condition which must be addressed. Her rectal examination has also brought to light the relative tightness of his anal sphincter. While not the prime cause of his irregularity, it must first be addressed if he is to be able to function more naturally in the future. To start with she proposes to administer a dilating therapy. It is not painful in the least but somewhat time-consuming.

Bemused and yet curious at what this will entail the aunt agrees.

The doctor has the nephew turn over on his tummy and spread his thighs. She will need to obtain his temperature first for purposes of proper calibration. From the position she makes the nephew assume, the aunt surmises, correctly, that the lady-doctor will wish to obtain the reading rectaly.

The doctor indeed takes a rectal thermometer and lubricates the tip. Delicately she pries the nephew’s buttocks apart and slowly inserts the instrument. She tells the nephew to remain in this position and not to make any undue movements.

He feels himself mortified from embarrassment as under his aunt’s gleaming and watchful eyes his little hole is invaded yet again by the lady-doctor. It would seem she has a special proclivity for examining and utilizing this intimate little aperture of his.

While the thermometer is snugly nestled up the nephew’s rectum, the lady-doctor prepares for his therapy. She will use a somewhat old-fashioned and yet quite effective mode of treatment. Since primarily his anal aperture needs considerable dilation as a prelude to further treatments, the lady- doctor will insert a thermal-dilator into the nephew’s anus for a period of time. The apparatus consists of a cylindrical shaped flanged dilator much like a common household dildo. It contains a small heating element however that is powered via electrical wiring to a controlling box which enables the doctor to choose various temperatures for the treatment. She sets the desired temperature and after having retracted the thermometer she deftly applies an additional dose of lubrication and inserts the shaft of the dilator. It is shaped for a snug fit and after switching on the heating element, the lady-doctor gives the nephew a pat on the behind and tells him to remain in this position until she comes back.

The aunt is somewhat amazed at this method of therapy and cannot really fathom the purpose. Nevertheless she approves on general principal. The doctor escorts the aunt back into her office where they have a conversation.

“I must say doctor that you’ve lost no time in starting treatment. May I ask how it works ?”

“Most certainly. I have ascertained quite assuredly that your nephew does indeed suffer from chronic irregularity of the bowels. Not only was his condition clearly indicative from my manual examination, he admitted as much to me fairly readily. You were indeed quite right in referring his problem to someone out of his immediate circle.”

“Thank you. I’m glad I took the decision to come see you.”

“Quite. Now my experience with such cases is that it is seldom a strictly physical problem as such. Indeed the manifestations, constipation and irregularity, are physically ascertainable but quite often the root of the problem lies elsewhere. It would for instance be fairly simple to prescribe a regime of laxatives, enemas and/or a drastic change of diet. That would in all likelihood clear up the problem, for a while at least. But the root of your nephew’s problem lies more in his attitude towards and appreciation of the process of elimination. I fear he does not really enjoy moving his bowels, that he is very reluctant to do so and therefore postpones the process which results in yet more discomfort and so on. It is a self-sustaining process I am afraid.”

“But what can you do about something like that ?”

“The answer, as a concept is fairly simple : instead of coming to dread moving his bowels and procrastinating and ending up constipated, he must come to look forward to doing so and enjoying the process.”

“What unusual reasoning.”

“Not really. I would think the logic impeccable.”

“I’m sorry doctor. It’s just that I’ve never thought of it that way.”

“That’s quite all right. I understand your reluctance. But to understand my reasoning, you should appreciate how the body is constructed and what that means in regards to certain physical processes. For instance, the anal region is one of the main erogenous zones and as such is readily susceptible to pleasurable stimuli and impulses. A simple fingering of the anal sphincter will confirm as much. Generally speaking manipulation is quite pleasant and enjoyable. That some people are not able to enjoy this has more to do with mental inhibitions and acquired but misplaced notions of shame and embarrassment. I’m sure you agree with me so far ?”

“Well, I suppose so …”

“I understand your hesitancy but it is a scientifically confirmed fact. The opposite condition is in my opinion more of a problem. Namely when one refuses to accept or tries to repress any pleasurable feelings associated with the anal region.”

“But how can you tell if that’s the case ?”

“Careful questioning can usually bring to light most problems in that area. That and a physical examination to rule out any actual physical deformities. Of which, to put your mind at rest, your nephew does not apparently suffer.”

“That is good news.”

“Quite. However there is the matter of your nephew’s aversion to moving his bowels. It is I fear a more or less deliberate subconscious decision on his part and we must find a way for him to come to appreciate otherwise if you wish to restore him to a more balanced state of health.”

“My goodness. This sounds so serious.”

“Not at all. Or rather, the condition is not conductive to good physical and mental health, but it is easily treatable.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Yes. Generally I’ve had quite a successful rate of cure, even if the therapy is somewhat unconventional.”

“Unconventional ?”

“Hmmm … ‘unconventional’ is a bit strong I suppose. Let’s just say it is a somewhat forgotten treatment nowadays.”

“Oh ? I hope it won’t be painful or require an operation or such.”

“I can put your mind at rest on those points. There is no operative procedure involved and as for being painful, quite the opposite is the case.”

“Oh ? How so ?”

“Your nephew must come to learn to appreciate any sensations associated with his anal region, that includes, but is not restricted to the bodily process of elimination. First of all, he will be required to undergo a rectal dilation therapy to start with. I’ve ascertained that his anal sphincter is rather woefully constricted for someone his age. This is probably a result of his frequent and habitual irregularity as well as an un-acquaintance with the pleasures of anal stimulation. Do you for instance have any knowledge of his masturbation habits ?”

“I ah … well …”

“It’s quite all right for you to tell me. Have you for instance noticed any stains in his undergarments, bedclothes or sheets ? Furtive use of handkerchiefs or towels ?”

“Well … I haven’t really checked all that carefully …”

“I see. Have you noticed any suspicious looking use of cylindrical objects ? Say of candles, pencils cigar casings ?”

“Oh my … no … I .. don’t really think so.”

“My asking is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, the absence of any signs in this regard is more of a problem actually.”

“Oh ?”

“Yes. Given normal curiosity most adolescents and youngsters experiment with insertion of objects into the anus as part of masturbatory play, it is a natural enough urge. If your nephew is lacking in that regards we shall have to help him along.”

“How ?”

“By acquainting him with methods and means and by supervision. In fact, daily sessions will be required consisting of supervised bowel movements preceded by dilation therapy and administration of relaxants, irritants and medicinal fortifying compounds. Thermal dilation treatments are also recommended but I’m afraid those will have to be taken care of in a medical environment. That is what your nephew is receiving at the moment.”

“I see. And what will the daily sessions consist of ?”

“I’ll give you detailed reading matter before you leave but in brief it would be best if you supervise his hygiene habits from now on. That would entail overseeing washing, bathing and toilet habits as well as administering the necessary medication and exercise sessions. You will need to purchase a set of dilation instruments of course.”

“Heavens, where shall I ever find something like that ?”

(a chuckle) “I’ll write you a prescription of course. Virtually all pharmacists stock such appliances.”

“They do ? I’ve never seen them on display.”

“No, I suppose not, though there was a time when they were openly advertised, displayed and sold over the counter.”

“How interesting.”

“Yes indeed. But times change.”

“I suppose so.”

“Unfortunately. Now, this treatment will be somewhat intensive and time consuming. Do you feel capable of handling it on your own ?”

“Oh doctor. I shall have to make the best of it, shan’t I ? But could you be a bit more specific in what I’ll have to do exactly ?”

“I’ll be glad to …”

With much circumspect language and carefully worded phrases, the doctor explains what will be required of the aunt. Daily dilation exercises of the nephew’s anus are indicated. These can be conducted at any time during the day, but preferably just prior to supervised bowel movements in order to reinforce the pleasurable connotations between both procedures. Nighttime sessions make for a more relaxed environment, as do subdued, cozy and warmly heated surroundings, especially as undressing will be required for the therapy. Care should be taken that no interruptions will occur during sessions, in order not to break up the orderly and progressive flow of the proceedings.

The process of dilation itself should be gradual but firmly enforced. At first smaller sized instruments are to be inserted into the nephew’s anus in order to accustom him to penetration. Progressively larger sizes are to be used for more protracted periods of time. When this can be accommodated with little discomfort, an expansion device can then be used. This will not only strengthen the anal sphincter and rectal musculature in general, but also provide a greater degree of elasticity to the anus and a surfeit of pleasurable stimuli into the bargain.

The doctor however cautions that initially the treatments might not be greatly appreciated, primarily because of a degree of embarrassment and self-consciousness on the nephew’s part. Physical discomfort as such should not be much of a hindrance after the first sessions. True, his anal aperture is woefully inadequate in width and accommodation so perhaps even the smallest sized dilators will cause an initial amount of discomfort. But prior to insertion, the anal sphincter should be properly prepared by means of copious lubrication and a preparatory digital massage. Then the necessary steps can be taken to initiate the proper elimination processes, say by the administration of an irritant glycerin suppository, soap-stick or gel. Consequent bowel movements are to be attentively supervised and encouraged. In the doctor’s opinion this is an ideal situation in which to reintroduce elements of corrective potty training. Some of her patients respond well to a form of diapering as well, though she generally leaves such details to personal appreciation.

After the bowels are emptied and inspected, specific medication is administered, once again via the rectal passage. This can be followed by yet more dilation therapy along with a general reduction of excitation and physical agitation inherent in the therapy. How this is specifically done is left to the supervisor’s discretion, but she considers it a prime element of the therapy. On the whole most of her patients are attentively and carefully frigged or massaged until ejaculation or a demonstrative culmination. Particulars as to positioning, verbal encouragements, cross costuming or play enacting are best left to personal appreciation of both patient and supervisor. She does however deem it important that such activity be accompanied by extensive internal and external rectal stimulation, this in order to once again reinforce the connotation between anal stimuli and gratification. She also deems it advisable that this not be a hasty activity, rather it should be a rigorously prolonged and carefully scripted activity. Modest praise and approval are to accompany each successful conclusion. Refusal of cooperation and willful obstruction or disobedience are to be addressed promptly by the appropriate punishments. The doctor however rarely encounters instances in which correctional steps need be taken for any protracted period of time, unless of course such is the patient’s personal proclivity. This predilection can however be easily detected and taken into account should the need arise. All that is required is complete candor and trust in the lady-doctor’s expertise and judgment.

The aunt listens attentively as the doctor explains all these requirements. Her mind is a tingle at the implications of what she is to do, her heart is palpably beating faster. What an unheard of manner of therapy, and yet how eminently logical once explained. She cannot wait to initiate treatment yet she wonders how she will ever begin proceedings and for that matter, how to stop them afterwards. And at what point.

The doctor smiles at the aunt’s questioning, nodding understandingly.

“Yes, I understand your concerns. The relationship with your nephew will necessarily undergo a fundamental readjustment, as will his own personal appreciation of his condition. Firmness and determination on your part are a prerequisite to a successful conclusion. Should you however not feel up to the requirements, I can always have him admitted for treatment to a specialized facility.”

“I had no idea such places existed.”

“Oh yes, though of course all manner of medical treatments are practiced at such clinics. There are special wards for patients as your nephew, but aside from the extra cost, I would not recommend proceeding in that manner unless other avenues of recourse are exhausted. More frequent sessions here in my office would be a first resort for instance. But in all candor, I do not think you will have much trouble having the fellow comply with the therapy.”

“You sound so sure …”

“I’ve had much experience in this field you know and from what I’ve seen of your nephew so far he seems to be easily compelled and commanded.”

“Oh ? …”

“I’m sure you have differing thoughts on the matter, else you might not be here in the first place. But let me reassure you, you will have little trouble in enforcing the proper treatment. In fact, and this we can ascertain first hand if you like, I am certain that already he is enjoying the therapy on a subconscious level.”

“Really ?”

“Indeed. I think enough time has elapsed for the first thermal session. Shall we go check and see how he is doing ?”

The two ladies enter the small room where the nephew is undergoing his thermal therapy. He is still demurely laying stomach down with part of a shaft visibly protruding from his buttocks. A wire curls along his thighs, connected to an appliance of sorts. It is an odd but alluring sight. When he notices his aunt in the company of the lady doctor, he grimaces in shame and does what he can to hide his naked condition. Beyond tensing his buttocks and averting his eyes there is of course little he can do. He shifts about with his legs, holding them closer together, but that is an uncomfortable position to hold for any period of time and besides, it does not hide the trailing wires attached to the thermal dilator inserted into his anus. He cringes in thought at what his aunt must be thinking of him, even more so as he hopes he will not have to change position and so reveal his more than stiff penis.

The lady doctor however does not plan on accommodating his wishes, which she can all too readily imagine. She is certain, that like almost all adolescents undergoing her therapy, the nephew is experiencing fiercely pleasurable physical stimuli mixed with nagging notions of emotional embarrassment. To have such openly shown to an older female relative, even in a medically stipulated environment is still disconcerting.

And yet that is what the doctor plans on doing. She approaches the nephew and asks, more or less rhetorically to be sure, how he is doing, if he has been enjoying the therapy so far. She expects no answer but laughing pats him on the shoulder telling him not to worry, all will work out for the best as long as he follows her advice and recommendations.

The doctor has the aunt come closer and stand to her side. She once again explains the therapy in general terms, more for the benefit of the un-intentionally eavesdropping nephew than for that of the aunt. The why’s and wherefore’s of internal rectal thermal stimulation are gone into, the advantages and aims of such a basically simple but unconventional treatment clarified.

Urging the aunt to inspect the proceedings more closely, the doctor has the nephew spread his legs apart and aides in unveiling his plugged up little aperture by prying apart his buttocks. The doctor explains the general principles and cites several specifications and statistics. Her success rate is quite high and complaints very low indeed after an initial period of adjustment. To prove her point he has the nephew turn over on his side, his front facing the two ladies.

He tries to plead incapacity to do so, after all the unseemly instrument so embarrassingly thrust into his fundament prevents him from changing position. But the lady doctor will hear nothing of it and aides him in assuming the desired posture.

The reason for the nephew’s reluctance is immediately apparent, for his male organ is stiff and erect, jutting out from his body in rigid stance. This in itself is not wholly proof of the doctor’s prediction, but yet it is compelling enough for the aunt to ineffectually suppress a knowing giggle of amusement. Though unmarried and likely to remain so, she knows enough of male physiology and its attending manifestations to recognize the obvious signs of sexual arousal.

The doctor needlessly focuses the aunt’s attention on the erect penis. The nephew’s uppermost leg is moved knee to chest, so further exposing his genitals and in this position of exposure the doctor examines the rigidness and quality of the nephew’s arousal. She squeezes the penile shaft, stiff and pulsing from embarrassment, she kneads the two smallish orbs of male testicles observing how they are well retracted and snuggly fit up into the scrotal sac, which taut and constricted is yet another incontrovertible sign of arousal.

She has the aunt do the same, not because she would otherwise disbelieve the evidence of her own eyes, but to acquaint both aunt and nephew with the inevitable intimate requirements that will ensue from the therapy. The aunt complies with barely disguised enthusiasm, the smile of a willing accomplice flitting about her features as she imitates the doctor in handling the nephew’s intimate parts. She learns little of medical note other than her nephew sports the same symptoms as any male in arousal.

The nephew closes his eyes from pure mortification, yet cannot help from feeling a special intimate warmth rush throughout his body. He shivers and shakes and in his mind’s eye imagines looking down on his body, displayed in such a seemingly contorted, yet revealing position. He is of mixed mind regarding the emotions and feelings the handling evokes. On the one hand he is embarrassed beyond words that his aunt should see him thus. It is disconcerting enough that the lady doctor should do so to begin with.

Yet on the other hand he cannot but admit, begrudgingly and almost shamefacedly to be true, that he experiences an unknown thrill in the whole situation as well. His back-hole is pulsing from the intrusive warmth of the dilator and up front his genital apparatus is no less pleasurably engorged. He is in an unseemly predicament and one that will undoubtedly be repeated in the future if the conversation between the lady doctor and his aunt is anything to go by.

“As you can see the therapy doesn’t seem to be such a hardship.”

“So I see doctor. Although there does seem to be a bit of ‘hardship’ involved.”

“Yes indeed so,” (chuckles abound as the doctor gives the stiff penis a squeeze). “But seriously, there shouldn’t be much difficulty involved in adhering to regular sessions. The pleasurable aspect is well nigh apparent I would think. We’ll set up a schedule before you leave. Is that acceptable ?”

“Oh most certainly. But is that all there is to the therapy ?”

“No no. this is more of a prelude than anything else. Thermal dilation is of course beneficial in its own right, to aide heightened peristalsis, invigorate blood flow and increase prostatic secretions and activity to name but a few benefits. In your nephew’s case the main indication is to enlarge elasticity of the rectal sphincter and increase stimulation of the intestinal interior. Ideally, thermal therapy should be followed by an induced bowel movement and in certain cases and situations by a supervised release of nervous tensions.”


“Preferably not much time should be let pass between a thermal session and the inducement of a bowel movement. Ideally the therapy should evoke a response upon completion, but usually we have to help things on their way. The use of an irritating solution or the prior administration of an anal suppository are usually indicated.”

“I see.”

“If you like I could do so now.”

“Oh would you ? I’d like to observe how this should be done.”


The lady doctor smiles at the nephew who has been listening carefully and apprehensively. He does not like the import of the conversation but his opinion of things is not asked. The aunt too smiles and contentedly watches the lady doctor’s preparations. Her hands are folded demurely over her lap, fingers entwined, thumbs touching each other in the form of a pyramid. Her eyes twinkle as she imagines her role in further proceedings yet to come.

Meanwhile the lady doctor has unpacked a yellowish object, the enveloping metallic foil carefully peeled off and put to side. She lays the object, a suppositorium containing glycerin and other stimulating compounds, to the side on a clean towel. She approaches the nephew and lifting a buttock, she deftly and speedily retracts the thermal dilator. The nephew’s anus is still twitching and pulsing from the recent intrusion and glistens with the shine of lubrication and perspiration. Holding the aperture spread with thumb and forefinger, she picks up the suppository and unconcernedly slips it up into his bumhole. It enters easily and slides upwards past the rectal sphincter.

At first it does not evoke much reaction. But after but a short while, the irritating and stimulating compounds are released into the nephew’s interior, evoking the desired response. Slowly but surely the nephew feels the onset of a bowel movement and the urge to expel becomes urgent and compelling. He purposely holds back and grits his teeth in the effort involved. Naturally he fools no- one, least of all the lady doctor. She tells him to pant and let the urge build up naturally, he is not to fight back nor is he to give in immediately.

This puts him in an embarrassed state of mind. Surely he is not to go on the table in plain sight of the doctor and his aunt ? He is not reassured as the lady doctor lays out a clean sheet underneath him. But she explains that it is only to catch the suppository core, which composed of inert material must be expelled first.

Why can he not just do what is necessary in the privacy of a commode he pleads. The question is sensible enough so the lady doctor answers that he will be given a second suppositorium for preparation. Only then will he be allowed to retire.

Feeling reprieved the nephew receives yet a second anal suppository, just as large around as the first and seemingly yet more irritating. It is only with the greatest of efforts that he contains himself before being allowed to waggle off to a screened off appliance.

While the nephew is engaged both lady doctor and aunt exchange knowing looks. Both are hard pressed to contain smiles of mutual merriment and understanding. The nephew’s demeanor is priceless to contemplate, his embarrassment understandable and yet delectable to behold.

And this is but the beginning. For the lady doctor explains that as treatments progress in the coming days, more supervision will be enforced, certainly in the aunt’s home. She is to monitor his use of the conveniences and observe his progress firsthand. It is sure to be an unusual experience for the nephew, but one he will come to accept and look forward to as the treatments are carried out to schedule.

Finally he is done and reappears in the examination room, looking both resigned and relieved. He is given a cursory looking over by the lady doctor and then allowed to dress.

As the lady doctor gives further instructions and advice to the aunt, he sits demurely without listening. Is this because he is cowed and resigned to his fate or from repletion and fatigue ? Whatever the case he is promised return sessions such as these with lady doctor in the coming days and weeks and the anticipation of similar goings-on with his aunt.

On the way back his mind wanders and begins imagining the course things will take. He is certain his expectations will be exceeded.

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