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The Women's Health Clinic

Author: Silky Delight

Copyright 2005 by Silky Delight

I was so tired of going to male doctors, and having them run their hungry eyes and hands all over me during exams. This time, I wanted something different. I wanted to be treated with respect and understanding. I wanted to go to a female doctor. I made my appointment and waited patiently.

Her office was just like any male doctor's with the usual watercolors on the walls and stale magazines on the tables. Even her staff could have been borrowed from my last doctor. I filled out my paperwork, handed it in, and sat down to wait.

"Melissa Green," a stern nurse called out. I stood up and smoothed my skirt. I followed her down the hall to have my weight and height recorded, then into the exam room. She took my blood pressure and my temperature, watched my breathing.. all the normal vital signs. I was told to remove everything and put the gown on with the opening in the front and to be seated on the edge of the table. Again, pure normal routine.

As I waited, I glanced around the room. The colors were a bit softer, but the usual posters were up reminding me to exercise, not smoke, and do a monthly breast self-exam. The soft knock at the door interrupted my daydreaming.

"Melissa, I'm Doctor Abrams," she said as she entered the room. She was about my age, with short dark hair and a sparkly smile. She was brisk, but warm and friendly. "Pleased to meet you, Melissa. You're just here for your normal exam, right? Anything bothering you?"

"No, doctor. Just making sure everything is working right."

"Great. Your vitals look good. Let's get the tough part over and then I can answer any of your questions."

She came over to me, and began her exam by feeling my lymph nodes up around my ears, then down my neck. Her touch was soft and sure, gentle yet determined. I relaxed as she probed. She warmed her stethoscope before placing it on my chest to listen. I followed her commands to inhale and exhale. She untied the top tie and eased my gown off of my shoulders.

"Now, Melissa, show me how you do a monthly self-exam." I put one arm over my head and began the slow probing circles with the other. "Let me show you an easier way..." She urged me to lay back on the table and begin again. She was right, this was easier. She made me take my time, even when it came to my nipples and they tightened with the touch.

"That's perfectly normal, Melissa. Be glad they are fully erect. They should be after such touching!"

Her hands replaced mine, and she repeated the entire exam, but covered a wider area. After finishing up on my breasts, her ands worked their way down my belly, probing and pushing as they went. She opened my gown all the way, and then continued her slow manual exam. I wondered if she would say anything - I had just shaved that morning and was pleasingly bald.

"Slide all the way down, Melissa, and put your legs into the stirrups." The patient exam continued, carefully lifting, probing, touching, and caressing every possible crease and fold of my external genitalia. Her touch was so incredibly light, I felt like I was being touched by feathers, and it was making me quite wet.

"Do you masturbate, Melissa?"

"Yes, Doctor," I stammered. I had forgotten that sexual appetites were included in these exams.

"How often would you say?"

"Several times a week."

"And do you use anything besides your fingers?"

"Yes, Doctor. I have several vibrators that I like."

"Do you insert them all the way into your vagina, or also into your anus?"

Hmmm.. this was getting very personal. "Both, Doctor."

"Be sure to wash them carefully after each use, or slip condoms onto them. You don't want to introduce bacteria from your bowels into your vaginal area."

I blushed. I thought she might have had a different idea in mind when she asked.

"You also want to be sure your partner changes condoms after slipping into your anus for the same reason. The rule of thumb is that you may go from your front to rear, but never from rear to front."

"Yes, Doctor. I will remember that."

All this time, she was carefully examining my clitoris, sliding the hood back and watching it fill with blood. I noticed my nipples also becoming hard and I blushed again. I never thought I would get excited while having a woman examine me! She slid on a clean pair of gloves, and gently parted my inner lips.

"A little pressure now," she said as she entered me with two fingers. They felt heavenly as she manuevered them around. Even her touch on my pelvis was soft as she checked my ovaries.

"Natural lubrication is best," she smiled as she removed her fingers from my hot, wet pussy. I knew she was commenting on the state of my arousal. She regloved her hand, and lubricated it this time, running a greased finger around my tender asshole until she felt me relax. She easily entered me with two small fingers, and slid them in out until I relaxed. She slid 3 fingers deep into my vagina stroking softly. They were withdrawn then a fourth finger added. Her hands were so tiny and her touch was so soft. At my ass, she had 3 fingers in me now, gliding in and out easily.

Looking me in the eye and watching for any discomfort, she slowly inserted her entire fist into my pussy, twisting it around. I had never felt anything like this before! She pulled her fingers from my ass, added more lubrication, and then... I knew what was coming.. she folded her thumb under her other fingers, held them tight, and slid them slowly into my ass. She was slow and careful during this, working the lubricant in well before proceeding any deeper. Using both hands deep into my openings, she thrust back and forth, sliding one in while the other slid out, feeling every possible nook and crevice. It felt so very wonderful, I didn't want her to stop! All too soon, she did, and she carefully slid her hands out.

"You feel just fine. Now it is time for the internal visual exam, Melissa. You doing okay so far?"

"Y-y-yes, Doctor," I tried to control my excitement.

She opened the drawer beneath my legs and took out an extra-large speculum. The instrument was cold, and she slid it in easily with no additional lubrication needed. As she cranked the bills open wide, she watched for me to tell her it was uncomfortable. She explained she used larger speculums because she wanted to see everything clearly. Smaller ones left too many folds for her liking.

"Okay, slight pinch as I do the PAP smear, then I can take this thing out."

I gasped at the sensation - a slight sting that went away quickly. She loosened the ratchet and slid the huge instrument out.

"You look fine, dear. I saw nothing wrong except that you need to have sex more often. You should not waste all that natural lubrication! You may get dressed now...." She smiled as she turned to leave the office. I was certainly not disappointed in my choice of doctors!

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