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Thought you guys might like this true story.

I had a once-in -a lifetime experience a few years back. One that normally you only dream about. As a young MD I had been looking for a small clinic in a major city suburb and finally found one that suited my needs. Not long afterwards a major scandal developed in the town when one of the local high school players fell over dead from a heart condition that had been diagnosed previously. Apparently the doctor that had the contract to give sports physicals purposely overlooked the problem so that the kid could play football. When things settled down, the school board revised the physical standards and approved the use of ANY test that the physician deemed necessary to ensure the well being of the student and without concern for cost (This is a wealthy area). I was fortunate to get the contract. My background and experience allowed me to do almost any test that can be done outside of the hospital and I was going to get paid well to do it.

One afternoon I had just such an appointment, a Mr. Tompkins. When I walked into the examining, before me was one of the most gorgeous 18 year old had I ever seen. Now I have seen a lot of gorgeous men before and since but none could compare to this one. Well muscled, 6' 3", built like a you know what, blond hair, light chest hair, etc, etc, etc! I was almost (noticed I said 'almost') speechless as I tried to introduce myself and get on with the exam. The exam went pretty routine, eyes, ears, throat, heart, lungs and so on. A nurse then knocked on the door and brought in the lab reports. The hemoglobin was slightly low and there was a moderate amount of blood in the urine. This is very unusual in someone this age and I knew it could be of concern. It was time for the serious stuff anyway so I ask him to remove his shorts. He started to protest stating that he didn't have a hernia and didn't need to be checked. I explained the situation to him and slipped my hand in the waistband of his shorts to assist him as he started to pull them down to his ankles. Oh, My God! I won't even tell you what I saw! I wanted to take it right then but I am a professional, closed my drooping mouth and went about carefully and slowly examining his testicles and penis. He became about half erect as I played a little longer than normal and his face was so red from embarrassment I thought he might pass out. I ask him if he masturbated and he replied "No". I mentioned that this is very unusual since most males did masturbate on a regular basis. He turned even a deeper shade of red.

I beeped for the nurse and she quickly came through the door. Here was the patient, naked with almost a full erection and a female nurse comes through the door. "Nurse James, I need some assistance with this next part please." Mr. Tompkins tried to hide himself but it was too late. When he tried to pull up his shorts I had to tell him we were not done yet. Nurse James knew just what to do as I snapped on a rubber glove. She took out a tube of K-Y and squirted a large amount on my 2 extended fingers. His eyes were like satellite dishes and you could have picked up signals from mars with them. "You need to turn around, face the table and bend over with your feet slightly spread". He apparently knew what was to happen next because again he protested as he turned around. I spread the lube adequately on his anus and slowly slid a finger into his rectum. I thought I had shot him the way he jumped! I moved it around, feeling the sides of the rectum then told him I was slipping the other finger into him. He howled as the second finger went in. I just pushed and moved. I quickly found two polyps but surprisingly the prostate was not enlarged as I expected from the urine test. Removing my fingers I quickly did a hemocult test for blood-it was positive, then removed my gloves. The nurse quickly wiped his anus, he stood up and pulled up his shorts.

"Does she have to be in the room when we do this?", he ask. Responded that it was necessary to have an assistant in the room.

"Mr. Tompkins, you apparently have several serious problems that we need to diagnosis so I am going to get you prepped and continue in a few minutes. Meanwhile, Nurse James will take care of you." I left the room to see other patients.

I returned about 45 minutes later. The patient was dressed in a examining gown and sitting on the examining table.

"I didn't like that enema at all."

"Well, that was just a little fleets enema. No big deal I think." I now explained the next procedure, a proctosope, to look at the polyps that I had found on the digital exam. Again he protested, about the exam, about the nurse in the room, about the enema, everything he could but I just maneuvered him into position on his knees with his head down. What a LOVELY site! That beautiful ass and hole looking up at me! I'm a professional, right? Oh, well, back to work. I again slipped a gloved, lubed finger into his anus. Not much response this time. I guess he was finally resigned to it. Again I slowly worked my finger around but did not find any more polyps. Removing my finger I placed the prepared end of the proctoscope against his anus and slightly pushed and twisted. I thought he was going to fall off the table as the end of the scope penetrated the sphincter. I pushed and he pulled forward. I finally got the scope in far enough and started to examine as I pulled out. I thought the guy was going to pass out but it turns out that his new erection was jerking like he was going to have an orgasm. He wasn't hurting, he was about to cum! Now that I knew he was really enjoying the procedure, I moved the scope around just a little extra to enhance his pleasure. I didn't removed the 2 polyps at this time and could not see much more because he was not fully cleaned out; I also thought I saw another polyp just beyond the reach of my scope. I removed the scope and let him lay on his back to rest. "Mr. Tompkins, I need to continue with a much more thorough exam. You are not completely clean inside and I need to go much further up your colon to remove another polyp I saw. I will be doing the rest of the procedures."

I instructed the nurse on what I wanted and the patient watched with apprehension as all sorts of equipment was rolled into the room.

"Mr. Tompkins, I need to give you two more large enemas to get you cleaned out. Just roll over on your left side with your right knee pulled up against your chest and your left leg extended." I brought over a 3 liter enema bag filled with water.

"You aren't going to put all that in me are you?" I explained that he needed the first enema to be about two liters then he could go to the bathroom. He turned over on his side, The nurse raised his gown, and inserted the enema tip. He immediately began to get another erection. I turned on the water and he immediately responded with a further hardening of his penis. I had the nurse massage his stomach as the water went in. Her arm brushed against his erect member as his face, again, turned red. It wasn't long before he was complaining of cramping, couldn't take any more and was going to have an accident as I alternated turning on and shutting off the flow of water. When about 2 liters was in him I let him up to go to the bathroom. The bathroom in the room did not have a door and the nurse and I stood there watching him expel the enema.

The nurse prepared another 3 liter bag of water. This time I told the patient to lie on his back. I removed and lifted the stirrups into place, ask him to slide down and put his legs in the stirrups. "I am not a women and won't put my legs up there!" I explained that the next part would go easier in this position and helped him place his legs correctly. I now used the Velcro straps to hold his legs in place. I pulled back the gown and used a large double inflatable nozzle enema tip. He flinched a little as the balloon slipped through the sphincter.

"I must now inflate the balloon inside you so you can hold the water better and the outside balloon will help keep it in place." I started blowing up the balloon. Again a full blown (no pun intended) became apparent as the gown began to tent.

"God, that thing hurts", he said as I filled the outside balloon.

"It will be OK in a minute. Just breathe through your mouth" I turned on the water and began to fill him up. It wasn't long before he complained of cramping and I massaged his stomach as I slowed down the flow. I increased the flow again and continued the massage as first one liter, then two filled him. His stomach became noticeably larger as the rest of the enema went in. I was surprised he was able to take the whole thing and toward the end he as panting and moving around and his penis was jerking under the gown again.

"Please stop! I can't take anymore. Let me up!"

"I can't let you up", I said, "but you have taken it all. I will drop the bag and the water in you will flow back into the bag. That way I can see if you are clean enough." The water flowed cleanly back into the bag and I could tell when it had all returned. He was starting to relax now. After about 20 minutes I removed the inflatable nozzle and let him go to the bathroom.

When he returned I instructed him to get back on his left side like before. This time I was going to do a colonoscopy as far up as I could go. When he saw the colonoscope he sat up.

"You can't stick that thing in me!", he said. I simply explained the procedure and what it would be like. He relaxed a little, returning to his side as I slipped the colonoscope into his rectum. I guess his anus was now a little more use to things going into it because he didn't flinch much. I maneuvered the scope up the rectum and into the sigmoid. He grit his teeth a few time as I passed around a bend. I quickly slid the scope up the descending colon without a problem and reached the spleenic flexture. Now the fun began as I pushed in, pulled out, and instilled air as I tried to bend the scope. Now he was uncomfortable and could hardly lie still but still his erection was as hard as ever. I finally made it past and threaded the scope across the transverse colon to the hepatic flexture. I could tell he could not take much more so I stopped and started to pull out as I closely examined the walls of his colon. I removed a total of 4 polyps as I removed the scope. Needless to say he was relieved to have the thing out.

"Mr. Tompkins, this part is over and you can relax for about a half hour", I said.

"You mean I'm not done after all that?"

"No, sir", I said, "We still need to determine the source of the blood in your urine. I'll be back after while"

About thirty minutes later I returned to the room. The patient was obviously exhausted and not looking forward to anymore exams. "Mr. Tompkins, I need to do a procedure called a cystoscope to look inside your bladder for the cause of your bleeding. This is an uncomfortable procedure but it doesn't take long. I just need you to lie on your back with your legs back up in the stirrups." The nurse assisted him into position. His penis and testicles now exposed to her view. The equipment was prepared and I put on the gloves. The nurse thoroughly cleaned his penis (giving it extra attention), laid down the sterile covers, and made room for me. I quickly told him I was going to insert a long tube into his penis as I was gliding it into position. I didn't give him time to protest as the cystoscope made its way up his penis, but, he let out a holler.

"Man, I got to take a piss now!" With his legs in straps he couldn't move too much and I slid the scope through the prostate.

"Now hold real still. It is in your bladder and I just will be looking around."

His discomfort was almost more than he could stand and it was obvious. I found the wall of the bladder had several little bloody water filled cysts. I broke them, took one final look around inside and started to remove the scope. When the scope was out I was surprised that he STILL had a moderate erection. What's with this guy?

"Mr. Tompkins, you can get dressed now. I will be back in a minute to talk to you." I took one final look at this incredible specimen of a man and his manhood.

I can back a little later and explained what I had found and the seriousness of his conditions. I gave him several prescriptions and an appointment for 2 weeks. "It is important that we follow up on this if you want to be on the team." For some reason I detected an enlarging bulge in his jeans. I guessed that he might enjoy the next visit as much as I will.

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